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’’Well, I will be the first one in front of them telling them how happy I am when you do announce it and how I couldn\ have picked a better man for my only daughter.’’

Justice cleared his throat. ’’Thank you, Jacob. I\m deeply honored and I will kill or die to protect her. She makes my life complete. Her happiness goes before my own, always.’’

’’I know.’’ Jacob Hills blinked at tears. ’’Damn. Don\ make me cry.’’ He laughed.

’’Let\s get you two married so you can leave for the honeymoon.’’

They all walked outside. Jessie saw that her father was a little confused at the line of golf carts waiting by the doors. He looked to her for an answer.

’’Is it an outdoor wedding?’’

’’There\s only one place to party at Homeland. Have you ever been to the bar?’’

’’No. I haven\ .’’

She grinned. ’’You\ e in for a treat then. There is going to be dancing.’’

His features brightened. ’’I love that. I learned how to waltz for that ball I was invited to at the White House next month.’’

Everyone in the golf cart laughed except Jacob Hills. He frowned. ’’What\s so funny?’’

’’These are actual fun parties, Dad. No politics are allowed and ditch that tie.’’

’’You\ll have fun,’’ Justice assured him, taking Jessie\s hand and kissing it. ’’We\ve planned a nice wedding for everyone to enjoy.’’

Her father glanced at Justice. ’’I\m sincerely glad to have you for a son, Justice.

Whatever you do, don\ take your phone or laptop on your honeymoon.’’ He laughed.

’’The only work you should be doing is making sure you keep my daughter out of trouble.’’

Justice grinned ’’I intend to spend all my time getting to know your daughter extremely well. I swear she\s my priority and work is going to scale back so I have plenty of time for us to be together.’’

Jessie grinned. ’’I\m going to teach him how to relax and have fun.’’

He met her gaze, she knew he was remembering the night she gave him a massage on the back of the couch, and he softly purred.

’’Did you make that sound?’’ Jacob gaped at his future son-in-law.

Jessie laughed. ’’Nope. That was me,’’ she lied. ’’I do that sometimes because it\s fun.’’ She gave him an innocent look. ’’Come on, you fell for that? My future husband is a total badass, not some kitten.’’

Her father laughed and turned away, following Tiger to one of the carts.

’’Jessie,’’ Justice whispered, making sure no one heard. ’’Thank you.’’

She looked up and winked. ’’You owe me.’’ Her gaze lowered down his body and paused over the front of his jeans before she met his gaze again. ’’I\ve always got your back and your front.’’

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