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She took notice of his fangs as she gently slipped the spoon against his tongue, avoiding the sharp points of his teeth. He sealed his mouth around the spoon and Jessie suddenly became as jealous as hell of that bit of silver with his lips wrapped around it.

She pulled it slowly out.

He closed his eyes as he savored the taste, his expression showed the pure pleasure he experienced and he softly groaned. Jessie put the other dish on the table far from his papers and took the dish he held. His eyes opened to stare at her and she kept her smile in place despite the attraction she felt toward him. She dipped the spoon again to offer him another bite.

’’You need both hands,’’ she explained softly.

’’Thank you,’’ he whispered.

He took another bite, just as seductively as the last, only the second time he kept his gaze on her face. The blue of his eyes showed more and it fascinated her how the color seemed to change with his emotions. The oval-shaped pupils had shrunk a bit, narrowed and more blue spread through his exotically patterned irises. Justice suddenly broke eye contact to search for something. He grabbed a paper and read it.

She felt the loss of his attention and disappointment filled her for some odd reason.

She\d enjoyed being the sole focus of his attention for those brief moments.

’’I see that. It\s right in front of me. Tell them that\s fine but make them go lower on the price. Just because we won that lawsuit doesn\ mean we\ e stupid enough to spend all of it on high bids.’’ Justice cleared his throat. ’’Tell them you are calling others to acquire bids on the job. That should make them lower their price. Go with the number we spoke of and if they don\ accept it, call others and reopen the bidding. We\ e set on a budget.’’

Jessie fed him another bite when the other person on the phone kept talking. She hadn\ fed a man...ever. She enjoyed it. He flashed another grateful look, smiling at her.

She wondered if a woman had ever fed him, hoped not and wanted him to remember her. She fed him all of the fruit and cake until the plate was empty. She returned the dish to the tray and picked up a few sodas for them to drink. He pointed at the table next to him, grinned his thanks and reached for something in his briefcase. Jessie opened the soda for him and set it down. She went to the couch and ate the apple pie.

’’I\m so sorry about that.’’ Justice collapsed on the couch next to her a few minutes later after ending the conversation. Three feet separated them. ’’Thanks for the fruit. It was really good.’’

She turned to face him. ’’I understand.’’

His phone rang again and his smile faded to a grimace. ’’I\m not going to look. For a dime I\d toss that thing into a wall and break it.’’

She touched her front pockets. ’’Sorry but I don\ have any change.’’

He laughed. ’’I wish you did.’’

’’Does your phone always ring nonstop?’’

’’Only when it\s on and that\s always.’’

’’You should get someone to help you. One man can\ possibly do everything.’’

He shrugged. ’’I don\ know who would do everything that I do.’’

’’I\d train a dozen of them and disappear for a month of vacation. I bet you dream of hiding from cell phones and other people.’’

’’Don\ tempt me.’’ A look of longing crossed his features. ’’Do you think they\d hire me if I ran away to the circus?’’

Jessie laughed. ’’I\m sure they would. I don\ think you\d enjoy that job any better though. You wouldn\ have calls to deal with but the people factor would be a hell of a lot worse.’’

He adjusted his big body on the couch, bringing up his foot to rest on the edge of the coffee table. ’’What did you want to talk about? I would really be interested in hearing your ideas.’’

Jessie hesitated. ’’You get this all the time, don\ you? People wanting your attention for something?’’ She felt bad for him. ’’I\ll tell you what. I\ll write you a letter, send it to your office and you can look it over when you find some free time. You shouldn\ have to deal with work right now. You really need some time to relax.’’

’’You want to leave?’’ He tensed. ’’I understand. I\m sorry about dinner getting interrupted. It was rude of me but I really had to take those calls. I swear I will read them if you want to send your ideas by mail. Just put your name in bold black print on the back of the envelope and I\ll tell my secretary to bring it to me as soon as it comes in. It will get my full attention.’’

Jessie stood. ’’I don\ want to leave. You\ e so stressed out.’’ She peered down at him. ’’You work more than anyone I\ve ever met. My father is a workaholic but you make him pale in comparison. Don\ worry about dinner or the calls. Do you know what you need?’’

He shook his head but curiosity sparked his pretty eyes. Jessie hesitated. Oh hell, who cares if it is unprofessional? He\s stressed out, I want to help him and I\m doing it. It\s such a bad, horrible idea but screw it.

’’You need a massage.’’

His eyebrows lifted. ’’What?’’

His baffled expression was adorable and drew a chuckle from her as she repeated her words. ’’You need a massage. I can rub your shoulders if you have some lotion around here. I used to do it for my father when he got stressed out. It made him feel better and it will feel nice on top of it.’’

Justice swallowed hard. ’’There\s some in the bathroom. All the rooms come with those things.’’

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