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Tim sat there for a good minute. ’’That\s why she went to Europe?’’ He stared at Jessie grimly. ’’She fell for this guy and she\s too afraid to tell me because she thinks I\ll kill him?’’

’’She\s not in Europe. She lied to you about that too,’’ Jessie sighed. ’’She\s up north at Reservation.’’

Tim was shocked. ’’Why?’’

’’She\s pregnant. She and Brawn are going to have a baby.’’ Jessie held Tim\s gaze. ’’No one knows that a human and a New Species can conceive a baby together so you can\ tell anyone that you\ e going to be a grandfather. It will put Rebecca and her baby in danger from the hate groups, from the media and from anyone who hates Species. It\s not just about her though. It\s about all New Species and human females. The hate groups would go nuts. Well, more nuts than they already are. Evil jerks who wanted to make money would kidnap more women the way they did your daughter and try to capture more of our males, Tim. Do you understand? You\ e going to be a grandfather and we wanted you to know. Rebecca and Brawn are in love and living together.’’

Tim sat there stunned. ’’She could have told me.’’

’’She was afraid you\d try to kill Brawn and was protecting him from you, Tim. She loves him. You forbade her from having anything to do with him, and no offense, but I\ve worked for you. I\ve gotten the daughter treatment from you. You can be a jerk sometimes. You make up your mind and there\s no changing it.’’

Justice spoke softly. ’’She was afraid you\d hate us all and she didn\ want that to happen.’’

Tim\s expression reflected many emotions but he finally stared at Jessie. ’’You\ e married to one of them. Will he treat her good?’’

Jessie grinned. ’’Justice would do anything for me, Tim. Anything. He is so overprotective it\s not funny. They aren\ like regular guys. He\ll never hit your daughter or cheat on her. He\ll die to make her happy if that\s what it takes. We have two other pregnant mixed couples. The males hardly ever leave the women\s sides. They pamper the hell out of them. One child has been born and the father of that baby is the same way to his mate and baby. They never had anything of their own, never were allowed to love and now that they can, it\s amazing, Tim. I can honestly say that if I had a daughter I would hope that she fell in love with one of them. I\d sleep better at night secure in the knowledge that she\d be happy. Brawn will make Rebecca his entire world and when the child is born, it will be a part of that world. They will be everything to him.’’

’’I want to see my daughter and Brawn.’’

Jessie studied him. ’’Are you angry with Brawn? Will you try to harm him, Tim? Rebecca would hate you forever if you did. She\s agreed to be his mate, which means more than marriage to New Species. It\s a pledge to solely be with each other until one of them dies. It\s as serious a commitment as they can make together and deeper than what our marriage implies.’’

’’I just want to see them,’’ Tim stated softly. ’’I want to make sure she\s happy and that he really cares about her.’’

Justice reached for his phone. ’’I\ll have the helicopter prepare to fly us to Reservation. We\ll all go see them together.’’

’’I have a request when we get there,’’ Tim demanded. He glanced at Justice. ’’My daughter was married before to a piece of shit. He was always really good at acting but I wasn\ fooled. I have an idea and I\d like your permission to do it. It will totally set me at ease if you agree.’’

Justice hesitated. ’’What do you want?’’

* * * * *

Becca was nervous. ’’What if he tries to kill you?’’

Brawn chuckled. ’’I\m sure Justice removed his weapons and he can\ take me physically.’’

’’Don\ hurt him. He\s my dad.’’

’’I wouldn\ .’’ His dark-blue eyes flashed amusement. ’’It will be fine, Becca. He will see how happy we both are and he\ll feel less worry.’’

’’I hope you\ e right.’’

Brawn moved, wrapped his arm around her and cupped her face. ’’He will see how much I love you, beautiful. He will also see how much you love me and that we want this baby.’’ His hand left her face and rubbed her rounded stomach. ’’He will love our son as much as we do once he is born.’’

Becca nodded. ’’I love you too and I\m sure you\ e right. I\m just worried. I know my dad and he\s such a control freak and way too overprotective. He gets his mind made up and there\s no changing it.’’

’’Then he\ll have to decide that we will be happy together and that he is happy for us.’’

She smiled bravely. ’’You make it sound so easy. I feel a little better.’’

’’It will be fine. Are you thirsty?’’

She shook her head, smiling. ’’I\m good. You worry about me too much.’’

He grinned. ’’There\s no such thing as too much where you are concerned. Kiss me.’’

Becca rose on tiptoe and wrapped her arms around his neck. Brawn purred as their mouths locked together and he pulled her tightly against him. His hands gripped her ass, squeezed and she laughed, breaking the kiss as she lowered her heels to the floor.

’’We\ e in public. My dad could show up here at any time. Keep your hands in good places, Brawn.’’

’’That was a good place.’’ His eyes sparkled with amusement.

’’Yeah, it was, but later. I\m kind of hungry.’’

Brawn gently maneuvered her to a chair at a nearby table. They waited in the hotel cafeteria. ’’Sit. What food do you crave?’’

’’I don\ know.’’

’’Sit still and I will be right back.’’

Becca watched Brawn walk toward the buffet table. He glanced at her as he filled a plate. He loved to watch her while she slept, in the shower and even when they made love. She grinned. Especially when they made love. Brawn walked back to her a few minutes later and her eyes widened when he set the plate down on the table.

’’That\s a lot of food. I can\ eat that much, Brawn.’’

He picked up a fork and studied the plate, before he stabbed a shrimp. He lifted it to her mouth. ’’I got you a little of everything they had. You can take a bite and see what tastes best.’’

Becca opened up and Brawn fed her the bite. She chewed, smiling at him while they stared at each other. He paused, taking the time to lift a straw to her mouth to make her take a drink of milk and continued to feed her.

’’You know I can do this myself, right?’’

’’I know. I enjoy feeding you, beautiful.’’

’’I hate eating alone.’’ She glanced at the plate and grabbed a crab cake. ’’Open up.’’

He opened his mouth. When Becca lifted the bite to Brawn\s mouth he suddenly moved, taking the food and her fingers into his mouth. He sucked on her fingers before swallowing the crab.

’’Ummm. Delicious.’’

* * * * *

Tim leaned back in the chair. ’’I\ve seen enough.’’ He glanced at Justice and Jessie. ’’She\s happy. He\s great with her and I can see how much he loves her.’’

Justice nodded. ’’I would not tell them that you bugged the tables around them and hid cameras so you could see all of the room and hear what was being said between them. It would remind Brawn of our captivity inside the testing facilities.’’

’’Thanks for allowing me do it. I just wanted to see them together without knowing anyone watched. That\s how you really get the truth from people sometimes. Nothing is more honest than seeing how people act with their guard down.’’

Justice nodded. ’’I understand. This is why I agreed to let you do it.’’

Jessie suddenly chuckled. ’’We should go in there soon or they might leave. Rebecca just used her finger to wipe food on his throat and is licking it off.’’

Justice stood. ’’Let\s go.’’

Tim frowned.

Jessie winked. ’’Newlyweds. We leave them alone too long and this could get embarrassing for all of us. That cafeteria is empty and they know it.’’

Tim suddenly laughed. ’’Let\s go before I see more than I want to. I spent a fortune on room service when I married Rebecca\s mother because I had three weeks leave. We holed up in our room and I never let her get dressed the entire time.’’

* * * * *

Becca heard footsteps and turned. Her father walked into the cafeteria with Justice and Jessie North. Brawn stood faster than Becca could and his body tensed. He moved slightly in front of her, taking a protective stance. Becca knew her father wouldn\ miss what Brawn had done as she slowly rose to her feet and hovered next to her mate.

’’Mr. Oberto,’’ Brawn stated casually. ’’It is very nice to see you again.’’

Tim stopped four feet from Brawn with a grim expression. ’’I was informed of everything.’’

Brawn tensed. ’’I know.’’

’’Dad...’’ Becca tried to draw his attention.

Tim ignored her to keep his gaze locked on her mate. ’’I didn\ like you from the moment I met you and I\ll tell you why. You took one look at my daughter, she took one look at you, and I saw the attraction spark between you both. I was worried about my baby getting hurt. She\s all I have.’’

Brawn nodded. ’’I understand.’’

’’I also know how tough all of you are, how protective you are of each other and how strongly bonded New Species are. I worried that if you got together with my baby that she\d always be an outsider.’’

’’She is one of us.’’ Brawn\s tone deepened. ’’She is not an outsider. She is family to all my people now. She is not all that you have, Mr. Oberto. Not anymore. Now you have a grandson about to be born and New Species are your family as well.’’

Tim\s eyes became a little watery suddenly. ’’I like looking at it that way more than losing my only baby. And call me Dad or Tim. Your choice. I just have one demand since you\ e having a baby with my daughter.’’

Brawn studied him. ’’What would that be?’’

’’I want you to marry her legally. I\m old-fashioned that way and I\d like you to do it before the baby is born.’’

Brawn relaxed. ’’We have already gotten the license.’’

Becca looked up at Brawn. ’’We have?’’

He turned, grinning down at her. ’’You said you would agree to be my mate. What is your marriage compared to that? You can divorce from marriage but you\ e stuck with me for good as your mate, Becca. I want to give everything to you.’’

Becca leaned against his side. ’’Good point.’’ She stared at her father. ’’How are you doing, Dad? I mean, about everything?’’

He glanced at her face before studying her belly. ’’I\m going to be a grandpa.’’

’’Yes. Would you like to feel him kick? He always moves around a lot after I eat.’’

Shocked, Tim gawked at her. ’’You can feel the baby moving already?’’

Jessie stepped closer. ’’New Species babies develop faster, Tim. Becca\s going to have the baby full term at twenty weeks. It\s half the time of a normal pregnancy.’’

Becca grinned. ’’Pretty cool, huh?’’

Tim regarded his daughter. ’’Your mother hated being pregnant for nine months.’’ He suddenly smiled. ’’That is pretty cool. I\d love to feel the baby kick. Have you picked out a name for him yet?’’

Becca moved closer so her father could put his hands on her stomach. She adjusted his hands with her own until the baby moved. Tim laughed, an expression of pure joy on his face.

’’We\ e thinking about naming him Cage,’’ Becca snickered.

Brawn growled. ’’We are not.’’

Becca laughed harder. ’’I\m teasing. Relax, Brawn.’’

Tim frowned. ’’What am I missing?’’

Jessie laughed. ’’The only other New Species baby was named for where he was conceived. His name is Forest. Your daughter keeps teasing Brawn that she\s going to name their son Cage because of where he was conceived.’’

Becca laughed. ’’Get it?’’

Tim didn\ laugh as he glanced at Brawn. ’’See what I put up with all of her life? She was always a smartass.’’

Brawn nodded. ’’Do you have any tips for me?’’

Tim nodded. ’’When she isn\ pregnant just put her over your knee and give her a good swat to the behind.’’


Brawn laughed. ’’Really? That works?’’

’’Sometimes.’’ Tim winked.

’’Don\ even think about it, Brawn.’’ Becca frowned up at him.

’’I would never hit you, Becca. You know this.’’

She hugged his waist. ’’I know this.’’

’’But it gives me ideas.’’ Brawn suddenly laughed. ’’You say you can\ think when I kiss you so when you say something smart, I\ll just kiss you.’’

Becca grinned. ’’That works for me.’’

Tim laughed. ’’You\ e supposed to punish her, Brawn. That doesn\ sound like it would work.’’

Brawn chuckled. ’’I will only kiss her.’’

’’Brawn!’’ Becca grinned at him.

Tim laughed. ’’That would work.’’

Brawn nodded.

Becca glanced at them both. ’’I\m so glad you both get along now though I think I might have liked it better when I was afraid one of you would kill the other.’’

Brawn wrapped his arms around Becca as he lowered his mouth to kiss her. Becca forgot what she\d been saying or thinking. Her arms wrapped around his neck until he ended the kiss and grinned at her.

’’What was that you were saying, beautiful?’’

She laughed. ’’I love you.’’

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