Brawn Page 40

’’I love you too.’’

’’I\m impressed.’’ Tim laughed. ’’That\s the first time I\ve ever seen someone handle my daughter that well.’’

Becca turned in Brawn\s arms, grinning at her father. ’’You have no idea how well he can handle me.’’

Tim laughed. ’’On that note, I\m going to have lunch.’’ He glanced at Justice and Jessie. ’’Are you staying here to eat? We still need to discuss that new joint project with some of your men and mine. I\m a little worried about who you pick.’’

’’Yes, I am staying and I know you have concerns. They are good males and are perfect for this assignment. It will help them heal to be a part of the task force.’’ Justice smiled as he took Jessie\s hand.

’’Work?’’ Becca made a face at Brawn and lowered her voice. ’’Great. This will be a fun meal.’’

Brawn changed his hold on his mate and lifted her off her feet. He winked as he carried her out of the room.

Becca chuckled. ’’We didn\ say goodbye.’’

’’I have no intention of just kissing you,’’ Brawn breathed. ’’I want to do so much more. You\ve eaten, seen your father and no one wants to kill me. Justice will distract him for hours and I doubt they will notice we\ve left.’’ He grinned. ’’Now I\m going to make love to my mate.’’

He walked toward the elevator.

Becca wrapped her arms around his neck. ’’ know how to dance, right? Do you think you can strip to music? I have a fantasy.’’

He purred. ’’I love to dance and live to fulfill your every fantasy.’’

She brushed a kiss against his neck. ’’I\ve got a bunch of them.’’


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