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’’It\s my job.’’

’’Good night and try to get some sleep.’’

’’You too.’’

He hung up and stared at the spot where Jessie had sat on the back of the couch.

His eyes closed and he allowed the pain to grip him. His fingers curled tighter around the phone. The desire to call her house was so strong he nearly gave in to it but it would only make things harder. He would talk to her tomorrow after he returned to Homeland. He\d do it before the event at the bar tomorrow night, which had been planned to help Species relations with humans.

A decision had to be made about whether he should have her continue to live in the house next to his. It was too tempting to be so close to her but the idea of Jessie anywhere else was just too hard to consider. He might not be able to be with her but knowing she was so close would have to do.

He rose to his feet, turned everything off and headed to bed. He doubted he\d sleep.

His thoughts were too fractured between the safety of his people and the fact that he wished a long-haired redhead waited between his sheets.

Images filled his head of what he\d do to Jessie if she were there. He\d touch and kiss every inch of her body. His c**k twitched just considering the possibility. He swore he could almost smell her. He sniffed the room, sure her real scent had long faded. No trace lingered. It was all in his head.

Some males who had mated reported being obsessed with the need to be close to their mates. It stopped him cold on his way to the bathroom. Oh God. She\s not my mate.

Stop it! Don\ go there! It\s bad enough already without those crazy thoughts .

He walked into the bathroom, flipped on the light and gripped the counter to lean forward. He peered deeply into his own eyes, their appearance so different from humans and a constant reminder that life had handed him difficult challenges.

If any other male had wanted to take a human for a mate he\d strongly back them on it. He\d happily deal with whatever headaches arose from the fallout. They\d plot the best way to deal with whatever threats arose and handle them. They didn\ mind challenges life would be simpler without them but they didn\ shy away from battles.

Of course it hadn\ been his female who\d been put in danger. Jessie would be the one with a target on her back, he\d be putting everyone out, and he\d sworn to do everything in his power to make life easier for Species. Anger tightened his hold on the edge of the counter and it cracked under his strong hands. He glanced down, saw the damage, softly cursed and released it.

Everything he touched seemed to break when it came to Jessie. His jaw clenched and a growl threatened to rise. ’’Not her, not for me. I won\ put the woman I love in danger.’’

* * *
Three beers later Jessie knew she\s passed well beyond drunk to flat-out bombed.

Breeze had taken down a six-pack of beer by herself and drank most of a bottle of wine she\d found buried at the bottom of the fridge. Breeze studied Jessie.

’’I\ve been thinking.’’

’’I can\ stand up.’’

Breeze laughed. ’’Lightweight. Justice deserves you. You are wonderful and you deserve a good male as your mate. He should take a chance and so should you. Maybe your world won\ be as opposed to the idea as Justice thinks. For the most part they took it well when Ellie and Fury married. It was bumpy at first but it seemed your kind loved them after Fury nearly died protecting Ellie. Maybe they will one day find out about our children and not be disagreeable. Who really could hate a cute little baby?

You and Justice deserve to be together and be happy.’’

’’He won\ think so and I don\ like the part about Fury nearly dying. I don\ want Justice to be shot.’’

’’Our males are stubborn sometimes and set in their ways. They won\ see reason when they should. We should make him see that he should be with you despite causing some trouble.’’

Breeze blurred as Jessie watched her, pretty sure it was her eyesight and not the woman melting. ’’I don\ think that\s going to happen. He doesn\ listen well.’’

’’There is a party tomorrow night at the bar we went to tonight. I\m going to get you invited, Jessie. You are going to get dressed up and show Justice that he can\ ignore you.’’

Jessie laughed and nearly fell out of the chair. She gripped the table to keep upright.

One hand missed and she hit her thigh.

’’Jessie? Look at me.’’

Jessie did. ’’Which one of you? There are two.’’

Breeze shook with laughter. It made Jessie feel motion sick and she groaned.

’’Don\ worry. I will take care of all of it. We will make Justice realize you are the female for him. You won\ cry anymore.’’

’’What does that mean?’’

Breeze looked thoughtful. ’’I hope you are not shy.’’

’’Shy?’’ Jessie suffered a bout of lightheadedness. She tried to shift on her seat but slumped over.

Breeze laughed as she caught Jessie before she hit the floor. ’’Lightweight,’’ she chuckled, lifting her and tossing her over her shoulder. Breeze carried her into her bedroom and dumped her on the bed. ’’Now let\s see if you own anything se*y.’’ She approached the closet, a determined look on her face.

Chapter Seventeen

’’My head,’’ Jessie groaned.

Breeze laughed, making her head hurt worse. She\d swallowed two aspirin and prayed desperately they would work soon. It felt as if someone were using a jackhammer behind her forehead.

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