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Caleb left the next day. He assured me he\d watch out for her and said he wouldn\ contact me again.

September 21st, 2012

Sitting here now at the large wooden conference table with a room full of suits from some government section I still don\ even know the name of, I can hear every tick of the clock hanging on the f**king wall. All I can think about is that, after almost three years, I\m finally going to see her again touch her again, love her again. I gave up everything to keep my Dahl alive, and now I\m going to be able to finally get it all back.

Caleb told me she\s with some douchebag, supposedly it\s pretty serious, but I know the minute she sees me here in the flesh it'll be over. We just have too much history for it not to be.

Damn, why did I have to be so f**king good at my job? Why did I want to make my mark on the world of journalism? Today, I couldn\ tell you why because I lost it all in the blink of an eye. Back then I was hungry for it, and nothing else mattered. Well, that\s not true. I cared about all those people and what they were allowing them to do. I really did care.

I hadn\ heard from Caleb in almost nine months until he called me a few days. I knew something was up, but had no idea what. He asked me again if I had kept information, and once again, I lied and assured him I hadn\ . I tried to ask how my Dahl was, but he just hung up.

So when they called me yesterday and told me they were bringing me back in, I knew something must have happened. All they told me was that it wasn\ over, but they wanted me back here. I was accompanied by one of the suits and on the next flight from New York to LA. The only thing the suit told me was my house had been broken into again. I wondered if this time they found the information, but how could they? I asked if she was okay, but he didn\ answer.

And now I sit here. Where the f**k is Caleb? I asked them but got no answer. The answer I have received in the last twenty-four hours is, ’’Yes we have notified your family.’’ But I\m hanging patiently here because I can\ believe it\s actually going to happen when I never thought it would. My story will eventually come out. I will be free of them. Free to be with my Dahl. It seems surreal but so f**king real at the same time. My mother is on her way, and once I see her and tell her my story, I\ll finally get to call my Dahl

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