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His smile faded. ’’I wanted a mate eventually and knew a female wouldn\ live in a home with me. I had the cottage built to house my mate when I decide to take one.

Women need their space and freedom. I just hope that she won\ have a problem being this close to me but I\d want her near enough to protect.’’

Jessie felt pain stab her heart. He\d moved her into a house that one day his wife would live in. She knew exactly why a female would want her own home and the freedom to live away from Justice. He was counting on his mate being Species. She\d caught the way he\d worded his last sentences the source of her heartbreak. He had said hope, as in still wanted it. He\d never consider Jessie as someone to keep around.

She was just se* to him.

Jessie released his shoulders. ’’I\m tired and need to get home.’’ She pulled away from him to wade through the water toward the stairs.

’’Jessie? Is something wrong?’’

Besides you being a bastard ? She wanted to say that aloud but didn\ , too afraid she\d reveal how much his words wounded her. ’’What could be wrong?’’ Pain twisted at her as she trudged up the steps. The air seemed chilly as she left the heated pool and rushed to her discarded clothing.

’’Jessie? What is wrong?’’ Justice sloshed out of the pool.

She assessed the wall as she jerked on her shirt and pants, shoving her underwear into a pocket. It was too high to climb so she turned and spotted the lawn chairs. She lifted one, carried it to the wall and easily climbed it. Pain shot through her ankles a little when she landed on the soft grass in her yard and rushed to get inside, away from him.

Justice easily leaped over the wall after her. ’’Jessie? Damn it, what is wrong?’’

She glanced over her shoulder. ’’What could be wrong?’’

She stepped through the still-open sliding-glass door and headed toward the dining room. A na**d Justice followed closely behind, dripping water on her carpet but she barely noticed as she focused on her target. She closed his laptop, leaned down to grab the handle of his briefcase and laid it open on the table.

’’What are you doing?’’ Justice sounded irritated and confused.

Jessie ignored him to slide his laptop inside his briefcase and carefully picked up the folders spread on the table. She shoved his cell phone in last and closed the case. She gripped the handle, spun around and lifted it toward him as her gaze finally met his.

’’Take your work and go home.’’


She stared into his beautiful, confused eyes. He had no idea why she was upset or why she wanted him to leave, that was as clear as the frown on his face. That was the problem. She shoved the case at him again.

’’Take it or I drop it.’’

He gripped it from the bottom. ’’What is wrong?’’

She fought tears while glaring up at him. She was really hurt and worse, really mad. She shouldn\ have to explain it to him but she saw that he wouldn\ understand unless she did. She released his briefcase to place her hands on her hips, ready to tell him exactly what the problem was.

’’I\m done, Justice. You didn\ want anyone to know about us because you knew we wouldn\ last. You said it was to protect everyone but I assumed that was for only as long as we were still getting to know each other. How naive of me to honestly think you wanted to see if we had a future. You moved me into the house of your future mate and you just made it very clear you\ e set on a Species woman. Well, guess what? F*k you, Justice. I have feelings. Do you get that?’’ She yelled the last part.

His eyes narrowed. He still appeared baffled by her outburst.

’’Don\ look at me that way. There\s not a thing wrong with me. You\ e the problem. This unworthy-of-you human female is fed up. You\ll sleep with me, make love to me, have me fix you dinner and yet you hide the fact that we\ e together.’’

’’We discussed this and you know it\s to protect ’’

’’Bullshit!’’ She didn\ let him finish. ’’Yes, I get why we should hide our relationship but I thought once we grew closer, maybe realized this was long-term, that it would change. It\s never going to until you dump me when you decide to take a mate. Would you ever be with someone who refused to acknowledge you in public?

How about this one? Would you be with a woman who told you she was going to toss you aside the second she found a man she\d take seriously and made it clear that would never be you because she\s ashamed of being with you? Well, I won\ . Get the f**k out now.’’

Jessie turned, stomped around him and out of the kitchen.

’’Jessie! Wait. I\m not ashamed of you.’’

She snorted as she spun to face him. ’’Right. That\s why I can\ sleep in your bed, or hell, even go in your house. Someone might find out you\ e doing me. Isn\ that what you said?’’

’’I didn\ put it that crudely,’’ he growled. ’’We agreed to keep our relationship private. You said ’’

’’I don\ give a damn what I said. I didn\ know you planned to use and toss me aside regardless of whatever feelings we might share. That\s the bottom line. You don\ want anyone to find out the great leader of the NSO prefers climbing into bed with a human but only a Species is going to be your mate.’’ She glared. ’’Get out and don\ come back. I\m not doing this anymore, Justice.’’

He followed when she entered the bedroom. She turned, saw him coming and tried to slam the door in his face. His hand shot out and his open palm hit it to prevent the door from closing. He shoved it back open.

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