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Except it did.

Girl happened to be fourteen. Hell to the no. But what was waiting another two years on top of the other two years? Just fourteen hundred and sixty days... Epic f*k.

But not even that f*king happened. Remy was too caught up in his own shit. The club was warring hard at the time. He couldn\ abandon post to chase what his kon*** wanted. And when shit finally cooled, she\d left f*king town. Left him with a shit load of time to chase her up, and what a bitch that was. Cue more f*king warring with the club against the uprising of the f*king Scorpion gang. Shit was always red hot. Never cool. Never easy. But, again, Remy was a patient man.

And now, finally, eleven years after the night at the swings, he had her in his room with nowhere to go. Not even Prez knew he had her...yet. She wasn\ at the clubhouse. She was in the bunker --his escape destination if shit hit the fan at the clubhouse. No one was going to find her.

’’Are you going to let me go?’’ she\d asked him. Those f*king auburn eyes, red and puffy, seared his heart.

’’Not yet,’’ he\d answered.

’’Why not?’’

Because you\ e mine. ’’Because I said so.’’ He was tempted to expand. Make up some bullshit that she wasn\ safe. But what a f*king lame ass excuse that would be. Honestly, what did she have to fear? Jaxon was second in command after Finley the douche. And Jaxon wanted her until his last breath. He\d have offered the same kind of protection Remy was offering her.

Still. The Scorpions were nasty when it came to women. There was no possession in their little shitty honour code they abided by. Every chick was a free for all. The idea that Sara would have been put in the middle of that kind of fuelled testosterone made him want to clench his fists and beat every Scorpion to the ground until there was nothing but blood.

Not that the Jackals were the marital, faithful type either, but they certainly never touched a brother\s goods. No f*king way. And although Remy had never taken a woman on for long periods of time, he never entertained the notion of infidelity. It wasn\ what he wanted, not after years of watching his mother get treated like shit by a father that rooted around like his kon*** was possessed.

This woman, right here and right now, she was it for him. He just knew it. Always knew it. Even when he bedded his short flings, he knew it. He was just waiting for time to pass. Always waiting. Story of his f*king life.

She was worth the wait.

He spoke his words, bleeding honesty with her. F*k, he never spoke this gently to a soul in his life. Not even Rita, that annoying little brat that had him wrapped around her little finger. He was well aware he was giving it all he had to get this girl. To get her to believe he was as genuine as he sounded.

It broke him how scared she was. She knew damn well what happened to Brett. He\d seen the fear in her eyes the second he brought it up at the bar. She knew. For a moment, he didn\ give a f*k if she killed him herself. Brett was a piece of shit that couldn\ be put on the straight and narrow. Remy tried, but time after time he was proven wrong. He\d loved Brett, always had. Always remembered the days growing up with his big brother. It was hard looking at a monster and not seeing what he\d once been: an innocent boy who loved to ride bikes, swing on the monkey bars, collect baseball cards and laugh it up with his little brother when it was just the two of them.

Remy pushed away the thoughts. Whatever was going to happen, it wasn\ going to be taken out on Sara. He knew his birdy wouldn\ have caused his brother harm. If anything, it would have probably been the other way around.

’’I need your trust, and I need your help. I need to know what happened to my brother. Can you give me that, birdy?’’

He watched her for a long while, lost in her thoughts. There was a war inside that little mind of hers. Her eyes darted all over the place, her fingers fisted into the doona, and her lips pressed so hard against each other, they paled. Then, finally, after what felt like three centuries to Remy, she took a deep breath and breathed it out, slowly. Her previous turmoil filled posture was now calmed down as she directed her eyes back to his.

Then, ’’Okay.’’

To be continued...

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