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’’That will never happen,’’ Breeze agreed. ’’We have enough idiots to fight without taking on each other.’’

Laugher sounded around the room. Tiger didn\ laugh.

’’We have secured everyone from testing facility five here and at Reservation,’’ Tiger growled. ’’Jessie doesn\ trust them and I have to agree. We can\ be sure of what they had to deal with in Colorado. Some of them might attack again.’’

’’Do you want to put her down?’’ Ellie glanced at Jessie on Tiger\s lap.

’’I will put her in bed with Justice when the doctor says it is fine. He would want her there and I want to keep her close to him.’’

’’We\ e going to have to talk to each of the new ones.’’ Fury shifted his stance. ’’I hate to say it but if they can\ be a part of us, I don\ want them running around.’’

’’Fury!’’ Ellie gasped. ’’Are you saying we should kill them?’’

’’I said I don\ want them running around. Maybe we can contain the dangerous ones until they smarten up.’’

’’Justice will decide. For now,’’ Tiger peered down at Jessie\s sleeping form, ’’we have them separated and accounted for. I have officers talking to all of them to see where their heads are. My main concern is Jessie. She is either going to recover from this or she\s going to shoot anyone she doesn\ trust who goes near Justice.’’ He suddenly grinned. ’’Hey, she could shoot reporters. That\s a plan.’’

Fury chuckled. ’’Don\ get excited. I know how great that would be but then Justice would be angry to have a mate locked up at a slammer.’’

’’It\s \in the slammer\. And yes, that would be bad for her to be sent to prison. Of course, as his mate, she\s a Species and they can\ take her away since their laws don\ apply here.’’ Ellie pointed a finger at Tiger. ’’Don\ think about it and wipe that grin off your face. You can\ send her after them no matter how much you hate those vultures.

Did anyone call her father? Maybe he could help her snap out of this and realize it\s not as bad as she thinks.’’

’’No humans,’’ Tiger announced. ’’Imagine how it would sound if this got out.

We\ e going for the \we are better people\ campaign and now we have five dead Species assassins. It would be a disaster.’’

’’Public relations nightmare all the way,’’ Fury agreed. ’’Her father isn\ going to be called.’’

The door to Justice\s room opened and Nurse Paul stepped out. ’’He\s doing great.’’

Paul glanced at Jessie in Tiger\s arms. ’’Sorry,’’ he whispered. ’’I didn\ know she fell asleep. Justice is going to be fine and should wake soon.’’

Tiger pushed off from the desk. ’’Good. Let\s go into his room and I\ll put her next to him.’’

Paul shook his head. ’’She can\ be put in bed with him.’’

Tiger arched his eyebrow. ’’Really? Stop me from putting her there.’’ He pushed past Paul.

Tiger gently laid Jessie on the bed beside Justice. Both of them slept while he watched them. Pure rage filled him. His best friend and his mate could have been killed. His focus fixed on Jessie and his anger softened. She was tough and she loved Justice. His best friend had chosen his mate well. He backed away from the bed to leave them in peace and go back to sit on the desk.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Justice woke and realized three things instantly. Jessie lay beside him sleeping, he was in pain and Tiger sat in a chair next to him, silently regarding him with a grim expression. He\d survived the attack since he was in Medical.

’’How bad are my injuries and did you catch the fifth male?’’

’’Jessie killed him. You had surgery but you\ e going to be fine within a few days. I had Doctor Treadmont give you the drugs to help you heal faster so that\s the reason if you feel a little aggressive. Please control it.’’

Justice turned his head to study Jessie. She lay curled on her side facing him, his arm rested under her head and his hand curved around her back. He didn\ see a mark on her delicate features, reassuring him she hadn\ been harmed. He felt relief. His attention shifted back to Tiger.

’’When did she fall asleep?’’

’’She didn\ .’’ Tiger hesitated. ’’Don\ get mad because I can explain. She\s drugged.

We had no other choice.’’

’’Why?’’ Justice growled softly. ’’Was she harmed and needs the rest to heal?’’

’’She\s fine except for the fact that you gave her two loaded guns with spare clips and she stood outside this room threatening to kill any Species besides Breeze or me if they came within ten feet of your door. She meant it. She said she would trust me since you do and she trusts Breeze because she\s her friend.’’

’’She doesn\ know who to trust after the males came after us.’’ He smiled. ’’She defied my orders to remain in the bathroom and saved my life. She is battleworthy, Tiger. You should have seen her.’’

’’I did. We arrived and found her planted protectively over you and holding two guns. I\m lucky to be here because she pointed them right at me. The fifth male was outside the back slider of your office. He must have realized when we arrived that he had one last opportunity to kill both of you. He launched himself through the glass. She turned both guns on him, didn\ miss once and he was dead before he ever touched either of you. She reacted before I could. We had to drug her, Justice. She was in shock and told Halfpint and Tiny that she thought we were going to suffer a civil war. She was ready to kill any of us who got near you, thinking we\d split loyalties. She\s very protective of you.’’

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