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’’I\m an adrenaline junkie and you\ e extremely se*y, Justice. We\ e both adults and na**d in my room. Do you need more incentive?’’

He nearly lost his mind when her hand released her thigh, slid closer to her body and her finger slid over the slit of her pu**y. She pulled it away, glistening with her honey and he lost the ability to think.

Chapter Ten

Jessie knew she pushed Justice to the breaking point when his catlike eyes fixed on her every movement as though she was the most fascinating thing in the world to him.

His breathing grew erratic. The soft sounds he made were purely animalistic and turned her on further.

He had admitted to being dangerous but she didn\ believe for a second that he\d hurt her. It might be nuts but her instincts were always something she counted on. No alarms were triggered when it came to the New Species leader. Her attraction to him wasn\ the smartest thing she\d ever felt but she refused to deny it. She wanted him enough to fight for him. That meant being provocative in bed and making him break his iron control.

He grabbed her finger without warning and pulled it to his lips. Jessie was stunned when it disappeared into his mouth, he snarled, and he sucked. It was erotic watching his reaction. The need tightened his features and pure desire shone in his gaze as he stared at her. He eased his tight hold with his lips and tongue on her finger, slowly pulled it out and glanced down at his lap. Her gaze followed his to appreciate the rock-hard condition of his se*.

He moved suddenly and his hand shot out to grip her shoulder but his hold was gentle. He pushed against her skin, urging her back and disappointment hit. He was refusing her again. She didn\ need the words to know this was one battle of wills she\d lost. She sat back on her ass on the bed, ready to draw her knees up to her chest to cover her body since he didn\ seem to want to see it any longer.

He released her shoulder and both of his hands gripped her calves. She was too shocked to do anything but fall back. Her legs fell open when he yanked her flat, dragged her toward him a good foot and spread her knees farther apart.

Jessie gasped when Justice leaned forward to bury his face in her lap. He nuzzled in tightly and purred loudly. He released her legs to grab her inner thighs, spreading her open for his tongue to brush over her clit. He lapped at the bundle of nerves in a rapid lash of his strong, raspy tongue and she cried out at the instant pleasure.

Her fingers grabbed for the bedding near her hips, dug into the comforter for something to cling to. The urge to grab his head wasn\ easy to resist but she clutched the soft material instead of grabbing fistfuls of his hair.

’’Oh God,’’ she panted, hearing how loud her voice sounded but couldn\ have cared less. Justice felt too good. She couldn\ think and didn\ want to. ’’Yes!’’

He was relentless, finding the exact spot that made her gasp, groan and grind her pu**y against his mouth. She wanted to come and knew she was about to. Her body tensed, every muscle tightened. Her back arched off the mattress as the pleasure turned to near pain, the cl**ax building to the point of no return.

He stopped and she cried out in protest. She had been so close. His tongue lowered instead and drove into her pu**y before she could utter real words to convey that she didn\ want him to stop tormenting her clit. The sensation made her throw her head back and a different kind of pleasure tore through her body. No guy had ever done that before, f**ked her with his mouth and she realized she\d been missing out on a lot. He slid his tongue a little deeper, moving in and out of her slowly and his nose nudged against her clit.

’’Justice,’’ she moaned. ’’Please?’’ She wasn\ above begging. She just wanted to come, needed to. Her body burned. ’’Please, baby?’’

His tongue withdrew and his lips nibbled higher, sealed around her swollen clit.

His tongue pressed down against it and he purred loudly. The vibrations and manipulation of her sensitive nub as he began to suck on her drove Jessie insane. It felt too good, too intense and she couldn\ take it. She whimpered and moaned. Panted. Her body bowed and she sucked in air as ecstasy struck with blinding intensity.

’’Justice!’’ Her body jerked hard.

His mouth tore away from her cl*t while she shook, reeling from the strongest cl**ax she\d ever experienced in her life. It barely registered to her blown mind when his hands released her inner thighs and one dug under her ass to cup a butt cheek in his big hand while his other one curved around her hip. Jessie didn\ have the strength to express her surprise when Justice flipped her over onto her stomach. His hands adjusted, gripped her h*ps and her body slid down the bed as he pulled her closer to him. She didn\ care why he did it or what his intent was. Her body was still tingling with pleasure from his amazing tongue skills. The mattress moved when his weight left it as he slid off the end of the bed.

Justice pulled her until her legs were off the bed, made her stand and leaned forward to keep her bent over the mattress. One of his feet hooked around her ankle, spread her legs and the crown of his c**k pressed against her pu**y.

Pleasure filled her as his thick shaft slowly penetrated her from behind. Jessie moaned as he stretched her vaaa**l walls. He pushed in deeper, going so slowly that it almost felt like torture. The se*y sounds he made matched hers as she urged him on, her fingers fisting the bed to brace. He withdrew a little and slowly began to rock in and out of her. Loud purrs filled her ears when his h*ps thrust faster. Jessie wanted more.

She could sense he was holding back and she didn\ want him to.

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