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’’Pasta?’’ Her eyes light up at the thought.

’’You\ e hungry, aren\ you?’’

’’Yeah, a little.’’

I pull the sheet back over our heads and entwine my legs with hers. ’’Okay, tell me what you want.’’

’’You,’’ she whispers.

With a growl I roll her and pin her to the mattress. ’’I meant what restaurant, but I like your answer better.’’ I let go of her wrists and glide my palm up her thigh. ’’Tell me what you want right now.’’

She looks at me and covers her face with her hands.

’’Why are you so shy during the day?’’

She lifts her fingers from her eyes. ’’I don\ know. I\ve never really had se* with anyone during the day.’’

I raise an eyebrow. ’’Anyone?’’

’’Other than myself,’’ she confesses.

The things she says are se*y as f**k. Does she know that? ’’You\ll have to show me someday.’’ I offer her a grin.

She flips around so I can\ see her. ’’The first month we dated and you\d call me, all I wanted to do was listen to your voice and touch myself.’’

For her it was a deep, dark confession. One I could relate to. I\d had to jerk myself off many times after hanging up the phone with her. A surge of some kind of emotion that again I can\ clarify flows through me. I push it aside and pull the sheet even higher so we\ e covered in semidarkness again. And then I press myself into her back and skim my fingers over her clit.

’’I\m here now. And if you\ e ready to touch yourself in front of me, then tell me what you want me to do to you.’’

Her eyes hood and her lips part. ’’I like it when you put your face between my legs.’’

I crawl over her so I\m facing her and place a soft kiss above her bandage. What I feel when I look at her winds me. It\s more than just lust and desire it\s a need to make her part of me. And with that sudden realization I kiss her mouth chastely, still trying to skate on the edge of softness. ’’See, that wasn\ so hard.’’

I watch the rise and fall of her chest as the heat flares up again between us.

My pulse is racing at an uncontrollable level and I take a second to let it slow and to admire how beautiful she is her fiery red hair fanning out under the sheets of her bed, her br**sts full and perky. I draw my lips down her neck and stop at the hollow below it. I dip my tongue in and out of the space. Fueled by excitement, I continue down over the curves of her br**sts and stop to suck and lick her already pebbled ni**les. Her back arches and my kon*** twitches in response. But when my lips skate over her ribs and skim down to her navel, I have to stop the seduction and place a gentle kiss there. It\s not surprising that her body tenses in response. My own does as well. But I quickly push aside the sadness I feel crawling up my throat and move to nibble on her hip before blowing a breath across her clit. A shiver shakes her body. Her legs part and slowly the tension between us turns into passion, turns to nothing but pleasure.

Her body is completely bare of any hair. Even her eyebrows are faint, lighter than the color of her hair. I had noticed on our dates the smooth skin of her arms, and on the few times she had worn skirts, I noticed her legs were just as bare. But when I felt her smooth, bare pu**y at the beach I almost came on the spot. I love this love the feel of her smooth, soft skin against my tongue. I love the lack of any barrier between us.

A gentle kiss on her thigh, then another and another. I trace a half-moon around her pu**y from one side to the other. She squirms and her fists clench the sheets. I feel a grin cross my lips when I see how turned on she is. When I get to the other thigh, I lift my face but quickly descend to cover her clit with my mouth. I suck on it immediately and she cries out, sending adrenaline shooting through my veins. Next I place a soft kiss in the same place I just engulfed with my mouth and suck on it again. She whimpers, alternating between sounds of pleasure and pain the pained sounds come when I stop;the pleasured moans escalate with every suck. I take my time, wanting her to thoroughly enjoy this. When I use my tongue to circle her clit, I can\ suppress my own groan at her reaction. She almost jumps out of her skin.

’’Do you like that?’’ I ask, already knowing she does.

’’Yes,’’ she answers through gritted teeth.

’’Do you want me to do it again?’’

’’Yes,’’ she cries out, her legs stiffening in anticipation.

I look up at her. ’’Do you want to feel heaven?’’

I know she wants to roll her eyes at me, but instead she says, ’’Yes,’’ in a pant.

’’Then take the sheet off us.’’

She peeks down at me. ’’What?’’

’’You heard me, take the sheet off and watch me.’’

I see her fingers let go of the bottom sheet and as she starts to tug the top one down I grab it and pull it off us. With sunlight shining on us I dive down, wanting to devour every single inch of her. Her fingers thread in my hair. And when my fingers move her apart and my tongue dips inside, she tugs on my locks. When her knees pop up and her toes dig into my calves, I know she\s close. I look up at her her hooded eyes filled with desire look back at me.

’’No, Ben. Please don\ stop,’’ she says, her words choppy, sounding as though she\s having trouble speaking.

’’I won\ . Just tell me where you want to go,’’ I answer, my words coming out with equal effort

’’Take me to heaven, Ben. Make me come.’’

My mouth covers her again and this time I lick and suck at the same time and let her find her release. I want her to feel something she never has. I want to be the one to take her heaven.

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