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’’Hello? You\ e staring at me but you\ e not answering.’’ She leaned closer. ’’Are you tired? I have to warn you that I like to sleep skin to skin. I plan to wrap around you and get close.’’

He was going to snap again, lose control and kiss her soft mouth. The urge to knock her flat on her back and make love to her raged through his veins again. His fists clenched as he fought the desire to return to her heavenly embrace. It wasn\ just his own life he needed to remember but what being with him would do to hers as well. He blurted out words that would make her withdraw.

’’My kind bite during se* and it would hurt since you are much less tolerant to pain. I had the urge to sink my teeth into your skin until I tasted your blood, Jessie. I don\ want to scare you but you wanted honesty. I\m really strong and you wouldn\ stand a chance against me if I ever lost control. I could accidentally break your bones or I might not stop if I get out of hand. I\m dangerous.’’

’’You\ e not going to hurt me.’’ No fear showed in her blue eyes and she didn\ jerk away. ’’I\m not into pain but I\m not afraid of your teeth either. You won\ bite me hard enough to break my skin. I refuse to believe you\d do any of those things. You\ll totally get that after a few nights with me.’’

He needed to leave, to get away from her, before he gave in to his desire to be selfish. His people depended on him to be strong, expected it, and he\d made the promise to do so. Nothing good would come of them being together for Jessie either.

Her kind wouldn\ understand and her father wouldn\ support the NSO anymore.

Everyone would suffer.

She\ll grow to resent you when she\s stuck living at Homeland after the hate groups target her. Don\ forget about Valiant telling you how Tammy\s best friend cut ties when she refused to leave him. Who will Jessie lose? How long will it take before she hates me? It\s better to give her up now, before either of us get hurt more.

’’There will never be another night of us being together. I\m sorry but we can\ do this again.’’

Her shocked expression made him wince.

’’What?’’ The surprise quickly turned to anger as her gaze narrowed and her nose flared. ’’No way. You\ e attracted to me and I feel the same. You\ e being paranoid.’’

’’It\s for the best. We were drawn to each other but it must end.’’

She withdrew finally to collapse on her ass on the bed. Her chin lifted and she stared at him. ’’You just wanted a two-night stand. Got it. I read things wrong by thinking there was something between us but obviously there\s not. I read you loud and clear now.’’

He\d hurt her and knew it. She tried to hide the pain but her expressive eyes gave the emotion away. She mistook his words to mean that what he wanted from her had just been a passing flare of lust. A smart man would have allowed her to believe it but his heart had other priorities. He\d rather be honest than leave her feeling rejected.

’’I don\ trust myself with you and you scare me, Jessie. I\m always in control but I wasn\ tonight. The other part of me wanted to posses you in every sense. I wanted your scent and your...feel. I ’’ He took a deep breath. ’’I don\ know how to explain it but damn it, I lost control and I\d rather never touch you again than risk hurting you.’’

Her gaze softened and her tense shoulders relaxed. ’’You won\ hurt me.’’

’’I don\ know that and neither do you, Jessie.’’

’’I\m really trying to be patient with you but you\ e starting to make me mad. I\m a big girl, an adult, and if it\s risky, I\m willing to deal with the consequences. I trust you and that\s the bottom line.’’

’’You\ e human.’’ He welcomed anger over the sadness of giving her up. ’’This is why I never got involved with one.’’ He ran his fingers through his hair, clenched his teeth together and tried to center his thoughts. ’’It\s best if we end this before it begins.’’

’’You\ e honestly frightened.’’ She suddenly smiled. ’’Of me. That\s kind of funny.’’

Her gaze raked down his body before returning to his eyes. ’’We said we\d sleep together and I\m holding you to it.’’ She patted the bed. ’’What side do you prefer?’’

He wanted to stay, to hold her and to know what it would be like for the first time in his life not to sleep alone. His females never wanted to be held for longer than necessary. He wavered on his need to leave and his desire to spend more time with Jessie. Desire won out. It was one night, the last they\d ever share and he refused to deny himself that pleasure.

’’I\ll lock up and get the lights. I\ll hurry.’’

She grinned. ’’I\ll turn down the bed.’’

He fled before he could reconsider his decision. He secured her house, turned off everything and briskly strode back to her bedroom.

Jessie watched him go and her smile faded the second he left her sight. Justice was stubborn, paranoid and incredibly cute. His reasons for calling it quits before anything could develop between them were valid ones but she wasn\ one to shy away from a challenge. They had a good time together, she\d missed him and he had invaded her thoughts ever since they\d talked.

She climbed off the bed, dragged down the bedding and hopped back onto the tall mattress. He hadn\ told her what side he wanted so she lay down in the middle, her ears straining to hear his approach but she shouldn\ have bothered. Justice moved with stealth as he sauntered back into the room. A grin threatened to surface again. Did he have any idea how se*y he looked when he walked with that graceful, fluid motion, stark naked? She doubted it. She enjoyed the view of muscles and bare skin before blackness enveloped the room with the flick of the light switch under his finger.

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