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She stared at his cock, studied it. He wasn\ freakishly endowed but she\d never been with a man his size. ’’I haven\ changed my mind. Just go slow because otherwise that\s going to hurt.’’ She released his boxers, allowing them to fall to the floor. Her attention returned to his face. ’’I still want you.’’

’’I don\ have to enter you. We could do other things. I won\ hurt you.’’

Jessie stepped back as Justice kicked free from his clothes. She gripped the waist of her tank top, pulled it over her head and dropped it to the floor. Justice silently watched her as she removed her jeans.

’’I\m pretty sure I\m the same as your women. No surprises on body parts.’’

He purred again. ’’Your skin is so pale. It\s beautiful.’’

She glanced at her br**sts. ’’I\m glad you think so. Your women are a lot tanner naturally.’’

’’Your skin reminds me of milk. I love milk. The texture and the taste of it when it\s warm is my favorite.’’

He\s good . Jessie smiled at his compliment. The best part was she didn\ believe it was a guy line that he practiced to use with potential se*ual partners. Justice wasn\ the average guy who\d grown up dating and learning what worked to pick up chicks. If he said her skin looked like milk that he loved, that\s what it looked like. She removed her panties and matching bra, grateful they were nice.

’’You\ e beautiful,’’ Justice growled, staring at her br**sts. ’’And bigger than our women.’’

She chuckled. ’’I\m glad something on me is. Your women are pretty impressive.’’

He moved forward until they nearly touched and his warm hands gently gripped her hips. He just dropped to his knees to kneel in front of her, his face now level with her br**sts. Hot breath fanned them and her ni**les responded by growing taut. She got to look down at his face for once as their gazes held.

’’The last thing I should warn you about is that we\ e naturally dominating and aggressive. I\d never hurt you during se* but I might make noises you aren\ familiar with. I don\ want you to be frightened if they sound scary. It\s not my intention to be threatening.’’

’’I like it when you purr. You vibrate and it turns me on.’’

’’You are about to become really aroused if you are being honest with me. You have no idea how much I want you, Jessie. I\m battling my urges to come at you full force.’’

She wondered what kind of urges he resisted. ’’I\m not fragile or easily frightened, Justice.’’ She lifted her hands and cupped his face, staring into his exotic gaze and the urge to kiss him gripped her. She knew all about keeping in control at that moment.

’’Don\ hold anything back. Be yourself. I want to know you.’’

He softly growled at her, a deep rumble that had to be the se*iest thing ever. The blue of his eyes really showed at that moment, leaving no doubt the color lurked in those dark depths and she watched something change in his expression.

’’You\ e going to get me.’’

Chapter Four

Justice opened his mouth and licked the underside of one of her br**sts. Jessie gripped his shoulders and lightly raked her nails across his skin. His hands tightened their hold at her waist and he urged her back until she lay flat on her back across his mattress. He bent forward as he tugged her lower until her bottom rested on the edge and his mouth opened over her right breast. His tongue tasted her, teased and played with the tip.

Heat spread through Jessie at the strange texture of his tongue. That was another New Species difference. It was wet, hot and felt a little rough but in the best way. His sharp canines raked her skin, sending a jolt of passion throughout her body.

’’That\s a talent,’’ she moaned.

He chuckled and released her breast. ’’I\m just starting.’’

His hands slid from her h*ps to the inside of her thighs, spreading them wider apart and pulled her closer to his hips. He snugly fit in the cradle of her legs. His hot, hard c**k nudged against her pu**y, slid across her cl*t and Jessie moaned again. She knew she was already wet and prepared to have him inside her. She arched her h*ps up, rubbed against his shaft and gained more pleasure. He purred in response.

’’Easy,’’ he whispered.

Easy? The man knew how to set her on fire. He sucked on her left breast until she wanted to beg him to f**k her but he seemed intent on inflicting torture. He began to lick and kiss his way down her ribs, her belly and the hollow of her hip as he backed away until his c**k didn\ press against her any longer. She dug her nails into his shoulders, tried to drag him back up but he refused to take the hint.

It sank in that he planned to go down on her when his lips trailed lower and his hands shoved her thighs wider apart to make room for his face. Her breathing increased in anticipation. It had been a really long time since a guy had gone down on her, not that he\d been good at it but she had hope with Justice. She released him when he moved farther down her body, unable to touch him any longer.

The sharp bite of his teeth nipping her inner thigh made her groan. It didn\ hurt so much as heighten her need for him to keep going. She locked her h*ps in place, tried not to move, to encourage him to keep going but when his mouth left her skin, it didn\ return. Her eyes opened she hadn\ realized she\d closed them until that second and lifted her head to peer down.

Hot breath teased her exposed pu**y. He was that close, just inches away from the spot that wanted his attention most. He softly growled at her, his eyes narrowed as their gazes met and held. It was the most erotic sight she\d ever seen.

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