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’’Faster. Justice, you feel so good,’’ she panted. ’’More. Give it all to me.’’

His face buried in her neck and it muffled the snarl as he seemed to give up whatever restraint he had. He drove into her deeper, his h*ps slapped against her ass and the rapid drag of his c**k against her nerve endings sent her to heaven. It swamped her senses, her body tensed again and she cried out when a second cl**ax struck. She bucked under him, her muscles clamped down tightly around his se* and sharp teeth bit down on her skin at the top of her shoulder. He groaned loudly and jerked against her, his c**k going deep and staying there as she felt the warmth of his se**n bathing her inside.

Jessie couldn\ move. She was so sated she didn\ know if her body was flesh and bone anymore or pudding. Justice\s body kept her from sliding off the edge of the bed to collapse into a limp mess on the floor since her legs wouldn\ have held her up for anything. They panted, his teeth eased away and hot breath fanned her skin while they recovered. It was apparent that he kept his weight from totally crushing her, allowing her to catch her breath.

The haze of se*ual bliss cleared, normal function returned and she grinned, wishing she could see his face. She said the first thing that came to mind. ’’That was a fifteen on the one-to-ten-wow-factor scale.’’

’’I\m so sorry, Jessie. I never meant to lose control. You\ e so small but I wanted you to the point that I couldn\ think. Can you forgive me?’’

She laughed. ’’You\ e apologizing to me? Seriously? There\s nothing to forgive.’’

She turned her head just enough to meet his concerned gaze and kept the smile in place.

’’That was perfect, amazing and wonderful.’’

He broke eye contact, lowered his face and brushed a kiss on the back of her neck.

’’You are delicate and just don\ seem to know it. I could have really caused damage to your body.’’

’’I\m small, I can\ dispute that, but your version of thoughtlessness was mind blowing.’’

Justice breathed on her neck, keeping his face where she couldn\ see it. ’’You need to trust me when I say that you are fragile compared to me. Are you sore? Was I too rough?’’ His voice softened. ’’Do you need me to call the doctor?’’

’’I don\ need a doctor. You\ e making too much out of this.’’ She wanted to laugh again at his overblown concern it bordered on ridiculous but she didn\ want to risk hurting his feelings. It touched her deeply that he\d be so anxious over her well-being.

A growl rumbled from his chest. ’’I took you like you were one of our women but you\ e not. Thankfully I didn\ lose all control.’’ Justice moved back from her, withdrawing his weight completely. ’’I don\ know what is wrong with me when it comes to you. I\m not myself.’’

Jessie rolled over to stare up at him, admiring the view of tan, tall and se*y. She just knew the sight of his sculptured muscles and strong build would always affect her.

’’Maybe that\s the problem. You took on this big responsibility of becoming the face of New Species.’’ She sat up, comfortable in her nakedness and peered at him with compassion. ’’I know what it\s like to pretend to be someone you\ e not. My father is a senator. I was raised around politicians and other idiots and had to don this perfect image my father demanded.’’ She shrugged. ’’The truth is, I\m not really that polite. I\m a tomboy more than a lady and what I really wanted to do was smack most of the people I was forced to carry on polite conversations with.’’

Justice sat down on the edge of the bed, turned his body sideways, and watched her, a little confused. ’’I don\ understand.’’

’’You stand before those cameras, the reporters, and the world pretending to be totally human but you\ e not. You can just be yourself with me, Justice. I accept you for who and what you are. You\ e the guy who purrs and growls, gets a little out of control when we kiss and there\s nothing wrong with that.’’ She pushed forward, her hands flattened on the bed and she rose to her knees. Her gaze held his as she tried to show him she meant every word. ’’There\s nothing wrong with you, Justice North. I think you\ e amazing and I don\ want you holding back with me. I want to get to know the real you, not some image you\ve tried to perfect for your job. You\ e off the clock and it\s playtime. I\m going to teach you how to have fun and tear down those walls you\ve built. I\m safe, Justice.’’

Justice wanted to reach out, pull Jessie into his arms and hold her. She offered him acceptance, understanding and the opportunity to be the male he\d been before he\d volunteered to represent his people. Longing gripped him to the point of pain and he knew in that instant what had to be done. A sharp jab stabbed his heart but he\d made a promise, sworn to do the job and too many were counting on him for him to follow his heart.

Clarity hurt more. He was falling in love with Jessie Dupree, probably had been since the moment he\d torn her from the arms of another male, shielded her with his body and she\d smiled. She believed she embodied safety to him but she couldn\ be more wrong. The adorable redhead with her quick smile, generous heart and welcoming arms had to be the most dangerous yet beautiful temptation that had ever crossed his path.

’’Are you hungry? Did you eat? I could make you something.’’

He took another hit to his heart. She wanted to feed him a meal, cared that he might be hungry and was nurturing. It also reminded him that she definitely wasn\ Species their females preferred that the males totally tended to them after se*.

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