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Jessie looked up to see Justice\s back to her. She didn\ know what was going on or why he had acted that way, not sure at that moment if she wanted to know. She headed to the kitchen, just walked away. Space between them sounded like a really good idea.

She cleared the table and rinsed the dishes to load them into the dishwasher. She put away the small amount of leftovers and dragged her feet to avoid the living room.

She hadn\ heard the front door open, which meant he was still out there.


She turned to find Justice in the kitchen by the door looking normal now, except for his disarrayed clothing and missing shoes. ’’What was that about?’’

’’I can\ be with you and this is why.’’ His expression was unreadable. ’’I saw them come in and I thought about one of them touching you when they didn\ leave. I lost it.

If they had laid a finger on you, I would have killed them.’’ His voice broke and he cleared his throat. ’’I would have killed my own males. I\m calm now but you\ e to never let males inside the house again. You are never to be alone with one again.


Jessie stared as his words sank into her stunned brain. He didn\ want her but he didn\ want anyone else to have her either. The son of a bitch.

’’Let me tell you how it\s going to be, Justice. You don\ tell me who I can and can\ have inside my house. I work for the NSO but my personal life is my own. You lost the right to give me your opinion ,’’ she stressed that last word, ’’about what I do or don\ do the second you decided you didn\ want to see me anymore. You don\ want me so don\ you dare tell me I can\ spend time with other men.’’

He moved so fast she didn\ have time to try to defend herself. Justice grabbed her, the world turned upside down and shock kept her from fighting back as he stomped toward her bedroom with her thrown over his shoulder. He kicked the door shut behind them hard enough to make it slam and dumped her flat on her back in the center of her bed in a fast movement that left her dizzy for a few seconds.

Justice glared at her. ’’If you want someone, you\ll have me,’’ he snarled. His fingers clawed between the buttons of his expensive dress shirt, tore the thing open and ripped it away from his chest. He hands lowered to his pants. ’’I\m the only male who touches you.’’

Jessie was shocked but not fearful. She was breathing hard though, a little angry still but as she assessed her emotions, mostly surprised. Her gaze flicked over Justice as he tore out the thong that held his hair, letting it spill over the tops of his shoulders. The sight he presented was one she\d never forget.

He looked se*y, fierce, primal and every muscle in his body was outlined from the adrenaline he obviously experienced. The pants tore away, he threw them and she had another big clue as to what he was feeling. He was aroused, his c**k at full attention and it distracted her enough to miss seeing his hand shoot out and grip her ankle. He yanked her toward him, forced her body to slide on the bedding and his other hand fisted her pants. Material tore and during the seconds she remained in her stunned stupor, he completely ripped them from her body.

Instinct and years of training took over as her foot shot up and slammed hard into his stomach. The impact was enough to break his hold on her ankle and send him stumbling back with a loud grunt of pain. Jessie rolled, landed on her feet on the other side of the bed and glared.

’’I\m not going to allow you hurt me.’’ Her voice shook and her arms rose in a defensive posture.

He glared at her, rubbing his stomach. There was a red mark. ’’I\m not going to hurt you. I\m going to f**k you. You wanted to see the real me.’’ His chin lifted and he spread his arms open. ’’Here I am, baby.’’

Chapter Twelve

Oh shit. Well, I said I wanted him to stop holding back. I guess I should have been careful of what I wished for . Jessie pushed back her thoughts, gave him a thorough once-over and arched her eyebrows.

’’Nice language. That will put me in the mood. That\s sarcasm, if you missed the point. Forget about it, Justice. Why don\ you just piss on the corner of the bed to mark your territory?’’

He growled but Jessie wasn\ afraid anymore. Her shock had worn off and she was prepared for him now. He was jealous. It irritated her more than anything. He didn\ want her but he didn\ want anyone else to be with her either.

’’If you think I\m going to let you come at me that way, think again. You dumped me. You need to leave until you know what you want. Then we\ll talk.’’

Justice stalked around the edge of the bed with his arms still open. He planned to grab her instead of taking off and she backed into the space between a window and the headboard. She wasn\ going to dive through glass.

’’I know what I want. You.’’


He halted but didn\ look happy about it. His gaze held hers, his nostrils flared and his arms lowered to his sides. ’’No. Come to me, Jessie.’’

She shook her head. ’’I\m not that easy, baby .’’ She used his own term to address him. ’’You climbed out a window last night to hide the fact that we\ e seeing each other.

If that wasn\ bad enough, you never came back. I waited up for you and it pisses me off to be treated that way.’’

He frowned. ’’I was protecting everyone.’’

’’You were being an ass and you could have slept in my bed but you didn\ . No one would have known if you\d sneaked back inside. I covered for you and masked your scent with the officers. They had no idea you\d been here.’’

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