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’’Jessie,’’ he growled.

She sucked and took more of him between her lips, testing his girth. Her teeth lightly grazed him but it couldn\ be avoided. She worked him deeper toward the back of her throat until she knew she\d hit her limit then slowly lifted up, swirling her tongue along the underside while keeping tight suction. He made animalistic noises that she loved to hear. No man had ever responded so strongly to her before. It was flattering and increased her pleasure at making him feel good.

His hand released her thigh and the sound of material ripping reached her ears. She turned her head to peer at him again, saw his head was still thrown back, his fangs sank deeper into his lip and his fingers clawed the bedding. Fluff from inside the comforter showed as more shredding happened. His nails tore the bedding apart.

Jessie eased up on giving him head and slowly released him from her mouth.

Justice groaned, his eyes opened and he stared at her with such an intense look it made her pause. He took a few ragged breaths and she knew he was okay but really turned on. She lifted up a thigh, swung it around and straddled his hips. She reached back and gripped his cock. One of her hands flattened on his chest to keep her balance as she guided him right to where she wanted him.

’’Can you hold still for me until I adjust to your size? You\ e really big.’’

He gave a sharp nod and his hands caressed her hips. A fine sheen of sweat broke out across his tan and muscular body, making him look se*ier, as if he\d been oiled down. Jessie was more than ready and aching to feel Justice inside her.

Jessie groaned as she felt her body resist his penetration but she put down more weight. His thick c**k breached her and she threw her head back in pleasure as she slowly sank down on him. He filled her deeper, stretched her to the point of near pain but it felt so good. She kept letting her weight take her down as a few more inches entered her. One of his hands left her to reach up to grab at a pillow near his head.

She lifted up and sank down again, taking more of him inside her. It was sheer bliss and she hoped he felt the same. Her ass brushed the top of his thighs and she knew she\d nearly taken all of him. Her body had adjusted faster than she\d thought it would.

The sounds of his purrs motivated her to ride him faster. She wasn\ sure which one of them was tortured more by her slow movements. She lowered one more time until her ass rested on his hips, the feel of him completely connected to her was pure perfection and she paused to appreciate the feel.

Justice snarled and wood snapped. Her chin jerked up to see what had happened.

Justice released the headboard bar he\d broken. He\d grabbed the top piece of wood, his strength too much for the poor thing.

His eyes opened. He met her gaze and Jessie moved, setting a fast pace, riding him hard. She threw back her head, unable to keep eye contact with him anymore. She felt her cl**ax building despite always needing more than just a man inside her to come-but not with Justice. She rode him frantically, burning to come as she ground her h*ps against him with every downward stroke. Her vaaa**l muscles clenched hard and pleasure tore through her when the cl**ax hit. She cried out his name.

Justice rolled over, pinned her under his body and drove into her harder and faster.

It spiked her pleasure higher, made her keep coming until she was sure her heart might explode. He snarled one final deep time, a vicious sound and began pulsing inside her with the hot spread of his release.

Jessie panted, clung to him and enjoyed the sensation. Whatever slight pain she\d been feeling in the aftermath of slightly rough se* faded. She opened her eyes and met Justice\s. He held most of his chest weight off her with his elbows propped on the bed.

Her arms were around his neck, hands gripping his shoulder blades and she didn\ remember putting them there.

’’Did I hurt you?’’ Concern narrowed his beautiful cat eyes.

’’That was amazing.’’

He smiled. ’’Yes. It was.’’

Jessie pulled him closer and brushed her mouth over his. He groaned and forced her lips open to his exploring tongue. She was the one who finally broke the kiss. Their gazes met and held.

’’Did my heat bother you?’’

’’I liked it. I was a little sore for a few seconds but now I\m not. You should bottle that as a miracle cure for soothing a woman after se*.’’ She laughed.

He grinned. ’’I liked submitting to you.’’

She glanced up above their heads. ’’You broke the headboard.’’

He lifted his chin to peer at the headboard and got a comical expression on his face.

Jessie couldn\ help but laugh. His gaze met hers.

’’I don\ remember doing that.’’

’’Then I guess I shouldn\ mention the comforter.’’

He frowned.

Jessie released his back with one hand, reached to the side and grabbed a handful of filling. She showed it to him. ’’You should cut your nails, honey. You shredded the bed but thank you for letting me go and grabbing it instead. My uninjured thigh really appreciates it.’’

Justice gawked at the fluff, stunned. ’’I don\ remember doing that either.’’

’’I think you were too focused on me.’’

’’I definitely was that. You\ e beautiful, Jessie. Did I tell you that?’’ He stared deeply into her eyes. ’’You\ e the most beautiful thing I think I\ve ever seen when I\m inside you and you are enjoying us being together.’’

’’That\s the best thing anyone has ever said to me.’’

Jessie turned her head to glance at the nightstand clock. ’’Oh, shit.’’ Her gaze flew to Justice. ’’It\s nine thirty.’’

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