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’’It is a valid fear. Our men are strong and they dominate. Do you know about this?’’

’’Most men are bossy. That\s a universal trait that comes with having a kon***.’’

Breeze didn\ laugh at Jessie\s attempted humor. ’’No. Your men tell women what to do because they just want to do it. Our men dominate physically and need to do it.

There\s a big difference.’’

’’Could you explain it to me? I\m really curious.’’

’’When a male and female of our kind share se* they mount us from behind. He will use his teeth at our shoulder to keep us still if he feels his dominance is threatened.

Their need to be in control during se* is overpowering. It is hard to describe but there is a spot on either side here...’’ She reached up and touched her shoulders. ’’If a male grips us with his teeth it feels really good and doesn\ hurt. They never break the skin but we know better than to pull away or accidents could happen.’’

Jessie had a sinking feeling she had a bandage hiding under her shirt. ’’What kind of accidents?’’

’’Their teeth will sink in just enough to draw blood or they could scar our skin. It is rare but I had a male take my blood once. He killed one of the technicians when he came to remove me from his cell after we shared se*. He did not want to let me go or share me with other males. He was very possessive. He had love for me and I guess he bit me to show dominance and that I was his, perhaps to mark me, because I didn\ try to challenge him during se*. He said his insides were screaming that he keep me and they know that we don\ want to be kept. It is why we don\ have se* with the same male often now that we are free. We want to make sure they remember that we don\ want to be kept by them and it lets them know not to feel possessive of us. Our men could be dangerous to your kind.’’

’’Why would any of that be dangerous to humans?’’

’’When our males clamp their teeth down you don\ know not to struggle or jerk away. He could go crazy if you did. We make sure we want to breed together and it has to be totally mutual when we do. If a male was behind you and bit your skin hard, wouldn\ that alarm you? You would fight, wouldn\ you? Struggle? His teeth are sharp and could tear your skin or his hands could hurt you, trying to hold you still for your own safety. They can be gentle and pleasing but if you were to challenge his dominance during se*, he would feel the uncontrollable urge to prove he is worthy. It is a need. It is what they are. If you let one of our males have se* with you often he might want to keep you if he began to feel possessive. A Species male would not let you go if that happened, would fight to keep you and kill anyone who tried to take you from him. He might feel love if you allow him to know you too well and that is very dangerous in our kind.’’

’’It can\ be too dangerous. There are mixed couples.’’

’’Yes, but the males would kill anyone who touched one of their mates. You met Tammy and Valiant. He doesn\ like other males to look at her. She willingly submits to him and has given herself to him totally but they share love. Valiant would tear someone apart with his bare hands if he thought she was threatened, Jessie. That is the danger with our men and we had to consider what would happen if one of them had love for a woman who didn\ return it. He\d never hurt her but we think any male who tried to touch her would lose a body part. I understand the fear our kind feels for se* with humans and it is reasonable. If you do decide to have se* with Flame, I need to school you first so you know how to handle one of our males safely.’’

Jessie wasn\ sure she wanted the answer but still asked the question. ’’What would I need to know?’’

’’Never ask a male to submit to you. They are dominant and it would make them angry and dangerous if you were to do that. To them it would be a challenge. You are questioning their abilities. Males are always in control of se*. Don\ struggle during se* if Flame ever grips you with his teeth. It means he is losing control and you need to hold still.’’

’’Is losing control a bad thing?’’

’’Yes!’’ Breeze jerked her gaze down Jessie\s body, giving her a once-over. ’’He\d break you. Our males are strong and our idea of foreplay would be rough wrestling to you.’’

’’Okay,’’ she got out, stunned again.

’’Never stare into the eyes of an angry male because that is challenging too. Look down and hold still until they have time to calm their anger. Also, never allow him to share se* with you if he is really aroused because they can be aggressive to match their needs. You say no if Flame ever has the desire to bite you and take your blood during se*. It would let him feel he possesses you and you never want that with one of our males unless you are prepared to be stuck with him forever.’’

’’I think I got it. Thanks. Please forget about the name Flame, okay? I\m not considering sleeping with him. I was just curious.’’

Breeze grinned. ’’Sure.’’

The other woman didn\ believe her but Jessie let it slide as she stood. ’’It\s been a long day and I\m going home. I\ll check on Beauty first and make sure she\s all right with me leaving. I\m glad you\ e here and we\ll get to see each other more.’’

’’I will say hello to her and look out for her while you\ e gone. You can just go and get some rest. Will you be back here tomorrow?’’


Jessie left the dorm, her mind dwelling on all she\d learned. According to Breeze\s advice on what not to do in bed with a Species male, she\d already really screwed up.

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