Discovering Me Page 46

’’She was pushin\ right after you left,’’ I answer and take a sip.

Sniper wraps an arm around me and pulls me closer on the sofa in the hospital waiting room. Any sane person would have run if they saw the video that I saw, but not me. I have a man that will kill anyone who dares lay a finger on me. I no longer have to hide in the shadows or be scared that someone from my past will show up and take me away. I have Sniper, and he is all I will ever want nor need.

’’How about you, babe?’’ he asks, breaking me from my thoughts.

Hmm... I say to myself and turn to look at him.

’’You want kids one day?’’ He throws me that crooked smile I love.

Kids? Is he for real? The look on his beautiful, squared jawed face says he is. I take a deep breath in and speak the truth.

’’Before you, no. But now, I\d have them for you,’’ I say, feeling a little shy.

He chuckles and gives me a noogie like he always has. The best part of being in love with Sniper is that he is still my best friend in every way. This goes to show you that you can fall in love with your best friend, and it can be the best thing in your life when it happens.

’’I want a girl and a boy, so you\ e gonna give me two,’’ he says after a few moments of silence.

’’Is that so?’’ I tease him.

He pinches my arm and chuckles. ’’Yeah, and when I marry your ass, because I will and it\ll be soon, your name is gonna be Piper Breaker.’’ He snorts a sharp laugh.

Oh, for all the love of god. ’’Pipe Breaker,’’ I choke. No way. No way in f*king hell. ’’I\ll keep my last name, \kay.’’

He growls and when he shakes his head, I know I have already lost this argument. At the same time, my heart warms, knowing I have found a man who knows all my dirty secrets and still wants to spend the rest of his life with me. He doesn\ care that I used to think I was ruined or soiled. He loves me for me and what I have been through is what makes me, well, me.

’’I love you,’’ I whisper.

Sniper leans into me and puts his chin on the top of my head. ’’God, darlin\, I love you, too.’’

And just when life can\ get any better, the sound of a baby crying bounces down the hallways, and a Breakneck baby by the name of Lana is born.

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