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’’I\m not ashamed of you, Jessie. It\s just that I\m the person who is the face of New Species. What would that say if I let it be known I preferred a human? I\m risking a hell of a lot to be with you because I want you that much. I hadn\ even met you when I had the house plans drawn up. You can\ hold that against me. I put you here so we could be together.’’

’’You said you hope she doesn\ have a problem living this close to you. You HOPE!

Not hoped. HOPE! Present tense instead of past tense. I caught that. Now get out and go find yourself a Species woman to be with. Someone you want everyone to know about. Leave.’’

Justice growled. ’’Damn it, Jessie. You\ e missing the point. I\m risking a hell of a lot to be here.’’

’’Big deal. It\s not a risk when you know there\s not much of a chance of anyone finding out. That\s why you had me live next door to you. You can just hop the back wall the way you did the other night when your men came to the door. That\s what you did, isn\ it? Just jumped the wall and you probably answered your own door when they checked on you. I can\ do this, and more importantly, I won\ unless you\ e willing to tell everyone we\ e together. Otherwise, I don\ want to be with you again.

Prove to me that I mean more to you than just someone to sleep with while you bide your time, waiting to take a wife.’’

’’I can\ go public with our relationship, Jessie. Not even for you.’’ His gaze darkened, anger tightened his features and a soft growl passed his parted lips. ’’I have an entire race of people who look up to me and who count on me to take care of them. I have to do what\s best for them and giving fanatics a reason to target us isn\ going to help them one bit. Those humans really hate it when they find out one of us is with a human female. You\d be in danger. You couldn\ leave Homeland without being harassed at best, killed at worst. Think of your father too.’’

’’Get out.’’

Justice shook his head. ’’We\ e going to talk about this. You need to see reason.’’

Jessie counted to ten but it barely calmed her. ’’I\m getting a drink.’’

’’Let\s talk first. I want to work this out. You mean a lot to me, Jessie.’’

’’Do I mean enough for you to let people know we\ e together? Do you care enough to risk getting some hate mail over our relationship?’’

’’You do mean that much to me but I just can\ do it. I\ve thought about it often and there\s no way I can let it be known we\ e a couple. You\d be in danger and it would cause too many problems. We\ e happy right now. No one needs to know we share a bed at night. I have no plans to take a mate any time soon and you\ e reading too much into what I said.’’

The pain was sharp to Jessie\s heart. He was never going to admit to being with her and just because he didn\ want to get married to someone else right away didn\ ease the burn of knowing it would never be her he planned a future with.

’’I\m thirsty. Do you want a soda?’’

’’No.’’ He was irritated.

’’I\m getting one.’’

She walked around him and as soon as she reached the hallway, sprinted toward the living room at a dead run. Justice cursed loudly when he realized she planned to flee and she barely made it to the front door before he grabbed her arm. Her hand hit the button, it lit up and an alarm shrieked outside. She met his stunned, wide gaze.

’’Why did you do that?’’

She raised her chin. ’’You better grab your things and run, Justice. I\m going to let them inside and they\ll find you na**d if you don\ leave. Try explaining that one to your officers.’’

A snarl tore from his throat. He released her and grabbed his briefcase and jacket.

He remembered his shoes and tie and retrieved them before he fled out the open sliding door. Jessie ran for it and locked it behind him. She checked the windows and made sure they were locked too, until the doorbell rang.

Jessie grabbed the perfume bottle hidden inside the planter by the door and sprayed heavily. She coughed and made a face at the strong aroma of flowers as she tossed it out of sight and yanked open the door. Two officers stood there gripping guns.

It was obvious from their heavy breathing that they\d rushed to her home.

’’I\m so sorry! I accidentally hit it and didn\ know how to turn it off.’’

One of the Species officers frowned. He inhaled and jumped back with a sneeze.

’’How did you accidentally set it off?’’ He reached inside, pushed the button and the alarm silenced.

’’I stepped outside to get something from my golf cart that I forgot and came back in. I hit it instead of the light switch. I\m really sorry.’’ She suffered a twinge of guilt for using them to get Justice to leave but he might have talked her into giving him another chance. She deserved more than being someone\s temporary bed mate. ’’It won\ happen again.’’

’’Are you sure you are fine?’’

’’Yes. I\m really sorry for causing a disturbance.’’

He hesitated. ’’You might want not to use so much...’’ He made a face. ’’What is that smell?’’

’’Scented candles,’’ she lied. You don\ like them?’’

He sneezed again and backed up. ’’I think we\ e allergic. Please find something else to use if you want to change the scent of your home.’’

’’I will. Thank you. I\m sorry about hitting the wrong button and making you sneeze from my candles.’’ She closed and locked the door.

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