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’’Do you want to move into the women\s dorm, Jessie? Is being next door to him too hard?’’

’’I have to think about it.’’

’’I have never been in love but it must be torture.’’

A laugh bubbled up from Jessie. ’’Yes. That\s a perfect word to describe it.’’

’’Justice is not serious about Kit. Sometimes he will take a female dancing or share se* if they are both interested. He never sees anyone more than once in a while. Does that help you? If he mounts Kit tonight it will just be se*. You are the female he put close to his house and slept with in a bed. He never has asked a female to do that before.

I would have heard about it, and to be honest, they would have agreed to allow Justice to constrict some of their freedom. He\s well respected and any female would be honored if he wanted them close to him. He feels for you. Know that and be comforted by it.’’

All Jessie felt was raw, horrible, gut-wrenching pain. ’’I need another drink.’’

’’I will join you. I hate alcohol but we will suffer together.’’

’’You\ e a great friend. Thank you.’’

’’I\m just sorry you fell for Justice. Flame would have been a better choice and you could have had him as your mate.’’

* * *
Justice paced the living room at Reservation. Memories of Jessie haunted him. He was always given the same hotel suite when he visited, it was considered his second home and his gaze lingered on the couch where she\d given him a massage.

He missed her. It was a constant ache that never faded, a pain that made his heart hurt and a deep sadness that wouldn\ leave him. Jessie Dupree had changed his life and attempting to forget her seemed impossible. He cursed, ran his fingers through his hair and hated life.

The computer screen beckoned him and he sat on the edge of the couch, close to the exact spot he\d been in when Jessie had put her hands on him. He clenched his teeth.

The news had run with the story about a Species male marrying a human. They didn\ know Valiant or Tammy\s names but it hadn\ stopped the press from going to print or television.

He read report after report of incoming phone death threats, a few copies of gate incident reports at both Homeland and Reservation when the protesters grew rowdy after hearing about the wedding and finally the assessment level the human task-force team had sent. They were at high alert for an attack.

The cell phone rang and he snatched it up, flipped it open and pressed it to his ear.

’’Justice here.’’

’’Sorry to call so late,’’ Brass said and sighed. ’’Were you sleeping yet? I know you just arrived an hour ago and have a meeting first thing in the morning.’’

’’I\m still awake. What is wrong?’’

The hesitation on the part of the other male made him tense. It had to be pretty bad for Brass not to want to share the information or to call him at that late hour.

’’Tell me. I\ll imagine far worse.’’

’’I doubt it. Your meeting has been moved and they are coming here to your office instead of you going to them. Miles Eron called, their offices were broken into and though they didn\ get access to our files, it was clearly their intent.’’

A headache formed and Justice leaned back, his free hand rubbing his forehead.

’’How do they know that? Maybe it was just a human crime.’’

’’Miles said he keeps all our information locked in a safe and they weren\ able to break into it but they spray-painted graffiti on the walls. It was geared against us.’’

’’What did it say?’’

’’Just the general stuff and how they are angry that Miles and his company work for us. He said the damage was minimal but he\s afraid you coming there would be a risk to your safety. He\s driving here instead.’’


’’They are either humans who hate us or it was vultures looking for the names of Valiant and Tammy. Some of our officers have reported that some paparazzi have come to the gates to offer them money for information on the couple. They have been heavily harassed by them all day and evening. It\s ongoing. I wouldn\ put it past them to break into Miles\ offices and make it appear as if a hate group did it. He agreed with me and so did the police investigating since the damage wasn\ bad and nothing was stolen.

They targeted the safe as if they knew where to look.’’

’’Just what we needed.’’

’’I also have another issue.’’

’’Terrific. What else is wrong?’’

’’We had two breaches at Reservation. They were caught before they cleared the walls but they did reach the top before they were apprehended. One of them had a camera and is known from his police record for trespassing to take photos of celebrities to sell to the tabloids. The second male was armed and ranting about killing the woman who would dishonor herself by allowing a minister to marry her before God. We had them both transferred to the local sheriff. One is going to jail while the other is being sent to a hospital for a mental evaluation.’’

’’Is that all?’’


Justice sighed loudly, thinking of Jessie again. That man with a gun could come after her if anyone found out they\d been seeing each other. It just proved being with him put her in too much danger. He might miss her and it tore him up but she was safe at least.


’’I\m here.’’

’’Miles will meet you in your office here at nine o\clock. I\m sorry for disturbing you.’’

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