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’’We need to talk.’’

Her blue eyes flashed astonishment but narrowed with anger quickly. He was glad he didn\ frighten her that was not his intention and stepped closer to invade her personal space. Her scent tortured him. Her lips parted and his gaze fell there. The urge to kiss her gripped him strongly and he fisted his hands to prevent them from cupping her face.

’’Don\ you have some Species woman to woo into being your mate? Should I pack my stuff soon so she can move in instead?’’

’’I\m not looking for a mate.’’ His anger intensified. ’’I tried to tell you this last night.’’

’’Do you want to take me out to dinner somewhere not private?’’

She was baiting him.

’’You know that isn\ going to happen. We\ve been over this. It is dangerous for―’’

’’Your future Species mate to find out about us? Would that hurt your chances of her accepting a home where your past lover lived?’’

’’Jessie,’’ he growled. ’’Stop.’’

She suddenly reached up, flattened her hands on his shirt and pushed. ’’Leave.’’

He pressed back, his body trapped her against the wall and his palms landed flat on the surface next to her, keeping her there. ’’I miss you. I didn\ sleep last night. Can\ we discuss this reasonably?’’

’’No.’’ She licked her lips, drawing his attention again. ’’We can\ .’’

Frustration, anger and regret flashed through him hotly and he reacted. His head lowered, his lips sealed over hers and when she gasped, his tongue took advantage. She tasted of sweet coffee and chocolate as he kissed her. She tensed and tried to turn away from his hungry mouth but he cupped her face to hold her still.

Her hands fisted on his shirt but she didn\ shove. She responded and he growled as passion replaced everything else. Jessie was his for the taking and his c**k filled with blood. His need to show her how much she meant overrode all else and he let go of her face to remove his jacket. Material tore but he didn\ give a damn.

Jessie helped as buttons popped off his shirt to ping on the tile entryway. She spread his shirt with force, not taking the time to unbutton it. His hands slid between them, grasped her shirt and it easily shredded.

She whimpered against his tongue, kissed him wildly and her hands rubbed his bare chest. He cupped her br**sts, tore at the bra that kept him from feeling their softness and jerked the cups down enough to free her ni**les. His fingers and thumbs found the taut tips, pinched them gently and she moaned.

He let go, frantically worked open the front of her pants and hooked his thumbs in the waistband, catching hold of the thin straps of her panties. He broke the kiss when he slid to his knees, kissing his way down her throat to her chest and sucked a nipple inside his mouth. Her fingers slid into his wet hair, held him tightly and he just jerked her clothing, freeing her of everything from the waist down. His knee moved, pressed down to hold them and she jerked her feet out of the tangle of fabric.

The scent of her arousal drove him insane. He wanted her and judging by the heavy musk of desire, she wanted him just as much. He couldn\ wait anymore. His hands located the front of his pants, just ripped them open, and freed his aching cock. He tore his mouth away and grabbed her h*ps as he stood.

Jessie knew she should stop this madness but she was lost. Her feet left the floor as Justice\s big body pressed her tightly to the wall, pinned her there, and her legs lifted to wrap around his waist. She couldn\ find purchase at first his damn clothes were in the way but a few wiggles slid them lower. Her thighs gripped skin as his h*ps were bared.

He shifted his hips, the crown of his c**k nudged her pu**y, found the right angle and she cried out as he drove into her in one fluid thrust that almost made her cl**ax.

She was burning alive, so turned-on that she wondered if she\d totally lost her mind but the feel of him was incredible.

He withdrew, nearly left her body and his mouth crushed down on hers. His tongue drove inside to meet hers as his h*ps slammed upward to bury his thick shaft inside her to the hilt and his hands gripped her ass to grind her pelvis against him. She cried out from the sheer pleasure but his kiss captured the sound, muffled it, and he pressed her tighter to the wall.

Their bodies rubbed as he took her against the cool, smooth wall and powered in and out of her body at a fast rate that drove her into a haze of bliss. He shifted his hold to hook his arm under her ass. His other hand wiggled between them, his thumb pressed against her cl*t and he f**ked her even harder.

She gripped his shoulders, tore her mouth away before she bit him and buried her face against his neck. Their shirts were still on but parted enough that her ni**les rubbed his skin as they rocked together and she inhaled the smell of soap and shampoo coming off him. He rolled his hips, found that certain spot with his c**k that made her gasp in wonderment and he kept hitting it as if he could read her mind.

’’Yes,’’ she panted. ’’Don\ stop.’’

’’Never,’’ he snarled.

Her vaaa**l walls clenched tightly, her body trembled and her belly quivered. She was pinned, couldn\ move with the way he held her and could just feel as he manipulated her body. His thumb caressed her clit, revving her passion higher and she cried out when the cl**ax struck, tearing through her.

’’Jessie,’’ he groaned, his h*ps jerked hard and hot se**n bathed her deep inside as he started to come.

He lowered his head, buried his face against her shoulder and groaned louder. He stroked her more slowly with his thick shaft, drew out the ending of their lovemaking and finally just held her as they tried to catch their breaths.

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