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Justice ordered his hands not to fist at his sides, worried Jessie might take it as a threat but he longed to touch her so desperately that it became a nearly impossible urge.

Having her hands on him, inhaling her feminine scent so close to him while she\d massaged his shoulders, had driven him a little insane.

She was human, worked for the task force assigned under his command and he\d read up on proper human etiquette in the workplace. se*ual harassment . Those two words repeated in his head. She wasn\ Species, her society\s rules were totally different than those in the world he lived in and it wasn\ a simple solution of asking her if she wanted to share se* with him. That\s what he\d do if she were one of his women. They knew they could freely deny him and he\d respect it. She might be afraid or insulted if he dared utter that question.

He tried to reason with his turned-on body. He couldn\ possibly share se* with Jessie Dupree. She wouldn\ want him. Her actions were based on kindness and not an invitation to put his hands on her in return. She\d come to discuss work, not end up in his bed.

The image of sweeping her into his arms and carrying her down the hallway to his room filled his head. He\d tear her clothes off, explore her pale skin and run his hands over every inch of her body. His c**k responded full force as blood rushed to his groin and the uncomfortable heaviness of the hard-on made him want to adjust his stance since it pressed against the confining denim of his jeans.

Breathe through it , he ordered his body. Resist. You can\ offer her se*. She\s human and you\ e not allowed to have her regardless of how much you want her. Those thoughts helped him regain some control on his raging need to take her. He\d growl at her if she were Species, show his dominance and offer her his body. He\d strip her in under a minute if she agreed to share se* with him and show her his skill as a lover.

A small trace of uncertainty struck and kept that growl of intent locked within his throat since she wasn\ Species. He had no idea if anything he\d learned about humans would apply to her. He swallowed hard, kept silent and hoped he appeared nonthreatening. She was much smaller and weaker than Species women. That was another thing that cooled his heated blood. Jessie appeared frail in comparison and he feared he\d cause her harm in some way if he followed through with his instinct to attempt to get her into his bed.

Jessie stared back into Justice\s beautiful gaze while he remained absolutely silent. I want him , she silently admitted. Tim will have my ass, fire me, but oh hell, he\s worth the risk.

He wants to touch me and I really want him to. Tim doesn\ have to know, right? Who would tell? Her gaze broke contact to sweep around the room. No witnesses, no one to judge and we\ e both adults. She peered up at him again, met his intense stare as he continued to regard her, almost as if he waited for unspoken consent.

It could lead to se* if they put their hands on each other. Justice was a big guy, really strong and a Species. She wondered how that would work out between them in bed. She knew that some women had hooked up with them. She had gone to Tammy and Valiant\s wedding and Tammy had sure seemed more than happy despite their drastic size difference.

’’Have you ever slept with a human?’’ Those words popped out and couldn\ believe she\d said the thought aloud.


Their gazes remained locked and it encouraged her to keep talking. ’’I\ve never been attracted to your kind before but I\m drawn to you in the worst way. Am I being too blunt? I know total honesty is supposed to be normal for Species. Just tell me to shut up if I\m wrong.’’

’’You want me too?’’ His voice lowered to a raspy growl.

Kinda scary but hot , she decided. His voice change made her heart race faster. Justice moved slowly, leaned his body closer and his hand lifted to cup her face with his big palm. His other hand slid loosely around her waist while he studied her eyes. Answer him.

’’Yes,’’ she breathed.

’’You\ e so small and I\m afraid I\ll bruise or accidentally hurt you.’’

She grinned, finding his nervousness reassuring. It proved she wasn\ the only one on shaky ground and all her doubts about getting involved with him disappeared. ’’I\m tough and willing to risk it.’’

’’I saw that you were strong in the lobby when you were attacked.’’ He nudged her closer with his hand at her hip until their bodies pressed together. ’’You turned me on.

You were small yet fierce. You fought incredibly well.’’

’’I did?’’

’’Mmmm,’’ he growled as his face lowered. ’’Pull your hair back, please. I want access to your neck.’’

She gripped her long hair without hesitation and shoved it back over her shoulder.

She tilted her head to the side to give him open access to her shoulder and throat. He leaned in more and Jessie shivered in anticipation when she felt his hot breath tease her skin below her ear. Justice inhaled slowly and ran his nose from that area, as gently as the caress of a breeze, downward to where her shirt started at her bra strap.

’’I won\ touch you with my teeth. Don\ be afraid. I\m aware that sharp canines scare humans.’’

’’I\m not worried about it and you can touch me with your teeth as much as you want.’’ The concept excited her but she did have one exception. ’’Just try not to break the skin. I\m not into love bites. I\m not a fan of pain.’’

He purred deeply, a se*y rumble coming from him. Her hand pressed against his chest and she drew closer until her br**sts flattened against his big frame. She could feel vibrations when he purred that way. Jessie gasped softly from surprise when his tongue suddenly traced her skin. Jessie turned her head, found her mouth pressed to skin and opened it to lick his nipple. She latched onto it and nipped him gently with her teeth while sucking. The body against hers tensed and he growled, vibrating again.

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