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’’Your natural color?’’ He grinned, glanced down and then back up.

She cleared her throat. ’’I didn\ think dying that would be a good idea. I also don\ like it totally shaved.’’

He chuckled. ’’The heart shape is se*y and your lighter red hair is very attractive. I don\ know how you perfectly get that pattern but I appreciate seeing it. Do you want to learn another talent of mine?’’

She nodded eagerly. ’’Definitely.’’

’’Close your eyes and relax, Jessie.’’

She let her head drop to the bed and smiled, closing her eyes. ’’Using my own words against me. I like it.’’

He was way off the mark if he meant to relax her though. Her body tensed as she waited to see what he\d do next. Her fingernails dug into the comforter when his tongue lightly traced her clit. He purred, a deep rumble of sound and his tongue came back to press tighter against the bundle of nerves. The se*y sounds continued and the vibrations it caused made Jessie cry out. Her h*ps jerked but his hands gripped her tightly, shoved her ass down against the bed and he nuzzled his mouth against her spread pu**y. Raw ecstasy hit her as his raspy-textured tongue moved rapidly up and down, sliding against the most sensitive area of her body at that moment.

She thrashed on the bed, clawed at the bedding and panted. Justice showed no mercy despite it being too intense. Her body seemed to turn to stone and every muscle bunched and as he purred louder, snarled, the vibrations grew stronger.

The cl**ax struck her so powerfully she would have sworn she saw the flipside of her head when her eyes rolled back. She couldn\ think, couldn\ breathe and barely registered the loud noises coming out of her. It only stopped when Justice tore his mouth away. She lay there for seconds, trying to relearn how to breathe again before she was able to open her eyes and peer at him.

His eyes were so blue they stunned her. His mouth seemed fuller, more kissable and he snarled at her before lifting up. She didn\ feel fear or threatened in the least, despite his harsh expression. He dropped his upper body over hers, braced most of his weight on his forearms and his lips hovered so close they breathed the same air.

Jessie arched her spine until her br**sts pressed against his chest and her arms wrapped around his neck to hug him and allow her fingernails to reach his back. She lightly dragged the tips along his shoulders. Justice arched against her, pressed her tighter into the bed and totally pinned her under him.

The size and strength of him turned her on more. Justice not only had an amazingly talented mouth, his body was perfection and staring into his exotic eyes made her hurt for him again. It stunned her, considering he\d just made her come and she should be sated but the ache to be filled by him remained. Her swollen cl*t throbbed after the loving attention it had just received and she wanted more. All of him, the way he\d said he\d give her.

Jessie turned her head a little and lifted it, her mouth targeting his neck. Her lips parted and she tasted the skin exposed to her as she brushed his hair back. She\d never been with a man with long hair and she loved the feel of it as her fingers brushed through it. It was silky and soft, wonderful and she trailed kisses down to the top of his shoulder.

’’Take me,’’ she demanded.

Justice arched his body a little off hers and one arm moved until he gripped her ass with a big, strong hand. Jessie lifted her legs, wrapped them around his waist and tried to use the strength in them to pull him closer.

The tip of his thick shaft probed the entrance of her pu**y, pressed against her wet heat but he didn\ enter her. He paused, his body tense and time seemed to stand still.

Confused, Jessie stopped kissing him to drop her head to the mattress and stare into his eyes.

’’I don\ want to hurt you,’’ he rasped softly. ’’I\m afraid I will.’’

’’I\m tough. I can take you.’’

His hand released her ass and he pulled away enough that he wasn\ pressed against her. His fingers traced the line of her wet pu**y and spread it before his finger penetrated. He growled deeply, his chest rumbling as his finger sank deeper. Jessie moaned, arching her h*ps into his hand at how good it felt, having him finger-f*k her.

’’You\ e so hot and tight,’’ he snarled, his voice a bit scary again but she refused to be afraid. His finger slid in and out of her, slowly torturing her. ’’You\ e too small for me.’’

’’Roll over onto your back on the bed. I\ll be on top.’’ She lifted her head and nipped his shoulder gently.

He stilled his finger, no longer tormenting her vaaa**l walls and she could almost sense something change in the room. Jessie released his skin, dropped her head back and discovered him watching her with an angry glare. It stunned her.

’’What\s wrong? Did I bite too hard?’’

’’You want me to submit to you?’’

’’No. I want you to lie on your back if you\ e afraid you\ll hurt me. I\ll be on top, can control you entering me and you won\ have to worry about going too fast.’’

He really looked angry, his features hard and it alarmed her enough that her body tensed in response while some of her passion cooled.

’’What\s wrong?’’

He lifted his body away from hers, put space between their chests and backed his h*ps away. ’’We don\ do that. It is submitting.’’

’’Me riding you is submitting? Haven\ you ever had a woman be on top before during se*?’’

He shook his head. ’’Your men do this? They allow their women to dominate and control them? They submit to you?’’

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