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Jessie flashed her gaze around the room and found Tiger. She glared. ’’You had Ellie drug me.’’

’’I did. You wouldn\ listen so I thought you would listen to Justice.’’ He stood and walked out of the room.

Jessie was furious. ’’He had me drugged.’’

Justice grinned. ’’He was probably afraid my mate was going to kill him. I\m proud of you but...’’ His smile disappeared. ’’I\m going to punish you for disobedience. You should have stayed inside the bathroom.’’

’’I saved your ass.’’

’’I know. Thank you. You still need to be punished and I decided the best way to teach you a lesson.’’

She was pissed off. ’’You can\ be serious? I saved your life, Justice. Just because I\m a human doesn\ mean I had to hide inside the bathroom. You never would have asked one of your women to do that. You―’’ Justice kissed her. Jessie groaned against his mouth, happy to feel his lips on hers, thrilled that he felt well enough to do it. Her hands reached for his chest to assure his heart beat strongly. He pulled away and stared deeply into her eyes.

’’Will you at least listen to what kind of punishment you are getting before you start yelling?’’

’’Fine. Tell me and I\ll tell you if you can or not.’’

A growl sounded in the back of his throat while his eyes narrowed. ’’I\m sending you to Reservation. I decided the best way to teach you to listen to me is for you to spend at least two weeks out there.’’

’’You\ e sending me away?’’ She was stunned and hurt. ’’But ’’

’’I wasn\ finished.’’ He smiled. ’’I\m going to personally give you lots of orders and you will learn to follow every one of them.’’ He pulled her closer. ’’I\m going to demand you take off your clothes and climb into bed with me. So, do you think this is fitting punishment?’’

She grinned. ’’I have been very bad.’’

His lips brushed hers. ’’You need to learn how to take orders. Should we start right now?’’

Her eyes darted down to the bandage on his hip. ’’You\ e hurt.’’

’’I\m alive and you are in my arms. I always want you.’’

Jessie suddenly grinned. ’’All that movement can\ be good for you. Do you know what that means?’’

He arched his eyebrow at her.

’’I should do all the work.’’ She pushed him onto his back. ’’You should lie back and let me take care of you.’’

He growled but stayed flat. Jessie sat up and leaned over him. Her tongue circled his nipple and she sucked it into her mouth. Justice\s fingers dug into her hair and a purr rumbled from his throat. She teased and taunted his nipple until the hold on her hair became too tight. She laughed and released his nipple.

’’Slow and steady, right?’’

’’They gave me drugs to help me heal,’’ he said through clenched teeth. ’’I have no patience. I\m feeling extremely basic.’’

’’What does that mean?’’

His eyes narrowed and his nose flared. ’’I\m super horny and aggressive so don\ tease me for long. I can\ take it in this state of limited control. I don\ want to hurt you and if you tease me too long I might in my need to be inside you.’’

Jessie climbed off the bed, glanced at the door and shoved off the borrowed pants.

She climbed back on the bed and looked down at the sheet covering Justice. She grinned.

’’You made a tent.’’

He chuckled and lifted the sheet. ’’Do you want to climb in here with me?’’

Jessie glanced at his hip. If she were really careful she could sit on him and not touch the wound. ’’I don\ want to climb in. I want to climb on.’’ She gripped the sheet and lifted it enough to swing her knee over him carefully. She stood on her knees straddling his h*ps and reached between them. Her hand wrapped around his hot, rigid shaft, stroking it. He purred and closed his eyes.

Jessie slowly guided Justice\s c**k to the entrance of her pu**y and eased down on him. His hands were suddenly gripping her h*ps and his eyes snapped open to meet her gaze. He tried to move her on him with his hands but she swatted them away.

’’Hold still,’’ she ordered softly. ’’Your stitches.’’

He snarled and his hands tightened. His impatience and aggressiveness turned her on more. He hadn\ been understating it. She eased her body lower, letting him sink deeper inside her. He groaned.

’’Fast and hard, Jessie.’’

She hesitated. ’’Don\ move. We\ e going slow and steady.’’

’’You are going to kill me.’’

’’No, I\m going to make you test the glass windows to see if they are roar proof.

Your injury is going to kill you if you don\ hold still. We shouldn\ be doing this at all but I want you as much as you want me.’’

’’I do,’’ he agreed.

The door suddenly banged open behind them. Justice jerked into a sitting position and wrapped his arms around Jessie protectively, while she gasped.

Tiger stepped inside the room and closed the door behind him. He spun, presenting his back to them. ’’Sorry!’’

’’Get out,’’ Justice snarled.

Jessie was horrified. She was straddling Justice and Tiger had walked in on them having se*. She would have jumped off his lap but he held her down so tightly she was impaled on him.

’’I\m sorry,’’ Tiger repeated, sidestepped to the corner and his arm rose.

Jessie gawked at the camera as Tiger tore it off the wall. Her face dropped to Justice\s shoulder, remembering the camera that had been in Beauty\s room had sound too. That meant if there was a camera watching Justice for security purposes, not only had they just seen everything but they\d heard too.

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