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The annoying shrill of his cell phone interrupted them. The mouth on her neck stopped kissing and Justice uttered a snarled curse. She released his nipple, lifted her chin and met his passion-filled gaze.

’’Don\ get it. Let it ring.’’ She held her breath, hoping he\d choose her instead of whoever called.

’’Let\s go into the bedroom away from it.’’

She pulled air into her lungs, the tension eased from her body and she smiled. That was one way to get her into his room. Of course, she wanted to follow him anywhere at that moment.

He pulled away to put space between their bodies and his eye color appeared noticeably darker. She didn\ usually move this fast with someone but she wanted him, he wanted her and she refused to think too deeply about it. He held out his hand and she eagerly placed her smaller one in his. He turned, his focus remaining on her and led her out of the living room.

Justice released her hand when they entered the large master bedroom, reached back and pushed the door closed. A lock clicked into place, the sound easy to identify.

’’It\s not to keep you in but to keep anyone from interrupting us. Sometimes the males assigned to guard me enter my suite and the locked door will keep them from just opening it.’’


Jessie reached for the front of his jeans and unfastened the top button. She watched his face as she pulled the zipper down, looking for any signs of protest. Passion blazed in his heated stare and she lowered her attention down his body to watch her fingers hook the opening to spread them apart. He wore red flannel boxers.

They looked expensive and were amazingly soft when she brushed her knuckles against them. He hadn\ been kidding about liking comfort between his skin and jeans.

She shoved the pants down his muscular legs before going for his boxers to remove them too. His hands suddenly gripped hers and Jessie\s gaze jerked to meet his.

’’Am I going too fast? Do you want to slow down?’’ She resisted smiling over how amused she was at the thought that a man might resist getting na**d as quickly as possible with a willing woman in his bedroom. He isn\ like other guys , she remembered.

’’There are some things you should know first.’’

Uh-oh. ’’You have the same parts, right? Male parts?’’

He flashed a grin. ’’Yes.’’

’’Then what else is there to know?’’

He hesitated. ’’We\ve been told we\ e larger than typical males.’’

Larger . She swallowed. ’’I can deal with that. Larger as in \just a bit bigger\ or as in

\ hat is never, ever going to fit inside me\?’’

A laugh escaped his lips. ’’Your kind and my kind have shared se*. They didn\ seem to have any problems with that.’’

’’That\s good to know.’’

’’There\s more.’’

She bit her lip, unsure if she really wanted to know. Some things were best left unsaid but she appreciated him wanting to be totally up front with her. ’’More than large?’’

’’I just want you to be aware. Some Species swell even larger at the end of se*. I don\ .’’

She was a little shocked, hearing that Species fact.

’’Tammy told Valiant that at the end, his seed is noticeably hot. It doesn\ hurt her but she feels warm heat filling her when he spills his seed. I don\ have condoms and can\ contain my seed if we do this. You will feel it if I come inside you.’’ He took a sharp breath. ’’I don\ have to. I just wanted to give you the option of having me pull out.’’

’’It doesn\ hurt her?’’

He shook his head. ’’She seems to enjoy it from what I was told by him. I just wanted to warn you.’’

’’I\m warned. I think I can live with that.’’ Jessie was glad it wasn\ something worse. Semen that was warmer than normal wasn\ a deal breaker in the bedroom.

He hesitated. ’’Can you get pregnant? Are you on something to prevent that?’’

’’I\m on the shot but I know that\s not a worry since you can\ have children. That\s true, right?’’

He hesitated. ’’It is better to be safe. We are all different and therefore it is always within the realm of possibility. I prefer to be safe rather than take a risk.’’

’’I go to the doctor regularly, I\m on the shot and haven\ taken anything that will mess with it, so we\ e good. I don\ have any diseases either. They do regular testing at my doctor\s office and I haven\ had a se*ual partner in about a year. I\m sure I\m completely healthy.’’

Surprise widened his eyes. ’’A year?’’

She shrugged. ’’What about you?’’

’’It\s been a few months since I shared se* with a female. She was Species and we don\ carry your se*ually transmitted diseases. I\ve never been with a human, as I stated.’’

’’So we\ e good to go. We had the responsible conversation, we\ e covered on pregnancy and are both disease free.’’ She smiled and gripped the waist of his boxers to push them down his muscular thighs. She couldn\ help but look down at the body she revealed and as soon as she freed his cock, she froze. Her fingers clenched around the soft material.


She forced her focus off his lower half to meet his concerned gaze. ’’You weren\ kidding about being larger.’’

’’Do you want to stop?’’ His pretty catlike eyes narrowed, he frowned slightly and worry tensed his features.

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