Angelfire Page 103

He launched himself at me, springing a dozen feet in the air, claws outstretched. I blurred by him, igniting my swords with angelfire, as he landed on the cold pavement. I twisted and plunged a sword into his ribcage. The flames died as I released the helve and jumped back. He roared, rocking my brain, and staggered on his feet until he col apsed, wheezing painful y. He looked shocked that I had seen him coming. He curled his back and used his mouth to yank my blade out from his side. He spat it out and growled. He vanished for a heartbeat, and I stepped back on my heel, waiting for him to reappear. His face flashed in front of mine, and I shoved my hand onto his muzzle, grabbing his nose as his jaws gnashed at my head. I forced him back as he thrashed his head, and I lifted my remaining sword and thrust upward. The ursid twisted to one side and my sword plunged into his shoulder instead of his neck. He wrenched his muzzle out of my grip and roared furiously into my face. I yanked my sword back and kicked him in the chest, sending him flying. He hit the pavement and slid in the fine layer of snow until he came to a stop and climbed to his feet. He gave his shaggy coat a shake, sending snowflakes fal ing to the ground.

I summoned my power, and it swal owed me in white light. The ground thrummed beneath my feet and my power rol ed through the air, melting the snowflakes before they hit the pavement. The streetlamp behind me let out a low, metal ic groan, creaked, and bent to one side, shaking free a dusting of glittering white flakes. My skin felt as if it were stretching as more energy leaked from me in control ed waves.

The reaper hissed and turned his face away from the bright light, baring his massive canines. He lifted his dark gaze to mine. ’’You're no vir. How do you have such power?

Who are you?’’

I stepped up to him, my power swirling around me, and I straightened my other sword, poising the flaming blade at his skul . I stared intensely at him, my gaze colder than the winter air. ’’I'm the Preliator.’’

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