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’’Sorry. No one else is getting in and I\ll, uh, burn the tape.’’ He fled.

Justice laughed so hard he shook Jessie\s body on his. She lifted her head to glare.

’’What is so funny? Did you know it was there?’’

He sobered. ’’I never thought about it. We keep them for females so they are safe.

Who besides you would attack me se*ually?’’ He eased back on the bed. ’’That is always welcome.’’ He caressed her hips.

’’Who watches that camera? Did he say tape? Was that recorded?’’

’’The entire security room watches.’’ He licked his lips. ’’Well, I have good news and bad news.’’

She frowned. ’’What?’’

’’The bad news is that now my males know that Justice North submits in bed to his mate. The good news is that I guess my threat to mount you in public isn\ credible since everyone will hear about this.’’ He grinned.

She fought the urge to laugh. ’’I\m going to go hide now.’’

Justice thrust up into her. ’’You\ e staying right here and so am I.’’

He purred. At Jessie\s moan he thrust into her again. Jessie rocked her hips, riding him. She forgot all about her embarrassment and made love to the man she loved.

Chapter Twenty-Three

Jessie stared at her father while Senator Jacob Hills regarded her silently. His blue eyes were unreadable as they remained in Justice\s office. Jessie had asked Justice to step out so she could privately talk to her father.

’’So,’’ she finished. ’’I love him and he loves me. We are going to try to keep a lid on this until we get back from Reservation. Justice is taking a few weeks off to give us some time to spend alone.’’

Jessie searched her father\s face for any sign of emotion but couldn\ pick up a single one. Whatever he thought or felt, he kept it to himself. The man was a master at doing that. It\s why he was so good at his job.

’’Say something.’’

’’Are you sure about this?’’

She frowned. ’’I called you to come here because I want you to give me away at my wedding. I\m marrying him, Dad. I love him and he\s everything to me. I\ve never been surer of anything in my life. Say so now if you don\ want to do it because I\m getting married in ten minutes. Justice was adamant about marrying me before the honeymoon.’’ She smiled. ’’I didn\ give a damn myself, being with him is enough but he wants to do this right.’’

A smile cracked Senator Jacob Hill\s lips and his gaze softened. ’’I\m glad to hear that. I\d be honored to have him for a son and be proud to walk you down the aisle.’’

Jessie threw herself at her dad. They hugged tightly, him more so than her.

’’Can\ . Breathe. Need air,’’ she hissed.

He released her, chuckling. ’’Sorry. Where is Justice?’’

’’He wanted to tell you about the two of us himself but I kind of threatened to buy him socks if he didn\ let me do it alone.’’

Her father laughed. ’’That\s an effective threat?’’

She laughed. ’’The man doesn\ own socks and hates them.’’

’’Let me go shake his hand and welcome to the family. Ten minutes, huh?’’ He glanced at his watch. ’’You could have at least given me a little hint that there was going to be a wedding. I would have dressed better.’’ His gaze roamed over her. ’’Jeans, Jess?

You\ e really getting married in jeans?’’

’’Justice loves me. I asked nicely and he agreed we could get married in them.’’

Jacob laughed. ’’You got him out of a suit and tie? He\s marrying you in jeans?’’

She grabbed his hand. ’’Come on. He\s been worried that you\ll try to talk me out of it. He\s afraid I\ll change my mind. I told him that wasn\ going to happen but he\s still learning that I stick to my guns.’’

Justice waited down the hall, looking tense. Jessie winked. Justice visibly relaxed.

He pulled his hands out of the front pockets of his jeans. Jessie noticed the jeans and black tank top he wore. It was the outfit she\d met him in. He looked so hot and se*y in those clothes with his hair down that she licked her lips. The urge to drool was there.

The two men shook hands and her father gripped his shoulder. ’’Welcome to the family, Justice. You are going to have your hands full with this one.’’ He released him.

Justice chuckled. ’’I look forward to it every day.’’

Jessie laughed at seeing that aroused glint in Justice\s eyes, knowing his thoughts had turned to se*. They exchanged the joke when their gazes met. Justice reached out and pulled Jessie into his arms to tuck her in front of his body.

Tiger stepped out into the hallway and peered at the three of them. He blew out air loudly and smiled. ’’So everything is good?’’

Jessie\s father laughed. ’’I\m happy that Jessie and Justice are getting married. Was there ever any doubt I would be?’’

Tiger nodded. ’’Hell yes. The minister is here. Are we ready?’’

Jessie turned her head and peered at Justice. ’’I\ve been ready.’’

’’Me too.’’ He hugged her before reluctantly releasing his hold. He looked at his soon-to-be father-in-law. ’’We\ e honeymooning at Reservation for two weeks but plan to have a more public wedding soon. We realize this is going to be a press nightmare.

We wanted to do this small, private one right now and go away together before having to deal with however your people take it.’’

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