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When I walk back into her apartment, I check my thoughts at the door the minute I see the green bikini still lying on the back of the sofa. I pick it up and with my tray of coffees I head into the bedroom, but she\s not in the bed. I hear the shower and walk into the bathroom.

Setting everything down, I lean against the wall to look at her through the steamed glass. The shape of her perky br**sts, the curves of her perfect-sized ass, and the contour of her legs couldn\ be more defined. I find myself biting my lip as she lifts her arms and scrubs her hair, then squeezes body wash into her palms and rubs it along her body, but when her hands rub circles across her tits, I can\ suppress a groan.

She opens the door and peeks out from the shower. ’’Are you watching me?’’

I pick up my coffee cup and sip from it. ’’I was going to join you, but you looked so good from here I got caught up in the show.’’

She shrugs. ’’Finish your coffee.’’

F*k, I almost choke. How could anyone not love her? I go back to watching and sipping my coffee. But the minute she lets her fingers wander to her pu**y, I have to jump in. ’’I\ll do that.’’

The shower water is hot, but nothing feels hotter than the feel of her skin against mine. I can\ get enough of her. We\ve spent two days together, had se* more times than I\ve had with any one person in a forty-eight-hour window of time, and I still want more.

’’The water\s getting cold,’’ she whispers to me.

I reach to pull the lever and turn it off. ’’We\ e clean enough.’’

She shivers and I reach for some towels, wrapping one around her shoulders and then dropping to my knees to pat her body dry. Once her legs are dry, I make my way up her body to the areas I want to concentrate on the most the silky skin between her legs and her br**sts. When I stand back up, I wring the water from her hair and take a moment to stare at her. ’’Leave your hair curly today.’’

She nods. Her palms are flush to the tile wall and her chest is visibly rising and falling.

So I drop back down to my knees and flick my tongue against her clit. Clutching her ass, I pull her closer to me. I work my mouth eagerly, loving the feel of her beneath my tongue, the taste of her, how wet she is. Her hands clasp my head and I can feel the muscles in her legs tighten. I clutch her ass tighter as I consume every inch of her sweet pu**y. Tension coils in my own body. But the sounds she makes practically make me come on the spot her stuttered sighs followed by her soft moans that become louder as she calls out my name.

She looks down into my eyes as she comes, and the picture is one of perfect bliss.

Afterward I slide up her body and bend to kiss her. My hands move slow and easy over her flesh. My lips press softly against hers. ’’Did I say good morning?’’

Her eyes catch mine, and a fierce glimmer of light shines in them. ’’Good morning,’’ she says, a little breathless.

In a move that takes me by surprise, she pushes me back against the shower wall and drops to her knees. I close my eyes at the feel of her warm breath against my already bulging cock. The one thing we haven\ done, she hasn\ done this weekend, is suck me off. I haven\ asked. I haven\ pushed. I wanted her to be the one to decide. Before S\elle I had always been a taker, but with her I want to give.

Her lips wrap around my tip and I tremble at the first contact. She draws me in an inch at a time steadying herself by holding on to my thighs. A grunt I didn\ mean to make leaves my throat. I open my eyes to watch her watch as her hand moves from my thigh to fist my base and her tongue flicks down my hard cock. I suck in air at how good it feels. F*k me! My legs are shaking by now.

I hiss out the air I forgot to exhale. ’’F*kkkk.’’

I can feel her lips form a smile, but she doesn\ stop.

There\s another harsh intake of breath when my c**k hits the back of her throat. I\m not even sure it\s me standing here right now. I feel as if I\m watching this sweet girl blow me in a way no one ever has.

I put my hands in her hair.

Her eyes flick up.

’’You\ e so f**king beautiful,’’ I mutter.

With her palms now flat on my hips, she takes me all the way in until her lips brush my stomach and then she slowly drags them back. She does this again, sucking a little harder. And again stopping to suck the head of my pen**.

’’S\elle.’’ I moan her name as I push my hips forward.

Her response is to fist my base again, but this time her hand follows her mouth\s trail and overwhelming sensations after sensation start to race through my body.

Never feeling this se*ually possessed by a woman in my life, I struggle to maintain my control as the pleasure flares through my body, but when her other hand cups my balls and her tongue trails along the underside of my cock, I give in to it and let it devour me whole.

’’S\elle,’’ I scream. ’’I\m going to come.’’

I give her a warning through gritted teeth, letting her decide what comes next. When she doesn\ pull, I thrust into her, trying not to push too far or too hard so I don\ choke her, but f**k, control left me a while ago. Warmth floods my body as my orgasm hits unlike anything I can remember. An animalistic cry I don\ recognize as my own leaves my mouth as my c**k throbs against her tongue. Her warm mouth stays wrapped around me even after I\ve come. I slip my hands under her arms and when she slides her lips down my c**k she stops to suck on my tip one last time, causing a shudder to chase down my spine.

When I pull her to her feet, blinking uncontrollably at her while clasping her arms to steady myself, I stare at her, unable to speak for the longest time. She licks her lips with her tongue and I take my thumb and wipe them for her.

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