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She nodded and he stepped into the deep end. Cool water submerged them and he released her so they could swim to the surface. She laughed, throwing her hair back from her face and the moon shone enough to make it easy to see him. She treaded closer until he wrapped an arm around her waist, towing her toward the shallow end where he could stand. He held Jessie a foot from him with his hands on her hips.

’’Cooler now?’’

She smiled. ’’Nope. I\m hotter.’’


Jessie reached between their bodies until she cupped his cock. She massaged it until it grew thick and hard. He closed his eyes in pleasure and a purr rumbled from his throat. Jessie twined her arm around his neck and wrapped her legs loosely around his h*ps and kept stroking him.

’’You make me hot,’’ Jessie whispered.

Gorgeous eyes opened to stare at her. ’’You make me burn.’’

Her hand gripping his shaft positioned him under her and she used her legs to adjust her body. Justice threw back his head as Jessie took him inside her. He purred softly as she tightened her thighs around his hips, taking him deeper inside her pu**y.

’’Just looking at you makes me wet. Feel?’’

’’Yes.’’ Justice walked backward as Jessie moved on him, using her hold on his shoulders and h*ps as leverage to slowly f**k him. She moaned, moving faster and marveled over how good he felt driving in and out of her, hitting all those nerve endings. He felt hard and large inside her. Justice growled softly. He suddenly grabbed her and unwrapped her legs from around his waist. Jessie protested with a groan as Justice withdrew his cock. Her eyes flew open.

’’What\s wrong?’’

He flashed his teeth as he grinned and sat down on the stairs in the water. He turned Jessie in his arms until her back pressed against his chest. He eased her down on his lap slowly. Jessie moaned as he slid inside her again. Justice spread his thighs, forcing hers open wide since they were on the outside of his. Strong hands gripped the insides of her thighs from around her waist. Justice thrust upward. Jessie threw her head back against his shoulder.


One hand slid lower and Justice brushed his finger over her cl*t from the front. He thrust upward at a faster pace, pressing against her bundle of nerves harder and moans tore from her lips. Justice purred from behind her, his hot breath fanning her shoulder as he lowered his head and bit her shoulder. Jessie came screaming when the sharp nip of pain sent her over the edge. Justice tore his mouth away and roared out his own release.

Justice\s hands wrapped around her waist, hugged her tightly and nuzzled her neck. His sharp teeth scraped her shoulder and his tongue lapped at her skin. She smiled, glad he held her or she\d probably have melted right off his lap into the pool from how relaxed her body grew.

’’Did you make me bleed again?’’ She didn\ care if he had. ’’It\s okay if you did. It felt good.’’

’’I didn\ break the skin,’’ he answered softly. ’’But I\m certain security will be knocking at your door again.’’ He grew solemn. ’’I think we were too loud. We need to get you back inside your house before they check on you. Leave the back slider unlocked for me and I\ll ’’ Something squeaked loudly and Justice tensed. His reflexes were quick as he jerked her off his lap, spun her in his arms and dragged her into deeper water. Her back hit the side of the pool, his big body pinned her there and he leaned in close, shielding her.

’’Get out,’’ Justice growled.

’’We heard a disturbance,’’ a man spoke from the other side of the yard.

’’Leave now.’’ Justice sounded furious.

’’But we heard you, Justice. Is everything all right? We heard a female scream.’’

’’I\m not alone. Now leave,’’ Justice snarled.

The gate slammed and Justice softly cursed. He sank lower into the water, allowing her to breathe more easily, and hung his head. She worried. He\d admitted to being with a woman in someone\s pool, to trespassing, but he\d kept the officers from hanging around.

’’Tomorrow I\m going to talk to them about the difference between doing their jobs and being annoying. I won\ have them rushing to find me every time I roar.’’

She hesitated. ’’Do you think he saw me?’’

’’No. We are upwind and got lucky. The two males didn\ know it was you, Jessie.

They will assume I drove one of our females through the back entrance to avoid them seeing her. I have a private way into the community.’’

’’Look at the bright side. We aren\ in trouble for trespassing since we\ e not under arrest.’’

’’It\s my house and pool.’’ He suddenly grinned. ’’We were never in any danger of that.’’

Surprised, Jessie stared up at him. Her gaze shifted to the large, dark house. It was the largest one in the community and she felt a little dense for not guessing who it belonged to. Of course it would be his.

’’You moved me in next door to you?’’

’’I wanted you close to protect.’’

She studied his face as he peered at her until he grinned. ’’I was hoping that you\d want me back in your bed. You have to admit this makes it easier for us to be together without anyone knowing. The cottage nearest to you is empty and nothing is on the other side of my house. It was designed this way for privacy for these two homes.’’

Jessie wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled. ’’Why is there a house right next to yours if you were so concerned with not having a neighbor on the other side?’’

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