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’’What about my Gift Female? What was the emergency?’’

’’I don\ know but when you get to NSO Homeland I\m sure you\ll find out. He ordered her moved there and said that would be your first job.’’

Jessie pondered that. Justice might be angry at her for leaving, a reason why he hadn\ stayed. She\d split on him. It was work though and she\d had to leave. He should understand that. Well, to be fair , she thought, he\d had to leave for work too .

’’I\d like to say goodbye to my team.’’

’’You do that. They are in the waiting room. I have a car waiting outside to drive us to the airport. We\ll stop and buy you some clothes to last you a few days on the way.’’

He glanced at the sweats. ’’I know you hate those but it was all they had unless you wanted a summer dress in a bright orange flower print.’’

She made a face. The Senator laughed.

’’I know. I haven\ seen you in a dress since you graduated high school and had to wear the gown. You wore cut-off jeans and a tank top under it if I remember right.’’

She grinned. ’’It wasn\ a tank top. It was a sports bra.’’

He reached out and cupped her face. ’’That\s my girl. You always have to be different.’’

Justice\s image flashed through her mind and she wondered if maybe it was part of the reason she was so drawn to him. She did like different and she liked him a hell of a lot. She only wished he\d stuck around to see her.

Chapter Eight

Jessie was nervous as she stepped out of the cab and lifted the gym bag to her shoulder. The sight of protestors marching near the gate angered her instantly. Don\ they have lives? Something better to do than harass a bunch of people who have never done anything to them? Jessie paused next to the cab window and handed the driver three twenties.

’’Keep the change.’’

’’Thanks.’’ He backed the vehicle away.

Her gaze studied the men and women as she headed for the gates. The NSO Homeland was the main home for New Species and they also had a huge wooded area they\d bought and named Reservation. She\d been here before but she\d never had to walk through the front gates. She\d come in a helicopter, dropped off females and had promptly been flown out, having never stepped past the heliport area. Now she was going to live and work inside Homeland. It was rumored Justice lived there full-time and that meant she\d probably see him sometimes.

’’What are you doing here?’’ It was a guy in his forties who stepped out of line holding a sign that read ’’Abominations won\ be tolerated, Love the Lord.’’

Jessie stopped, cocked her head and gave him the once-over with a critical eye.

’’What are you doing here?’’

He frowned. ’’I\m using my right as an American to voice my opinion.’’

She shrugged. ’’I\m here because my American ass wants to be.’’

She advanced another five feet before the jerk moved, jumping in her way. She stopped, her body tensed and she evaluated him as a potential threat. He had about five inches in height on her and wasn\ in good shape with his beer gut and flabby arms. He glared at her bag with narrowed eyes.

’’Are you staying here?’’

’’You\ e really smart. Yes. That\s why I have a bag with me.’’

He frowned, looking more pissed. ’’You can\ go in there. It\s a den of evil.’’

Jessie flat out grinned.

That seemed to make the stranger madder. ’’Do you doubt me? I have the word of the Lord on my side. He told me to come here and let them know they aren\ welcome here in America. We\ e a God-loving country.’’

Jessie loved guys like these. He was just making her day as she laughed. ’’Wow.

God talks to you? That\s great. Could you tell him that I\d like world peace and Elvis back? I dream about him hooking up with some cool metal band. They could make some kickass music together.’’

The man gawked at her but finally closed his mouth. His eyes rounded while his face reddened. ’’You mock me? You mock God?’’

’’No. I\d never make fun of God. What I mock is that you\ e an idiot who doesn\ seem to know it. Instead of wasting your time here you should be getting your own life together. I wonder what God has to say about judging others? Remember that one? I do, from Bible school. I never once saw a bumper sticker that says Jesus or God loves you unless...fill in the blanks. Get a life and realize that if God were really speaking to you, he\d have better things to tell you to do than wasting your time annoying good people.

He\s about love and acceptance, not stupidity and hatred.’’ Her attention focused on his sign and then him. ’’You might want to take some classes too since you don\ seem to know that comma should be a period. You might learn something like compassion too while you\ e at it. I know it\s nice to walk outside and take in fresh air but do it in a park, not harassing good people who are trying to better their lives. You should try that sometime. It might make you a decent human being. Currently you are doing a shitty job of that.’’

Jessie moved around him. He was pissed, sputtering and shocked. Jessie spotted two Species officers grinning from where they guarded the gate entrance. It was clear they\d overheard every word. She kept her hands where they could see them and tried to appear nonthreatening as she approached. They remained on the other side of the gates and were heavily armed.

’’Hello. I\m Jessie Dupree. I\m going to reach into my front pocket and pull out my driver\s license slowly.’’

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