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Zack tried to make his voice low and calm.Tim still had the knife, pressing it against Gabe\s heart.’’Tim, if you love him, don\ hurt him.’’

’’You should talk! I know you beat him, and you had no right. He was mine! I saw him first, but I didn\ get the chance to complete the mating, and then I couldn\ find him. I searched everywhere. He just disappeared when he left the hospital.’’

’’Tim, put him down and let me call a doctor for him. Don\ let this go any further.’’ Gabe stirred, moaning a little, and it terrified Zack even more. If Tim let Gabe know he was the one who killed his mother, there was no telling what Gabe might do.He\d ignore the knife pressed to his heart and attack Tim. Zack had to act before he woke up, but he didn\ know how to end their standoff.

A knock at the door saved their lives. Caught off guard, Tim turned toward the door for a split second, snarling, long enough for Zack to shift to his wolf and launch himself, his jaws and fangs clamping down onthe hand holding the knife to Gabe\s chest. He bit down hard, causing Tim to howl and drop the knife and Gabe to the floor. Tim started to shift, but Zack\s lunge took him to his back and Zack ripped at his throat, the hot, slippery blood spurting out, bathing his fur. Vaguely, Zack was aware of shouting voices, but he threw himself over the body of his mate and growled viciously at the men crowding into the room. The only thought running through his lupine brain was to protect his mate.

Others in his pack shifted, whining and snarling with the emotions of their alpha.Zack\s wolf lay over the body of his mate, his animal blood savage and strong, unable to make the shift back to human.

Someone touched him gently, and he snapped up his head, his eyes looking into the still human face of the alpha, Marco. He spoke to him, soothingly, softly. In his primal state, Zack couldn\ totally understand what he said, but he recognized another alpha male. He growled and hunched over his mate more closely. Other scents came closer pets. He was unable to hurt a pet, even in his wolf. Following the second strongest of the pack laws, he whined and turned his face away as they gently tugged at his mate\s body. He allowed them to pull Gabe away, though he hated the idea, and jumped to his feet to pace anxiously back and forth. They put Gabe on the bed, and Zack jumped up next to him, laid a paw on his leg and slowly regained control. The shift came over him, and he reverted to his human form.

Gabe got up from the bed and stole softly into the bathroom. He woke up with his bladder bursting, and he knew Zack wouldn\ allow him to get out of bed without a damn escort. He was still a little weak, but much better, the excruciating headache almost gone. Tim had hit him on the head as he slept and given him a serious concussion. The doctor said he was lucky not to have been killed by the blow.

Zack had been feeding him his blood daily since the attack, and he was getting sick of it. Not the taste, he never grew tired of Zack\s taste, but of the feeling of lassitude and weakness it brought on.He\d done nothing much more than sleep for the past three days. Alphas were notorious for over-feeding their mates when they were ill, Nicky and Rory told him when they visited, and Zack was certainly living up to that reputation.

He finished and was about to go back to the bedroom when the light turned on, and Zack came in, sweeping him up in his arms.

’’What are you doing out of bed?’’ His voice was gruff and demanding.

’’Uh, what does it look like?I don\ need you to carry me around everywhere, honey, though I do appreciate the sentiment.’’

’’The doctor said you were almost killed. I have to take care of you.’’ Zack laid him tenderly down on the bed and kissed his cheek.

’’I know, darlin\, and I\m better, really. Lie down here beside me and let\s make love. My head\s not hurting anymore.’’

Zack shook his head.’’Too soon, but I\m glad you\ e feeling better.’’ He kissed his neck and trailed kisses down to his chest.

’’If you\ e not going to f*k me, stop teasing me,’’ Gabe said, laughing. ’’Tell me what\s been happening while I\ve been asleep. I only remember snatches of it.’’

’’What do you want to know? Tim was buried yesterday after the doctor finished his autopsy.He didn\ find any anomalies, no reason for him to do the things he did. We know he killed your mother, and we think he was responsible for some other deaths while he was away from us. The pack is still investigating. I regret killing him like I did, but he would have been executed anyway by the pack for attacking and killing humans. He was totally out of his mind, Gabe. It\s the only explanation.’’

’’Yeah, well, I would have killed him if you hadn\ . He killed my mother and destroyed my life.’’

’’I know, sweetheart. I\m can\ tell you how sorry I am about your mother.’’ They were silent for a few moments, as Zack trailed his fingers along Gabe\s abs. Gabe understood his need to touch him. They had been almost inseparable over the last few days, having come so close to losing each other twice in a short time.

’’Nicky and Rory said to say goodbye. They all left yesterday.They\ e the ones who pulled you away from me after...afterward and got the doctor up to look at you. Oh, and Scott and Jamie are anxious to apologize for doubting you.’’

’’They were trying to protect you.Tell them I understand.’’

Zack\s fingers trailed down to Gabe\s cock, lightly skimming over the sensitive skin.Gabe\s erection quickly filled his hand, and Zack looked down into his eyes.’’Are you sure you\ e feeling better? Don\ lie to me.’’

Gabe grinned wickedly.’’I\m feeling fine, or I would be if you\d take care of me like a good alpha.’’

Zack made a sound in his throat, half growl, half moan, as he got to his knees and pushed Gabe\s legs apart. Gabe closed his eyes and arched his back as Zack bent down to taste him, swirling his tongue over the head of Gabe\s cock in a tease.’’Look me in the eye, then, like a good pet.’’

Gabe kept his eyes closed tightly, playing along with the game, his chest rising and falling in passion. Zack waited him out, his lips just brushing over the sensitive head until Gabe finally opened his eyes and looked straight at him.

’’That\s right baby, my sweet boy.I\ll take care of you.’’

Zack kissed Gabe\s lips, surprised for a moment by the searing possessiveness of Gabe\s mouth. He bent back down to his task, and Gabe smiled. His alpha was really coming along quite nicely.He\d have him trained in no time.


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