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Jessie realized she was the shortest person on the dance floor as it dawned how much taller all the people around her were. Flame grinned and started to dance, better at it than he\d implied. She let go of everything but the music and just felt the beat. The alcohol helped and when Flame moved in, she didn\ hesitate to dance against him.

Justice left the bathroom and walked to the bar where Kit had said she\d meet him after she used the women\s room. She\d ordered him juice and waved to a few people.

He sensed someone coming up behind him and turned to welcome Breeze.

’’Hi, Justice. How are you tonight? You are taking a night off work for a change?’’

He smiled. ’’Everyone should have a night off.’’

’’Have you heard from Tammy and Valiant? How are they doing?’’

’’They are good, Breeze. I\m happy to say they no longer terrorize anyone\s sleeping habits.’’

Breeze grinned and turned, watching the dance floor. She laughed. ’’Good. She\s having fun dancing. She does it really well too.’’

Justice took a sip of the drink Christmas handed to him. ’’Who is? Did you bring the new one here?’’

’’Kind of.’’ Breeze laughed. ’’She\s new but it\s not Beauty. I brought Jessie Dupree.’’

Justice nearly dropped his glass. He twisted on his seat and scanned the dance floor, not having to look hard to find Jessie. She danced with Flame at the outside edge of the group. Justice\s eyes locked on the pair. Jessie\s hair was down, brushing against a tight pair of jeans that hugged her ass and the black, low-cut, tight shirt displayed a lot of creamy cle**age.

She danced so well that jealous rage filled him instantly as he watched Jessie wiggle her ass and move her arms above her head. Flame grabbed Jessie\s hand and spun her in his arms until she fell against his chest, her hand gripped his shoulder and Flame dared to dip her. The sight of the male bending his female back and pressing tightly to her, tore a growl from his throat. He shot to his feet so fast the barstool hit the floor.

Breeze and Kit jerked their heads toward him. Breeze spoke first.

’’What is it? What\s wrong?’’

He glared at Breeze. ’’You brought a human in here?’’

She looked shocked. ’’It\s Jessie. Nobody would bother her.’’

’’She\s safe here,’’ Kit confirmed. ’’Everyone loves her. The males will behave.’’

’’She shouldn\ be here.’’ He managed to leash his temper enough not to snarl at both women. His furious gaze returned to Jessie in time to see more of her br**sts than he wanted anyone else to view. ’’Get her out of here now.’’

Breeze gasped. ’’But Justice, I swear no one will hurt her.’’

He snapped his head in her direction and glowered. ’’She\s human and under our protection. Not all of us like humans. Get her home now where she will be safe.’’

’’She\s with Flame. No one will dare go near her with him. He\ll defend her in the off chance there is a problem.’’ Breeze bit her lip. ’’She\s safe with me and she\s safe with him. Flame would never allow anything to happen to Jessie. He likes her.’’

Kit snorted. ’’Flame likes Jessie? That\s putting it mildly. She is all he asks about when I see him. He talks about her endlessly. You don\ need to worry, Justice. I would bet, if Flame gets his way, he will guard her body all night long in every conceivable way. The only thing he would let touch her tonight is himself.’’

Justice saw red and stormed toward the dance floor. Flame had released Jessie but they still danced too closely together. Justice watched Jessie and the way she moved reminded him of her the first night they had been together when she\d climbed on top of him when he was buried inside her.

Justice reached the dance floor when Jessie\s back was turned toward him. She put her hands above her head, her wrists together and wiggled her body. Justice\s gaze locked on her shapely ass and he wanted her so badly his pants grew painfully tight.

His heart raced, blood rushed to his ears and he knew at that moment if Flame reached for his woman the damn male would lose his hand.

Jessie was having a good time. Flame was a great dancer. He\d dipped her a few times and spun her again. Jessie loved the song playing, it was one of her favorites, and she put her hands up to sway to the beat.

A large hand suddenly clamped around both Jessie\s wrists over her head. She gasped as strong fingers shackled them and she couldn\ pull her arms down. She wrenched her head around and was stunned by Justice\s enraged features.

Jessie was shaken to discover him still in the bar. She\d been certain he\d left with Kit. He stepped around to her front, kept her arms pinned above her and continued to glare. Rage poured from his gaze, which seemed darker than normal none of the usual blue hints showed. She sobered fast.

’’Hi, Justice.’’ Flame yelled to be heard. ’’Is there a problem?’’

Justice finally shifted his gaze from hers to address Flame. Dark eyes narrowed, his nose flared and a snarl came out instead of words when his lips parted. Flame paled and stepped back. Justice ignored him to stare at Jessie again.

’’You need to go home. This is not a safe place for a human.’’ His voice came out harsh, gruff and not quite human.

She gritted her teeth as her own anger rose. Justice was just pissed that she was there and dancing with another man. She didn\ have to read minds to know where his thoughts lay his body language screamed jealous outburst. The son of a bitch was a hypocrite.

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