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Justice stalked through her living room in the direction of the hallway and she knew where he carried her. Jessie\s mouth brushed across his neck, placing open-mouth kisses on the hot skin she encountered. She laughed as she nipped his skin lightly and licked his ear when he stumbled.

’’You think that\s funny?’’ He chuckled. ’’You distract me from everything when you use your teeth and tongue.’’

He entered the master bedroom and eased her down on the tall bed. She hated letting him go but knew it was the only way to undress. Her arms and legs released him with regret, loving being wrapped around him a little too much. She watched as he stepped back, reached for his tie and roughly jerked on it until he pulled it over his head. His jacket hit the floor next and she leaned back on the mattress, using her elbows to hold her up. He unbuttoned his shirt in record time, yanked it off and threw it down.

The shoes were kicked off quickly and she grinned, noticing he wasn\ wearing socks again.

’’What is amusing to you?’’ His hands paused at the waist of his dress pants.

’’You don\ ever wear socks, do you?’’

’’Never. I don\ own a single pair.’’ He tore open his pants. ’’Why am I the only one undressing?’’

’’Because I love to watch you take your clothes off. You\ e going to wrinkle your suit and it looks expensive. Do you want a hanger?’’

Justice shoved his pants and boxers down his body. He stepped out of them to stand na**d at the side of the bed. ’’I don\ care about the suit. I just want you, Jessie.’’

Jessie pushed to an upright position and pulled her shirt over her head. She tossed it away before dropping flat on her back. She gripped the waist of her boxers, lifted her h*ps and slid them down enough to kick away.

’’Are you going to shred my comforter?’’ She chuckled, appreciating every bare inch of Justice as he stood over her. She scooted to the center of the bed, never taking her eyes off him. Her gaze roamed his broad shoulders, his muscular arms and his pebbled ni**les. Her focus lowered to savor the sight of his fully aroused state.

’’Is all that for me?’’

Justice growled in response as he lunged forward, got on the bed and crawled to her on his hands and knees, looking carnal and hungry. He stopped, braced his weight and grabbed both her ankles to push her legs apart. He released them and climbed higher over her until they were chest to chest. His big body pinned hers to the bed and his exotic gaze narrowed as he stared deeply into her eyes.

’’Don\ ever die on me, Jessie. Ever.’’ His hand brushed her face in a gentle caress. ’’I can\ wait. I have to have you. I need to be inside you.’’

Stunned a little at the raw emotion she saw in his eyes and heard in his voice, she nodded. No man had ever wanted or needed her so strongly before. Justice lowered his mouth, brushing his lips over hers, and she opened her mouth for the kiss. He purred deeply, his chest vibrated powerfully and there was no tenderness or playfulness in the kiss. Justice came at her like a man starved and she was his last meal.

Jessie moaned as her fingers dug into his shoulders. His kiss made her so hot she burned with desire, pressed tighter against him and arched her h*ps against the hard, hot press of his kon*** trapped between the bedding and her thigh. Justice shifted and his hand drove between their bodies. Jessie tore her mouth from his to cry out when his finger breached her pu**y without warning.

It felt so incredible that she couldn\ catch her breath as he nearly withdrew it completely from her welcoming body then pushed in deeper, stretching her with a thick digit. He moved it faster, f**king her hard and fast and snarled at her.

’’You\ e so hot and wet for me. So damn tight.’’ He snarled again, a really scary sound and yanked his finger from her pu**y. His body tensed and he shoved up from the bed, rolling away from her. ’’Damn it!’’ He yelled those last words as he sat up on the edge of the bed, his back to her.

Jessie lay there stunned, wondering why he\d stopped and what was wrong. It took her a few seconds to move, to sit up and gawk at him. She noticed then that she\d scratched his back red bloody marks from the tips of her fingernails and her mouth dropped open.

’’I\m so sorry. I didn\ mean to draw blood.’’

Justice\s head snapped in her direction to stare at her over his shoulder. The look on his face frightened her. He looked completely enraged and she forgot to breathe. He turned to face her, his hands were balled into fists and he snarled again.

’’Justice?’’ Her voice came out barely a whisper. ’’I\m sorry. I didn\ mean to hurt you.’’

He flinched and his chin lifted until his face was directed at the ceiling and he no longer held her gaze. He breathed hard and fast, panting. ’’I\m the one who is sorry, Jessie. I could have hurt you.’’ His breathing slowed. ’’I wouldn\ have meant to but I nearly lost control.’’

’’How?’’ She was baffled. ’’Justice?’’

Justice refused to look at Jessie, afraid he\d see fear in her expressive eyes again.

That\s what he\d seen when he\d snarled at her. His eyes closed as he tried to calm his erratic heartbeat and raging body. His c**k throbbed, hurt, and his fists clenched tighter until his nails bit into his palms.

He\d lost every ounce of his reserve when she\d wrapped around him while they\d been kissing. She was not a Species female but he\d forgotten that huge fact until he\d felt how incredibly tight her muscles squeezed around his finger. She wasn\ designed sturdily enough to handle a male in full-blown lust and that\s exactly how he\d gone at her. He had wanted to flip her over, shove her ass in the air and f**k her into oblivion.

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