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Ellie blushed. ’’Too much info. They could have figured that out themselves without you mentioning it.’’

’’I\m his brother. It\s my job to help him avoid making the mistakes I have.’’ Fury snorted. ’’We went through three frames before I made sure it couldn\ fall.’’ He nodded at Darkness. ’’Use super glue. Just plaster the entire back of it directly to the wall.’’

Ellie wiggled off his lap. ’’I think the roast should be done. Ready to eat?’’

’’Do you need help?’’ Kat rose to follow and placed the framed document down. ’’I suck at cooking but I follow directions well.’’

Ellie\s eyes widened. ’’Do you want to learn? I give cooking classes at the women\s dorm.’’

’’That would be great. My classes are going to be held at the bar.’’

’’What are you going to teach?’’

Kat flashed a playful look at Darkness. ’’According to him, it\s to reiterate how all humans are criminals.’’ She laughed. ’’Human nature. It seems a lot of New Species are curious about us. I\ll give Security some tips but I want them to be able to ask me anything they want.’’

’’Not everything,’’ Darkness reminded her. ’’The males better watch what they ask.’’

Kat arched an eyebrow. ’’No one is going to hit on me. They are too afraid of you. I don\ tell you how to do your job. Ditto, baby.’’

Ellie grabbed her hand. ’’Come with me. He\s going to start snarling. Did he warn you about how possessive a mate can be?’’

’’No need. I caught on fast.’’

Darkness watched the females enter the kitchen. He stared at the frame Kat had placed on the table. It was proof that he\d taken every step with his female. They were mated and not using condoms. She could get pregnant. He studied Salvation. The young male was content with his blocks.

’’This life might be yours soon,’’ Fury rasped. ’’It\s fantastic having a mate and a child.’’

Darkness stared at his brother. ’’I still don\ know if I\m going to be good at it.’’

’’Is making Kat happy your first priority?’’

’’Yes.’’ He could answer that without hesitation or thought.

’’Do you love her?’’

He nodded. ’’With everything that I am.’’

Fury leaned forward. ’’You have a family. You\ e never going to be alone again. It is a good thing, isn\ it?’’

Darkness contemplated his life before and after Kat. He also felt grateful he\d finally allowed Fury into his life. ’’Yes.’’

’’You\ll do great then.’’ Fury stood. ’’Let\s go eat. You know this is going to become a regular event, right? We want you over at least once a week to share a meal and Ellie celebrates human holidays. Deal with it. I do. It\s not so bad.’’ He scooped his son off the floor and tossed him at Darkness. ’’Catch.’’

Darkness was amazed that the boy laughed. He hugged him close, cradling him against his chest. ’’You throw him at people?’’

’’He likes it. I knew you wouldn\ drop him. Tell him, Sal.’’

The boy beamed. ’’I love it, Uncle Darkness. It\s fun!’’

Something inside Darkness\ chest melted. The trust the boy showed, the way he relaxed against him, felt right. He suddenly wasn\ so afraid of the concept of having young of his own.

’’It\s not so alarming, is it?’’ Fury regarded him. ’’I can see it in your eyes. Tomorrow Sal and I are going to the park. Meet us there at seven in the morning. You\ll need some practice before it happens. I had none.’’ He laughed. ’’It worked out but I\m going to give you an advantage for when your time comes. What do you say?’’

’’I\ll be there.’’

Fury opened his arms. ’’Do you want to toss him back?’’

His hold tightened on the boy. ’’I think I\ll carry him into your dining room.’’

Fury winked. ’’Good. You know your mate is going to see you with him and all bets are off if you have talked her into waiting to have babies. We make adorable offspring.’’

Darkness was willing to risk it.

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