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Astonishment sliced through her when it dawned on her that he was totally serious.

He\d never allowed a woman to be on top. It was about dominance with them and it seemed to anger him that she\d asked to change positions. New Species were known to be aggressive and a bit controlling but she\d never considered the se*ual side of it before. It all slammed home that he was honestly insulted by her offer to ride him.

’’We should get dressed.’’ All emotion left his face, a mask of control schooled his features and he straightened his arms to totally remove himself from the bed.

’’Justice? Wait,’’ Jessie demanded, her hands gripping his shoulders to keep him over her. ’’I didn\ mean to offend you. I didn\ realize it was taboo.’’

He hesitated and something softened in his gaze. ’’Our cultures are different but I didn\ realize how much so until this moment. I\m not offended. I was but not anymore.

Having a female dominate a male during se* is a regular occurrence with your males?’’

’’Yeah. Will you at least try it for a little bit? You can flip me over right away if you don\ enjoy it. Please? I really want you, Justice.’’

His gaze softened more. ’’I want to you too.’’ He hesitated, indecision clear but then he blew out a deep breath. ’’We can attempt it.’’

’’Thank you. I\m pretty sure you\ e really going to like it.’’

He hesitated. ’’You don\ want to tie me down?’’

She shook her head. ’’I wouldn\ do that. I\m familiar with your history, remember?

I\d never ask to restrain you in any way. Can we try this? Please?’’

He bit his lower lip, uncertainty a cute expression on him. ’’A test then.’’

She released him and scooted upward on the bed until she wasn\ under him any longer. She sat, inched to the side of the mattress and gave him a smile. ’’Lie down on your back. Please?’’

He remained on all fours on the bed. He was beautiful to Jessie as her gaze soaked in his body. Justice was a breathing work of art with everything sculptured perfectly, his muscles flexed as he rolled over and stretched his tall, big body the length of the mattress. The uncertain look on his face was priceless and absolutely adorable to her.

Her attention focused on his thick, full c**k and it reaffirmed her conviction that he was perfection.

Jessie pushed forward on her knees next to his stomach to peer into his eyes.

’’Relax, Justice. I promise this is going to feel good.’’

He bit his lip again, an obvious sign of uncertainty. ’’Do you want me to close my eyes?’’

’’No. I think you\ll enjoy watching what I want to do to you.’’

She swept her hair over one shoulder and leaned over his chest. Her gaze held his to make sure he wasn\ alarmed. Tension was there but not anger. She paused right over his nipple before breaking eye contact. He had dusky ni**les, they were beaded slightly from cold or desire and the temptation was too much to resist. She sealed her lips over the closest peak, sucked and rubbed the tip of her tongue over him. A deep growl tingled against her lips from the vibrations it caused, tickling slightly but that didn\ make her stop.

His hand brushed her thigh closest to him as she used her mouth to play with his body, her hands flattening on his chest and belly, loving the sensation of firm, smooth skin that she explored. The palm on his belly lowered until she brushed his rigid c**k and she gently wrapped her fingers around the wide base of it. Damn, he\s big.

She pushed that fact away, released his nipple with a rake of her teeth and lunged for the other one. His c**k twitched in her hold, seemed to swell more, if that were possible and she knew he was enjoying the things she did. It motivated her to release him again and trace wet tongue kisses over his ribs to his tight abs.

He had ridges of firm muscle and she took the time to nibble on them, the taste of his skin wonderful and slightly salty. She moaned when he growled at her, knew it was a good thing and his c**k seemed to strain against her palm. She moved lower, kissing her way down his belly.

Jessie paused when she studied the crown of his cock. She wasn\ shocked that Species were circumcised since scientists created and raised them but it did stun her that it was noticeably mushroomed at the tip. Her vaaa**l walls clenched. I bet that\s going to feel good inside me. Easy , she demanded, her need to straddle him growing stronger as her arousal level shot higher. I want this to be really good for him too after what he just did to me. It\s only fair, so slow down!

The thoughts calmed her need to climb on his lap. She licked her lips instead and turned her head to glance at his handsome face. The raw hunger that radiated from his beautiful eyes assured her he was totally onboard with anything she wanted to do. His fingers massaged her thigh, kneed it to the point of an almost frantic urge for her to stop tormenting him.

’’You aren\ going to protest if I lick you here, are you?’’ She gently squeezed his shaft and ran her thumb pad along the underside of it, stroking the velvety softness of the skin stretched tightly over a hot, steely arousal.

He purred really loudly, his eyes narrowed to slits and his mouth parted to reveal his fangs, which dented his bottom lip as he bit down. He shook his head hastily, denying it would offend him.

She shifted her body a little to hold his gaze, opened her mouth and refused to look away as she stuck her tongue out and traced the rim of the crown. He closed his eyes, his head fell back and the sounds he made turned her on. The guy purred. It was se*y as hell that she could make him respond that way and she took him fully into her mouth, now concentrating on it.

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