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They were still laughing when a vicious growl jolted all of them from the moment.

Jessie spun at the loud, startling sound and gaped at the sight of Justice standing in the open archway between the living room and kitchen. Rage glittered in his narrowed eyes, his fists were clenched at his sides and not even the impeccable, tailored gray suit could soften the dangerous vibes he put off.

He wasn\ looking at her but instead seemed solely focused on her dinner guests.

The sound of a chair hitting the floor made her head twist in that direction. Both Night and Sword had stood quickly, their heads lowered until their chins nearly touched their chests and their gazes locked on the floor. They stepped back away from the table and fear paled their features.

Jessie frowned as she turned to stare at Justice, then the males, gauging what was going on. Justice was furious for some reason, his men were terrified of his show of temper and she was clueless as to why he was acting so nuts.

’’Hello, Mr. North.’’ She refused to call him Justice since he\d made it clear he didn\ want anyone to know they had spent time together. ’’Thank you for having my things delivered. I don\ know why you\ e upset but we were having dinner. You\ e welcome to take a seat if you\ e hungry.’’

Justice\s furious dark gaze met hers. He growled at her and his sharp teeth showed.

Jessie crossed her arms over her chest while staring right into his eyes. She wanted to ask him what his problem was.

’’Leave,’’ Justice growled. ’’Now.’’

Both men walked around the edge of the room to keep as far from their leader as possible, hugging the walls and keeping a safe distance. She glanced at the table, spotted the forgotten baggie of tri-tip and grabbed it. She stormed after the men. She avoided Justice by walking around him too.


The two men were at the door when she stopped them with her voice and held out the baggie. ’’You forgot this for your friend. I don\ know what is going on but I\m sorry about that.’’

Night glanced at her. ’’Never stare a Species in the eyes when he\s growling at you.

He\s pissed about something.’’ He took the baggie. ’’Thank you, Jessie.’’

A vicious roar filled the room behind Jessie. Night flinched and both men fled.

Jessie ground her teeth and closed her front door slowly. She heard the Jeep pull away and took a few deep, calming breaths before turning to face the pissed-off man behind her.

Justice glared at her from about eight feet away and growled at her again. His cat eyes flashed with pure rage, his hands were still fisted and he was showing perfect straight teeth and his sharp-looking fangs. Jessie glared back, lost her own temper and no longer had to worry about any witnesses since they were alone.

’’What was that?’’ she yelled. ’’I invited them to dinner after they carried in all my stuff and I thought it would be nice to make some friends. How dare you just walk into my house and scare them off. I\m not missing the part either about you just inviting yourself into my home. Did you miss the doorbell? Are your hands broken so you couldn\ knock?’’

Another low growl came from his throat. He reached up, gripped his tie and tore it off. He reached for his jacket next, not bothering to unbutton it, as material tore and buttons rained down on the tile floor. Jessie watched him and her anger faded from the shock.

’’You don\ allow males inside your house and invite them to stay,’’ he snarled.

’’They came in here and they stayed too long. I imagined the worst when they didn\ leave.’’

’’You were watching my house?’’

He kicked off his dress shoes and one of them hit her couch. The other sailed in the air until it hit the wall by the door. He breathed rapidly, all traces of the well-groomed, usually calm man were gone. This was a side of him she\d never seen and had to admit it was scary. She tried bravado since it had always helped her in the past.

’’Why are you watching my house? Did you forget that you told me last night you\ e not coming back here again? I remember that conversation really well. I also remember how you climbed out a window so no one would know the mighty Justice had been in bed with a human. You didn\ come back. Does sleeping with me rate right up there with having fleas?’’

Justice\s eyes narrowed and he growled. ’’Run,’’ he warned in a deep voice. ’’You need to get away from me.’’

’’This is my house,’’ she gasped. ’’You leave. I\m not going to go hide until you get over your temper tantrum.’’

He lunged. Jessie felt the danger instantly. This wasn\ her ex-husband. He\d yelled at her when he got pissed but Justice looked savage as he came at her. This involved more than yelling.

’’Shit,’’ she hissed. She tensed and remembered Breeze\s words. She put her head down, closed her eyes and froze. Then she started to pray.

He was next to her instantly, breathing heavily. Her heart pounded as she wondered if he were capable of hurting her. She wasn\ sure anymore. Seconds ticked slowly by until it felt like an eternity passed. Justice\s breathing slowed as he took deep breaths. Relief washed through her as the sense of danger passed. Breeze\s advice had been dead-on.

’’Jessie?’’ Justice\s voice still came out sounding animalistic but softer and he didn\ sound threatening.

She opened her eyes to stare at his chest less than a foot away. ’’What? Is it safe yet for me to move or are you going to hurt me?’’

’’Damn it,’’ he hissed, spinning away.

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