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’’You want to argue right now?’’ He glanced down at his straining se* and then at her.

She nearly laughed at his frustrated expression. She wanted him, he was na**d in her bedroom and they could always talk later. All that arguing, the fear and now the anger made her feel alive. The bottom line was that she wanted him and he wanted her.

He wasn\ questioning being with her at that moment. She reached for her shirt, saw his eyes widen as he watched her open it and took her sweet time undressing. She was going to make him pay a little for the crap he\d put her through.

She threw her shirt at him and he caught it. Her bra came off next, another item she tossed his way. He inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of her clothing and blindly dropped them on the floor. It was easy to tell he wanted to lunge at her but he held back, fighting for control again. Now that they were on the same page about ending up in bed together, she wanted him to come at her the way he had before she\d kicked him.

Her thumbs hooked her underwear at her h*ps and she turned a little, kept him in view and slowly wiggled her ass as she lowered them. His gaze fixated there, a purr coming from him and he watched her bend until she stepped out of them. She left them on the floor, her hands gripped the side of the bed and peered over her shoulder.

’’What? Do you want a written invitation to join me? Why don\ you climb on the bed first and we\ll discuss our issues later?’’

He moved fast, came at her instead of the bed and his hands gripped her hips. She hadn\ expected that or to be lifted, twisted in the air and dumped onto her back on the soft mattress. She bounced once and hands gripped her inner thighs. He spread them far apart, bent them up and totally exposed her pu**y. Her gaze lowered and she realized his c**k was inches from entering her. She tensed a little, afraid he might just f**k her outright when she really wanted a little foreplay first.

’’You invited me to dinner but I just want to eat you,’’ he rasped.

His words sank in as he took a step back, bent over her and his hair fell forward to land on her lower belly. He brushed a kiss on her inner thigh, his hold adjusted on her legs and he feasted on her clit. Jessie threw her head back, fisted the comforter and moaned at the instant pleasure his hot mouth gave her. His tongue rasped over the sensitive bud rapidly, drawing her passion to explosive levels and she released the bedding to cup her own br**sts. She squeezed them, adding to the experience and vibrations were added to the mix as a deep purr came from Justice.

’’Oh God, I love when you do that,’’ she panted. ’’I\m so close, baby. Don\ stop or slow down.’’

He vibrated faster, that se*y sound grew louder and Jessie cried out as the cl**ax hit fast and furiously. She bucked her h*ps but his strong hands held her pinned to the mattress, his mouth released her and he finally let go of her inner thighs. She opened her eyes and watched him climb over her in a way that reminded her that he was part panther. He made her a believer with the way he seemed to gracefully prowl up her body. Their gazes met and his mouth descended to take hers in a kiss that stole her breath.

She hooked her calves over the back of his ass as he drove into her. His c**k parted her vaaa**l walls in one swift thrust. She cried out against his tongue and he snarled, tearing away from the kiss. She had over two hundred forty pounds of unrestrained male f**king her into oblivion as he rode her hard and fast. The ecstasy of being taken that way, of how good he felt, sent her into a second cl**ax.

Justice twisted a little, shoved his face into the bedding next to her and roared out when he followed her as her vaaa**l walls contracted around his thick shaft. The sound didn\ hurt her ears this time, muffled a lot by the covers and she clung to him, only then realizing her arms were wrapped around his shoulders.

She explored his warm back with wandering hands, loved the feel of having him on top of her, inside her. Justice kept his face down against the bedding, his arms braced enough to keep his upper chest from smothering her with his weight and she turned to brush kisses on his neck.

’’That was amazing.’’

He lifted his head, met her gaze and frowned. ’’I wasn\ gentle.’’

’’I\m not complaining. The amazing part was a compliment.’’ She grinned. ’’The best quickie ever.’’

A sound rumbled in his throat a cute one of displeasure and his face hovered inches above her own. He shifted his weight and one hand cupped the side of her face.

His thumb brushed her cheek, caressing it.

’’I\m sorry I lost my temper and acted so...’’

’’kon***ish? Anal? Jealous?’’ She was happy to suggest words when he seemed at a loss.

His exotic gaze narrowed. ’’Gruff,’’ he decided. ’’I admit to the jealousy. If you ever allow someone else to touch you, I will kill him, Jessie. I will tear him apart. Do you understand me?’’

Her smile faded. ’’You really mean that, don\ you?’’

Anger flashed in those beautiful eyes. ’’Yes. The thought makes me killing mad.’’

His voice deepened. ’’Just the thought of another male kissing you, putting his hands on you, even ’’

’’I get it,’’ she cut him off before he really got worked up. ’’Real bad shit and violence. A coroner will have his level of gross tested.’’ She shifted her hands to press against his chest, her fingers caressing him. ’’I\ll make a deal with you.’’

’’There are no negotiations here.’’

’’Stop telling me it\s over, that we can\ see each other, and you won\ have a reason to feel jealous because I don\ cheat.’’ She held his gaze. ’’I\d have a guy in my life and in my bed. I don\ need two. I just want you.’’

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