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’’Bullshit. I\m having fun with my friends and I\m dancing.’’

’’You\ e leaving now.’’ Justice\s nose flared.

Jessie hated him at that moment. She really did. He was there with another woman, one she\d had to watch him rub against and yet he had the nerve to order her to leave.

’’I\m sorry, Mr. North,’’ Jessie defiantly stated. ’’I would have asked your permission but I saw you dancing with Kit. I didn\ want to interrupt you with the way you two were touching and rubbing against each other.’’

Justice paled slightly and something in his eyes changed, softened. His hold on her wrists eased and she jerked them down, took a step back and put space between them.

’’We\ll discuss this later. Go home.’’

’’Actually, we don\ have anything to discuss. Trust me. I came here and I totally learned my lesson. I will never make this mistake again.’’ She fought tears. ’’You have a good night with Kit. You look so...picture perfect together.’’

Justice stared into her eyes and took a hesitant step closer. Jessie blinked rapidly at the tears that filled her eyes and spun away, totally ready to fall apart in her inebriated state but too proud to do it. She\d only gotten a few steps when a big, warm hand halted her by gripping her upper arm. She peered up at Justice.

’’I\m sorry for tonight but it\s the way it has to be. There are times when we must do certain things for the good of all.’’

What did that mean? She got the sorry part. The rest of it was Greek to Jessie. She didn\ understand a word.

’’I didn\ get that last part.’’

He watched her for long seconds and his fingers let go. ’’We\ll discuss this tomorrow.’’

Tomorrow. He wasn\ going to his house or he was going to have company that would keep him from talking to her that night. Pain tore through her at those implications. Kit and Breeze headed their way. Kit stopped next to Justice and put her hand on his arm.

’’Justice, she was just having fun. Leave her alone and come dance with me.’’

Breeze stared. ’’I swear if you let her stay I will help Flame guard her.’’

Flame hurried to jump on that. ’’I will protect her with my life, Justice.’’

Justice addressed Breeze. ’’Take her home now.’’

Flame held his hand out to Jessie. ’’I\ll take you home.’’

Jessie saw Justice\s nose flare and he glared at her. Her gaze lowered when Kit\s hand massaged his biceps and he didn\ pull away from her touch.

That\s how it is. He is allowed to sleep with Kit but I can\ talk to other men. Jessie forced a smile as pain ripped through her. ’’I\d love for you to take me home, Flame. Thank you.’’ She gripped his hand and turned her back on Justice. ’’I drank too much and shouldn\ drive.’’

’’Jessie?’’ Justice snarled.

She glanced over her shoulder.

’’Do you remember what I said about interaction with Species males? I had that talk with you. You better remember what I said carefully.’’

She gaped, released Flame and slowly turned to face the man she loved. She remembered how he\d sworn to kill any man she let touch her. Kit pressed her body against his side, ran her fingers down his arm to rest on his stomach, rubbing him just above the waistband of his jeans. It was a familiar thing to do.

’’Calm down, Justice,’’ Kit purred. ’’You worry about her because she\s under your protection but Flame wouldn\ hurt her.’’

’’Breeze, take her home. Flame, stay here.’’ It was an order given harshly in a no-nonsense, threatening tone.

Anger flared in Jessie. The bastard! ’’Mr. North, I\m a big girl and I\m single. I don\ have anyone to answer to, especially someone I don\ know. I had an ex-husband but he was a cheating bastard who didn\ know how to be loyal. He slept around but expected me to sit home all alone. I divorced him because it doesn\ work that way and it never will with me. When a man cheats with someone else he has no right to get mad if I have se* with someone else. I\ll go home now but thank you for your...’’ She hesitated, knew she\d said too much but didn\ care. ’’Concern.’’ Jessie turned away. ’’Let\s go, Flame.

I\ll give you a tour of my house since you\ e being nice enough to drive me home.’’

They got a few feet when she realized she wasn\ too steady on her feet and Flame gripped her arm, laughing. ’’You drank too much, little Jessie.’’

’’Probably. I had three and I\m not much of a drinker.’’

’’When is the last time you drank?’’

’’Oh, about a year ago. It was the first ’’

An arm hooked around her waist, jerked her right off her feet and she slammed into a warm, hard body. She was too stunned to do more than gasp as her feet touched the floor again. Strong arms held her pinned and unable to move. A loud snarl deafened her in one ear, the one closest to Justice\s mouth, and Flame spun to see what had happened to her.

’’She\s drunk and you aren\ taking her anywhere.’’ Justice snarled again. ’’Go, Flame. I\m protecting her and it\s not up for discussion. Her father would be furious if anyone touched her while she wasn\ in her right mind from drinks.’’

Flame backed away, looking shocked and rushed away without another word.

Jessie drew in a deep breath, her stunned brain trying to take in what had just happened but hot breath fanned her skin as Justice lowered his head to whisper in her ear.

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