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The man paled and cleared his throat. ’’Fury, do you take Ellie to be your wife?’’

’’I do.’’

The minister opened his mouth but Fury growled again. White eyebrows shot up and his voice lowered. ’’How much do you want me to cut here?’’

Dark eyes narrowed as Fury softly growled again and Ellie bit back a laugh. The minister cleared his throat again.

’’Ellie, do you take Fury to be your husband?’’

’’I do.’’

’’I pronounce you husband and wife.’’ He peered at Fury warily. ’’Was that fast enough for you? You may kiss your bride. You\ e legally married.’’

A wide grin split Fury\s features. ’’No one stopped us.’’

’’Someone would have to be a speed protester to get a have gotten a word in there.’’ Ellie leaned into him and a chuckled. ’’Now kiss me.’’

Fury lowered his head and Ellie closed her eyes, her heart racing. Life was never going to be boring with her husband. His mouth took possession of hers and she got lost in the man she loved, in front of a roomful of witnesses.

’’Aren\ they supposed to exchange rings?’’ Halfpint whispered the question.

’’Oh, they\ll be exchanging plenty.’’ Slade chuckled. ’’I think putting something on her is the last thing Fury wants at this moment.’’

Breeze laughed. ’’Um, maybe we should separate them or leave the room because it looks as if he\s about to take everything off both of them. They are really excited to be married.’’

Justice stood. ’’Let\s clear out of here,’’ he whispered, knowing his people could hear him. ’’Now.’’

He glanced at the couple kissing at the front of the room, entwined together, and mixed emotions stirred. He was grateful they\d found that much happiness together but at the same time, it made him ache to find it too.

A hand touched his shoulder and he forced his gaze away from Ellie and Fury to meet Tiger\s stare.

’’They are clearing out,’’ Tiger whispered. ’’I\ll order one of our men to stand outside to prevent anyone from disturbing them. Slade is escorting the minister outside.’’ He paused. ’’They are so wrapped up in each other that the room could catch fire and they wouldn\ be aware of it.’’

Justice glanced at the front of the room and then grinned. ’’Let\s go.’’ He closed the doors to the conference room when they reached the hallway. ’’I want that one day,’’ he admitted.

Tiger paused, tilted his head slightly, and watched Justice for a long moment. ’’I would be too afraid to find and then lose that kind of love.’’

Justice nodded. ’’We\ e free. Anything is possible now if we just reach for it.’’

Slade walked up. ’’Are they na**d yet and ha**ng s*x on top of one of the tables?’’

’’Probably.’’ Tiger grinned. ’’Justice is getting sentimental and wants a woman of his own. I don\ . I enjoy my life just as it is. What about you?’’

Slade had a mental image of Doc Trisha and her smile flashed through his thoughts. ’’I\m undecided but who knows what the future holds.’’

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