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The bartender was a female Species named Christmas. She was a naturally happy person and smiled all the time. She walked up to Jessie with another drink then walked away. Jessie shrugged and took a sip, admiring their customer service. They didn\ exchange money, obviously they didn\ wait for someone to reorder a drink and they made sure their patrons were never thirsty.

Jessie turned on her seat, studied the dancers and spotted Breeze dancing with a tall Species male near the front. The grin was instant. The couple moved together, chest to chest and they flirted outrageously. She could almost imagine them ha**ng s*x as the tall woman turned in the taller guy\s arms, shoved her ass against the front of his jeans and wiggled in his arms. Jessie took another sip of her drink, realized she\d probably be driving herself home since Breeze had found a hookup and decided to quit at the second drink. She didn\ want to drink and drive, even if it was just a golf cart.

She finished her second drink and Christmas met her eyes. Jessie shook her head no. The bartender moved on and Jessie faced the dance floor again. Breeze and the male had danced four songs together, the music all fast paced but when the song ended, the next one was a slower melody, geared for slow dancing.

Quite a few of the dancers left the dance floor to head toward the bar. She could attest after watching them dance that they had to be thirsty. As the bodies thinned a couple dancing caught Jessie\s eye. The smile slipped from her face and pain shot through her heart.

Justice danced with Kit, a female Species she\d talked to often at the women\s dorm.

Her light red hair fell to her shoulders. She stood about six feet tall and had beautiful catlike eyes. She wore a black leather miniskirt and a half shirt to reveal her taut belly.

Jessie spied shapely legs that seemed to go on forever down to her se*y spiked heels. It probably accounted for why she appeared to be almost as tall as the man who held her tightly in his embrace as they moved together.

Justice was a great dancer. He\s a panther , Jessie remaindered herself. They were graceful animals and it showed in the seductive way he moved. His muscular arms were exposed since he wore a tank top and tight, formfitting, faded blue jeans. His hair was down, not bound in his usual ponytail and he looked se*y as hell.

Kit moved closer to him and turned until her back pressed against Justice\s front.

Justice reached out and grabbed her hips, moving erotically against her as if they were making love. Kit turned her head, peered back at Justice and smiled. They looked like the perfect pair and Kit was some mix of cat, just like Justice. There was his ideal mate.

Jessie\s stomach heaved at the realization that Kit might be the one he moved into her house one day. Jessie fought back the tears that filled her eyes but she refused to cry over the ass**le and clenched her teeth to fight it. The image of them in bed together was vivid as their bodies moved to the music, touching, with Justice\s hands on Kit\s hips. One of his arms slid around her waist to tug her closer and Kit laughed. The woman turned, wrapped her arms loosely around his neck and rubbed her body along the front of his with their lips nearly touching.

Jessie turned away, hooked her feet on the bottom of the barstool and lifted up from her seat to lean forward. She frantically peered down the bar and caught Christmas'attention. She mouthed one more please . Christmas waved.

Jessie sat back on the stool and turned her head, unable to look away from the train wreck of her shattered heart. Justice still danced with Kit clinging to him. As Jessie watched, the woman lowered her body, rubbing against Justice\s front and his hands splayed on her bare belly. Jessie forced herself to turn away, finding it too painful to watch, just in time for Christmas to drop off her drink. Jessie forced a smile to thank her, waited long enough for the bartender to move on and downed the thing in a few big gulps.


Flame stepped to her side, grinning. ’’You are here.’’

’’I am. How are you?’’ She ran her gaze over him, happy he blocked her view of the dance floor with his big body. He wore a tank top like most of the men there and black slacks. His hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

’’I\m great. You never called.’’

She hadn\ . ’’I\m sorry. This is the first night I\ve come here. Breeze brought me.’’

He sat down on the barstool next to her. ’’How is your job?’’

’’It\s easy. I sit around all day talking to women and getting them to open up to me.

I\ve taught a few cooking classes and showed them how to use the internet.’’ She shrugged. ’’I like it.’’

’’Have you made friends?’’

’’I have.’’ She meant that. She\d made a lot of female friends. Not that she could tell them her problems since her main one was Justice North. ’’How is your job going?’’

He grinned. ’’We started harassing the protestors back and they don\ like it. Some of them have left.’’

She laughed, more than a little tipsy and happy to latch onto another topic that would keep her from glancing over her shoulder to see what Justice did with Kit.

’’That\s great.’’

’’Dance with me.’’ He held out his hand. ’’Don\ be afraid. If you can\ dance it won\ matter. Half of us can\ but we enjoy having fun.’’

Jessie hesitated. Her gaze shifted to the dance floor with dread but Justice wasn\ there anymore. He\d left with Kit, a sweeping glance around didn\ find him and she realized he\d left the bar entirely. If he was gone she wouldn\ have to worry about running into him. Maybe dancing would take her mind off wondering what he was doing with the tall, se*y feline female. She put her hand in Flame\s larger one. His skin was hot, reminding her of Justice. She pushed that thought away, not wanting to burst into tears.

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