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His hand massaged her breast without her help this time. ’’Damn it, Jessie.’’ His lips brushed her exposed throat and his h*ps moved, rocking slowly against hers.

’’Yes,’’ she moaned.

’’Hold still. We\ll go slow.’’

Jessie spread her thighs and refused to obey his order or to take it slow. He was too careful, thought too damn much, and she wanted him to let go. She wanted the real Justice, the man who growled and snarled, who wanted to get loud during se*. She released the back of his hand, reached between her legs and wrapped her fingers around his rigid shaft.

’’Jessie,’’ he growled.

’’F*k me, baby. Hard, fast. Give it to me.’’

She used her leg hooked over his thigh to tilt her hips, guided the crown of his c**k to rub along the seam of her pu**y, rolled her h*ps as she found the right spot and used the leverage she had to join them. The feel of being stretched, taken by him, spiked her desire.

Teeth suddenly gripped the top of her shoulder when Justice bit down on her skin hard enough to send a jolt straight to her groin. He didn\ break the skin but it was a fine line between pleasure and pain. Jessie moaned louder but the sharp points jerked away as he released her with his fangs.

’’Hold still,’’ he snarled.

’’No.’’ She used her free hand to grab the arm pillowing her head to gain traction and bucked her h*ps frantically, forcing him to move inside her. She increased the pace and pulled with her hand on his ass to take his c**k deeper. ’’Don\ torture me,’’ she panted. ’’Forget slow.’’

Justice made a scary sound a deep, vicious snarl and his teeth clamped down on her shoulder again. The feel of his bite didn\ hurt but it amped her passion higher.

Pleasure shot through her body and his hand gripped her hip in a tight hold. She thought he might use his grip to still her h*ps but she was never happier to be wrong.

Justice drove his c**k into her deeply, his h*ps rocked faster and pounded against her ass hard enough to shake the bed and slam the headboard into the wall. Jessie couldn\ think. She was too caught up in ecstasy and the erotic feel of him keeping hold of her shoulder with his teeth. He didn\ slow, didn\ stop and her muscles tightened in anticipation of the pending cl**ax.

Justice drove into her over and over fast, hard, deep. He angled his kon*** a little, hit a spot that made her see stars and he seemed to know it. He kept dragging the crown of his c**k against it, not going as deep as before and that did it. Jessie threw her head back against his shoulder and came hard. Her lips parted and she barely registered that she\d screamed.

His teeth tore away from her skin, the hold on her hip tightened and he followed her over. Hot jets of se**n filled her. She could feel every drop as her vaaa**l muscles milked him. A thunderous roar nearly deafened her, her ear too close to his mouth.

They panted in the aftermath, his hold on her eased and his fingers massaged her hip. Jessie wanted to laugh but couldn\ muster the strength. That was the Justice she\d wanted to see. Her hearing might not ever be the same in that ear but it was worth it.

She grinned.

A hot, wet tongue licked her shoulder and she opened her eyes to stare into the dark room. He was so sweet. First he was rubbing the slightly sore spot from where he\d kept hold of her and now he was using his mouth to soothe the area he\d clamped his teeth over. It was a bit weird but not unpleasant. She could get used to it.

’’That was the best se* ever,’’ she murmured. ’’I like you licking me but if you want to take requests for locations where I\d enjoy that tongue more, just let me know.’’

He stopped lapping her skin and his breathing had slowed. ’’I\m cleaning your wound. Damn it, Jessie, this is why we can\ be together. It was the best se* ever but I\ve hurt you.’’

’’What wound?’’ She turned her head but couldn\ see a thing.

’’I bit into your shoulder.’’ He sounded sad. ’’I\m sorry, honey. Doesn\ it hurt?’’

’’No. It can\ be too bad. Don\ worry about it.’’ She could live with a little love bite.

She\d enjoyed it.

He tensed. ’’Don\ worry about it? I bit you, damn it. I drew blood.’’

Loud alarms sounded in the distance and Justice cursed.

’’It\s okay,’’ she murmured, a little surprised that she was bleeding but it didn\ hurt. ’’It\s probably just a car alarm.’’

’’It\s not.’’ He withdrew his still-hard c**k from her body and rolled her onto her stomach to free his arm from under her head so quickly that she gasped. The bed moved as his weight left it. ’’They heard us at the security gate.’’

Light blinded her when he turned on the lamp on the nightstand. She waited for her vision to adjust. She could only stare as Justice jerked his boxers up his hips, bent and came up with his belongings clutched in his hand.

Anger radiated off him. ’’Jump into the shower right now or they\ll smell me all over you.’’

Jessie sat up. ’’I don\ care if someone knows.’’

’’I do. Don\ allow them into your room when they come to the door or they\ll smell me in here too. Tell them you were in the shower and didn\ hear anything when they ask you questions. Move it, damn it. You have about three minutes or less before they arrive. They have master keys to all the homes and will come in if you don\ get the door.’’

He walked to her window and yanked it open. Jessie watched him in astonishment while he shoved at the screen with an elbow to force it out of the way and stepped over the windowsill. He reached back inside, pulled the window closed and pushed the screen back into place hard enough that it made the window rattle. He stepped away from the window and disappeared into the darkness. Her mind shifted into gear.

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