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’’She isn't supposed to be in danger.’’ The Senator gasped. ’’You aren\ supposed to send her in until it\s safe for her to make contact with the New Species.’’

’’You\ e the one who gave her a gun,’’ Tim grunted. ’’She thinks she\s part of the team because you keep telling her she is. You know how stubborn she can be. I tell her what to do but she doesn\ listen. If she did then she would have waited outside but hell no. Not your daughter. She demanded to go in with the men so she could be right on the spot for the woman if we found one. She would have probably stolen a car and rammed the gates on her own if I hadn\ put her with a team.’’

The Senator took deep breaths to calm but he still appeared angry. ’’You\ e right.

That\s Jessie.’’ His mouth tensed. ’’She\s fired. I never thought it would be so dangerous that she\d have to kill three men or get shot. She\s not going back. I\ll find a replacement on the team immediately but it won\ be her anymore.’’ His gaze turned to Justice. ’’I\d like to request one of your people to take her place temporarily until we can find someone trustworthy. I don\ care if it\s a male or a female but the team needs someone your women won\ be terrified of. Who better to tend to any of them than one of your own?’’

Justice didn\ want Jessie going back to work either considering the males on her teams had allowed her to be nearly killed. ’’I\ll find a replacement.’’ He studied the men inside the room who belonged to Jessie\s team until he stared at her team leader, Trey Roberts. ’’Which would work better with your team? One of our males or a female?’’ He paused. ’’Keep in mind our females would get testy if any of your men harassed them or se*ually bothered them.’’

Trey blinked. ’’Definitely male. We tease Jessie all the time but she knows we\ e kidding. It\s a stress breaker. I don\ know if one of your women would understand the jokes and one of my guys might slip.’’

’’Done. I\ll ask for a volunteer and have him contact you within the next few days.’’

Justice gave his attention to the Senator. ’’We\ll have to sort out where he lives and what would be safest. I won\ put any of my men out in the open to be targeted by hate groups. He has to have secure living arrangements.’’


The door opened to admit a nurse. She gawked at the New Species. Long seconds ticked into a full minute. The Senator moved forward, drawing the woman\s attention.


She forced her gaze to him. ’’Uh, your, uh, daughter. She is ready to leave. Her tests all look good and she refuses to stay for observation. They are...’’ She turned her head to gape at Tiger.

’’They are what?’’ The senator snapped.

The nurse\s attention flew back to him. ’’She is leaving AMA. They\ e releasing her as soon as she\s dressed.’’ The woman spun and fled.

’’Should I carry pictures of us and just pass them out?’’ Tiger chuckled. ’’That way they could stare as long as they want.’’

’’I doubt that would work. They would only want you to autograph them.’’ Justice smiled to soften his words.

Tiger flinched. ’’I say I don\ know how to write my name when they ask me to do that. A lot of humans figure we can\ read so they buy it.’’

Trey laughed. ’’You get that often, huh?’’

Tiger nodded. ’’Yes. We were invited to the Governor\s Mansion two weeks ago and had to deal with a lot of humans at the event. They wanted us to sign things, kept trying to touch us and asked us to pose with them for pictures. Women passed their numbers into my palm when we shook hands.’’

Mike laughed. ’’Man, I wish women would give me their numbers. It doesn\ sound so bad.’’

’’You wouldn\ wish it if you lived it,’’ Justice stated softly. ’’You are no longer a person but are viewed as a thing. An object. Something not sentient.’’

’’But the women...’’ Mike winked.

Tiger grinned. ’’They are too fragile.’’

Mike openly studied Tiger from head to foot before glancing down at his own body. ’’We\ e about the same.’’

’’No. We\ e not. I\m stronger.’’ Tiger laughed, flashing his fangs at Bob. ’’I have sharp teeth. Your women are too fragile.’’

’’Oh. Your women enjoy sharp teeth? Wow. That\s kind of cool. Yeah. I can see where you couldn\ do that with ours. I nipped one on the ass once and she dumped me, claiming I was a freak.’’ Mike showed his teeth. ’’Mine are smooth and straight and for the two grand I paid the dentist they\d better be. She did have a mighty fine ass though. That was one to sink your teeth into.’’

Justice sighed, sending the Senator an apologetic look. The Senator smiled in return, both of them seeming to understand sometimes their men had conversations that they probably shouldn\ . Justice ignored Tiger and the team member\s conversation. He really wanted to leave and go find Jessie.

’’Stay and talk to your new friend, Tiger. I\ll be outside the door,’’ Justice stated, moving toward it.

’’Don\ forget me,’’ Tiger joked.

Justice glanced around the hallway as he stepped out with his other male guards.

The Senator stayed next to him. Justice\s mind worked overtime as he realized seeing Jessie might not be the best thing at that moment. Humans were watching, gathered in groups up and down the hallway to stare at him. Some withdrew cell phones to snap pictures, not bothering to hide their intent.

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