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’’Why not?’’

’’Anyone who entered my house would scent you and know you\d been there. The male who cleans my bedroom would definitely know we were sharing se* when he changed my bedding or grow suspicious if I began washing them myself.’’ He gave her an apologetic look before dropping his attention back to his computer. ’’No one has any reason to come here and it\s safe.’’

She watched him type until his cell phone rang. He blindly reached for it and answered. He spoke softly to someone about a banquet dinner and the security arrangements for about ten minutes. The phone rang a few minutes later someone trying to set an appointment with Justice for an interview from what she could determine from his part of the conversations.

Jessie left the kitchen while he dealt with them and sank onto her couch. She tried not to feel a little self pity. He\d be on the phone and his computer until at least ten o\clock the last few nights. He used her dining room table for his home office and she sighed when memories of her childhood surfaced. She\d sworn she\d never fall in love with a man who was obsessed with his work the way her father was but Justice made all other workaholics pale in comparison. It was ironic as hell and she hated irony.

She smirked. At least workaholics who had girlfriends could give valid reasons for taking a night off. Justice couldn\ allow anyone to find out about Jessie. She couldn\ see his house or spend one night in his bed. It had been her brain child to stealth date but the reality of it sucked.

It will get better , she consoled herself. He\s used to living alone, maybe he\s catching up on some of his workload to take a full night off again...and you\ e so full of shit. He\s not going to change and if anyone knows it, it should be me.

She stood, stretched and strolled to the sliding-glass door. There was a slight breeze as she slid it open and stepped into the backyard. Her gaze lifted to the starry sky, the nearly full moon and she crossed her arms over her chest.

Relationships were hard, she knew that, and she\d fallen for a guy with a lot of responsibilities. It was part of the reason she loved him and it made him who he was.

To expect him to drastically change would be wrong. She\d learned that firsthand with her marriage to Conner. He\d married the daughter of a senator the image but the real person hadn\ been quite to his liking. He\d bugged her to be more similar to the public figure she\d had to be for her father\s benefit until their relationship fell apart.


She turned to watch Justice step outside, frowning. He was off the phone and away from his computer. She smiled. ’’Hi.’’

’’Dinner was great. I loved it. Thank you.’’

’’I figured you did since you ate all of it and when I filled your plate again, you polished that off too.’’

’’I\m sorry I was on the phone the entire time but it was an important call. We\ e trying to buy some property in New Mexico. It\s never simple for us. We not only have to buy the land but we have to win local support and make sure the state is willing to work with us before we buy it. That\s why, so far, the only two properties we own are in California. We\ e having issues with some states.’’

’’It sounds like a big hassle.’’

’’You have no idea. Why are you outside?’’

’’I\m hot. Maybe I\ll go soak in the tub.’’

Justice closed the distance between them, smiled and grabbed her hand. ’’Come with me.’’ He walked her deeper into the backyard toward the wall of the house next door.

’’Where are we going?’’

He chuckled. ’’Next door.’’

She stared up. ’’Why?’’

’’There\s a pool and you said you were hot.’’

Jessie laughed. ’’Um, Justice? I think someone would mind us using their pool.’’

He turned and released her hand. ’’I\m going to lift you up. Straddle the wall. I\ll hop over first and I\ll lift you down. Ready?’’

’’We\ e going to get caught.’’ Jessie warned.

’’Are you ready?’’

She grinned, thrilled that he was doing something so spontaneous and risky to spend time with her. He gripped her h*ps and lifted her easily to set her on the wall. She threw her leg over and watched Justice remove his dress shirt after unbuttoning it. His tie and jacket were in her dining room, along with his shoes, which he always removed as soon as he came home. His swift, graceful leap over the wall took her breath away, impressed her deeply and she grinned when he lifted his arms to her.

He gripped her hips, she leaned over to brace her hands on his shoulders, and he lifted her off the wall to slowly drag her body down his tall frame. It was se*y, so was he, and her libido instantly fired into overdrive. He wasn\ all business now and attached to his laptop or phone. He was the man who looked at her as if he wanted to ravish her, get her na**d in a pool behind a dark house and she hoped he wanted to have his way with her.

’’We\ll go swimming.’’ He eased his hold. ’’Nice cool water awaits us.’’

She wouldn\ mind forgoing the pool to kiss him. A grin formed at the prospect of him na**d and wet. The kiss could wait until then. ’’Don\ blame me when we get busted for trespassing if the owner comes home. You\ e springing for bail money,’’ she teased.

’’I\m Justice North. Who\d arrest me at Homeland?’’ He chuckled.

She lifted her arms when he gripped the bottom of her shirt and tugged it over her head. Jessie laughed and helped him get her out of her clothes. He discarded his pants and boxers, bent and swept her into his arms. She knew what he was going to do, grabbed her nose as he hesitated at the edge and met her gaze.

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