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I dip a finger inside her. ’’Take a shower with me.’’

She doesn\ answer, but her body does as it arches in response to my touch. I plunge another finger inside her and go deeper. My other hand fondles one of her br**sts. Then just like that, I take my hands sway and slide out of bed. ’’Shower with me.’’

She lifts the covers off her head. ’’You play dirty.’’

’’You have no idea.’’ I\m sure my grin tells her how much I love getting up in the morning and getting ready for work like this.

By seven we\ e both dressed and drinking coffee out on the deck.

’’You can stay here today.’’

She draws in a deep breath. ’’I have to get home and figure out what I\m going to do with my life.’’

’’What do you mean?’’ I ask, raising an eyebrow, thinking that\s a little deep for the morning when the girl sitting across from me is not a morning person.

’’My own event-planning business isn\ going anywhere and Josie tells me Tate plans to blacklist me from every big event.’’

’’You talked to her?’’

’’She texted me back last night.’’

’’Did she say anything else?’’

’’No, only that Tate contacted her and told her to clean out my desk first thing in the morning, that he had fired me for insubordination.’’

’’F*k him. And you don\ know for sure that he\ll blackball you.’’

She shrugs. ’’I\m sure he will if he can. Besides, honestly my own business has turned into more of a catering company than an event-planning one. And the truth is, I enjoyed the whole thing more when I did it for fun.’’

’’Come work for me.’’ The words just come out without any forethought or warning.

She quirks a smile and turns to look out toward the ocean. ’’Right!’’

I reach across the table and turn her head to face me. Planned or not, it\s a great idea. ’’I\m serious. You\ e brilliant. I need someone like you. My goal is to bring my publications into the modern era. Beck is working on the technical side of things development, computer support, links, servers. But I need someone who can handle the social media. You\d be perfect.’’

’’I don\ even have a college degree.’’

’’Hey, stop selling yourself short. Come in today. Spend the day with me. Tell me what you think at the end of it. If you don\ like it, no harm, no foul.’’

She takes her hand in mine, kissing each finger one at a time in the most provocative way. ’’If you\ e my boss does that mean we can\ . . . you know?’’


’’Yes.’’ She drops her chin.

I lift it and lean across the table to whisper in her ear, ’’Baby, it means absolutely no such thing.’’

Her smile grows bright and with a lift of her shoulder she says, ’’Okay, I\ll give it a try.’’

An hour later I\m sitting at my desk waiting for her feeling a little nervous. On one hand, I think her talent is a match, just what I need. On the other hand, I can\ get her off my mind and having her close isn\ going to help that at all. I can\ forget the weekend threading my fingers in her hair, kissing her neck, sucking on the skin behind her ear, letting my teeth graze her skin, and those sounds that drove me wild.

My phone jolts me from my erotic thoughts. ’’Hello.’’ My voice comes out a little hoarse.

’’Ben, it\s Aerie. Are you okay?’’

’’Yeah, I\m great. How are you? How\s Jagger\s father?’’ I realize I never asked S\elle this weekend.

’’I\m hanging in there. Jagger\s dad is doing as well as can be expected.’’

’’Don\ forget, if there\s anything you need make sure you let me know.’’

’’Well, that\s why I\m calling. The January issue is ready for press, but the social media column is still blank. Have you had any luck finding someone to fill it? You said you wanted to launch that piece in January and we\ e getting down to the wire.’’

A slight tap at my door snaps my head up. I cover the phone. ’’Come in.’’

The door cracks open and a very prim-and-proper-looking S\Belle Wilde walks in. She insisted she go home and change before coming to the office. My grin grows as large as the tent in my pants. F*k me, working with her might be a bit more of a challenge than just getting her out of my mind.

’’Ben,’’ Aerie calls from the line.

’’Yeah, sorry. I\ve actually been trying to fill that position all morning. Let me get back to you in a few hours.’’

’’Okay. Thanks,’’ she says.

I disconnect the call, my eyes trained on S\elle\s every move. I can\ help whistling a catcall. ’’You look f**king incredible.’’

She has on a black pantsuit with a white silk blouse unbuttoned just enough but not too much. Her hair is done in curls, but they aren\ wild;they are somehow tamed. I prefer wild, but I\ll save that for the bedroom.

She twirls around. ’’Do you like it?’’

I push my chair out and pat my lap. ’’Come here so I can tell you how much.’’

Her eyes are cautious and slide to the door.

’’Lock it,’’ I tell her.

’’But I thought you had to work and wanted ’’

I don\ let her finish the thought. ’’Lock it and come here. We\ll start the workday after I get a better look at you. After we do a little boss/secretary role exploration.’’

Her eyes gleam, and I know she\s intrigued by the idea of some dirty role-playing. She sits on my lap and I peel off her jacket. My lips find her mouth, and my tongue dives in. It\s only been a few hours since we left my house, but I\m starving for her, for the feel of her lips on mine. I want to devour her. She shifts her weight to straddle me, and desire flares hotter than ever between us. I slide my hand inside her blouse and under her bra to thumb her nipple. My other hand finds the center of her thighs and I circle her clit through the fabric of her hose. ’’No underwear?’’

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