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Justice stood. ’’I don\ like that term. Anyone who would dismiss a person because of how they look isn\ someone intelligent enough to learn from.’’

’’You going home?’’ Tiger glanced at the clock on the wall before giving him a curious stare. ’’Are you not feeling well? You never leave this early.’’

’’I\m tired. I didn\ get much sleep.’’ It was partially true. He hadn\ slept much but he wanted to see Jessie. ’’Don\ stay too late.’’

’’Sure.’’ Tiger shrugged. ’’I still have some paperwork to do but I\m going home afterward.’’

Justice hurried out of the room, thoughts of Jessie distracting him. He wanted to protect her and avoid trouble with her father but that would mean not being with her at all. His teeth clenched in anger. It might not be an issue. She might have only wanted to share se* with him once.

* * *
Jessie jumped when the doorbell rang and realized she\d dozed off. She sat up and gripped the side of the tub to haul her sluggish body out and grabbed a towel. The doorbell buzzed again. Jessie cursed, dried and put on her boxers and half shirt. She ran for the front door. The doorbell sounded a third time.

’’I\m coming,’’ she called out. She hoped whoever was there wouldn\ leave. She yanked open the door.

Justice wore a navy suit with a light-gray tie. His hair had been pulled back into a ponytail, away from his handsome features. His intense, dark gaze slowly lowered down her body to take in her damp skin, her attire. It hesitated over her br**sts. Jessie glanced down to see what held his attention her ni**les were hard. She hadn\ dried off well so her clothes clung to her in places. She crossed her arms over her chest and tried not to blush.

’’Hello, Justice. I was in the bath. How are you? I didn\ expect anyone to come by or I\d have grabbed different clothes. How have you been?’’ Is that me babbling? Jessie wanted to kick herself. Justice was on her doorstep and he looked good enough to attack. She closed her mouth, took a breath and forced a smile. ’’Would you like to come inside?’’

His gaze lowered further and a smile tugged at his lips. ’’Are those men\s boxers?’’

She looked down again. ’’I steal them from my older brother when we stay at my dad\s at the same time.’’ She laughed, peering up at his face. ’’The fly is sewn shut and they are comfortable to sleep in. Dad had them in his plane with some of my stuff he brought to give to me the next time we saw each other.’’

Justice stepped inside the entryway and closed the door softly behind him. Jessie noticed how much taller he was since she was barefoot. Her boots gave her a few inches of height. It made him appear bigger than life in her opinion.

’’I came to welcome you to Homeland and see how you are doing.’’ His focus trained on her hair. ’’Are you in pain?’’

’’Not anymore. I took a pain pill not long ago.’’

He hesitated. ’’May I see your injury?’’

’’Sure. There\s really nothing to see except a bandage.’’ She turned, presented him with her back and reached up to her hair to pull out the pins.

Justice\s fingers brushed hers, stilling them. ’’Allow me.’’ His voice came out barely a whisper.

Jessie\s heart pounded at the husky shift of his voice. It sounded pretty se*y to her.

She inhaled and nearly groaned aloud. He smelled so good it made her want to turn and bury her nose in his shirt. Whatever cologne he used was money well spent. It reminded her vividly of the night before when they\d been na**d and touching. An image of sinking down on his c**k flashed through her memory and heat spread between her thighs. She started to ache.

Stop it , she ordered. He came to check on me and welcome me to Homeland . If she didn\ get a grip she was afraid she\d turn back around when he finished looking at her head, tear open his clothes and run her tongue over any interesting body parts she came across. With Justice that meant every darn inch of his skin.

Justice pulled the pins one by one from her hair. Her body responded to his soft touch when he freed her hair and used his fingers to brush through it. Jessie clenched her teeth, fighting to hold back a moan.

’’It\s not so bad. Just a flesh wound. It was a few stitches but I can\ take the bandage off for two days. They need me to keep it dry.’’

’’They had to cut off some of your beautiful hair,’’ he growled.

Jessie turned her head to look at him, wondering why he suddenly sounded angry.

The look in his eyes was one she\d seen before, the one he\d given her when she\d impaled herself on his cock. She inhaled sharply when his hands suddenly gripped her h*ps from behind and slowly pulled her against his big body.

’’I was worried about you. I thought you would die.’’ He took a breath. ’’I was certain I\d never get to touch you again.’’ He inhaled deeply while a purr vibrated his chest. ’’I about went crazy, Jessie. Let me stay with you. You owe me a night in bed.’’

There was no way she wanted to deny either of them more time together, especially when her body ached for him. He purred again when he turned her around to face him.

Strong arms lifted her higher until her feet left the floor and she wrapped her legs around his waist. One of his arms hooked under her ass to support her as his mouth found hers.

Jessie moaned against his tongue, which delved inside her mouth, and wound her arms around his neck. She grabbed the tie in his hair and tugged it free until his hair spilled down his back. The silky texture of it was something she couldn\ get enough of, just like his passionate kiss. She ground her h*ps against the hard arousal nestled against the vee of her shorts. Justice growled against her mouth. He broke the seal of their lips and pulled his face back as his gaze traveled behind her.

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