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’’You should never drink.’’ Breeze chuckled.

’’Stop laughing. Please? It hurts.’’

’’I had to carry you to bed.’’

’’I don\ remember anything past the second beer. How many did I have?’’

’’Many more but I drank three times what you did. I didn\ pass out. I tried to get you to drink wine after the beer was gone but you just said there were two of me.’’

’’Thanks for putting me in bed.’’

’’I brought you something.’’

’’What? Hopefully it\s a shot to knock me back out.’’

Breeze walked out of the bathroom where Jessie soaked in the tub and returned carrying a dress bag in her arms. ’’It\s a dress and everything that goes with it. Ellie helped me find you something pretty to wear. You are her size but your boobs are larger. This will fit.’’

’’I don\ wear dresses but thank you. Was I rambling about the damn things last night or something?’’

’’You will wear this tonight.’’

Jessie frowned. ’’Why? What is tonight?’’

’’You are going to a party with me. Don\ you remember?’’

Jessie shook her head and regretted it immediately. Movement was bad. ’’What party?’’

Breeze grinned. ’’This is going to really be good. You don\ remember us talking about it.’’ Her laugh sounded again. ’’You are going to a Species party as my guest.

Other humans will be there and it will be fun.’’

’’I don\ think so, Breeze. Justice was pretty clear that I\m banned from Species social gatherings and my head hurts so bad I just want to climb back into bed until next week.’’

’’I have made all the arrangements and you\ e going. It is a done deal.’’

’’Did I mention I don\ wear dresses? My father is a senator and he dragged me to so many benefits growing up that I can\ stand the sight of them.’’ Some of the pain in her skull eased, a sign the pills were working and she peered at Breeze warily. ’’Plus, you know someone is going to mention to Justice at some point that I went to that party. I don\ want to fight with him. When we talk I don\ want there to be yelling involved.’’

Breeze sat on the counter. ’’This one you will go to and you will wear a dress. I want you to put on makeup the way your women do and we\ll have fun. It is settled and I\ll howl if you argue. I\m mixed with canine and have been practicing.’’ She grinned, obviously proud of that. ’’It\s loud enough to make your ears want to bleed, so shut up, my friend. Now I will wash your hair for you and you will get out of the tub before your skin wrinkles. We only have a few hours to get ready since you slept all day.’’

’’What time is it?’’

’’Four in the afternoon.’’

Jessie groaned. ’’It can\ be. I had to work today.’’

’’I told Ellie you would not be in today. She went on the internet, sent a human to pick up the things she chose from the outside and they delivered it all to the gate. She bought you everything for tonight. I had to come get one of your shoes and look at your bra to get your sizes. I hope you don\ mind but I borrowed your key to the front door.

We went to a lot of trouble so don\ argue, Jessie. You are going to that party if I have to carry you. I did it last night and I\ll do it again. Now, scoot away from the edge and let\s wash your hair.’’

Two hours later Jessie felt a hundred times better. The aspirin had fully kicked in, the bath had helped and the headache was just a memory. Breeze had gotten ready with Jessie for the party, almost fearful she\d bolt. She admitted she might have been tempted if the taller woman hadn\ kept her within eyesight at all times.

Jessie gawked at her reflection and tried to hide her dismay. Breeze preened from her side, happy as could be by the look of it. The dress was too tight, revealed way too much cle**age with the plunging neckline and the handkerchief skirt flashed too much leg.

’’Ellie picked out this dress?’’ She glanced at Breeze for confirmation.

’’I told her I wanted you to look very se*y and nice. She said that dress would make every male notice you. I think it\s perfect but I wish you\d put your hair up in one of those nice buns your women wear. I see them do that on television when they go to nice parties.’’ She stepped closer. ’’The makeup hid the marks Justice left on you so there\s no reason to have your hair fall over your shoulders.’’

’’I like it down. It\s long enough that it gives me a headache if I put it on top of my head for more than a few hours.’’

’’You look good.’’ Breeze shot her a grin. ’’Everyone will think so.’’

Or they\ll mistake me for a hooker . She refrained from saying that aloud, not wanting to explain the definition to Breeze or hurt her feelings. The party seemed to mean a lot to her friend and for that alone she\d put up and shut up.

’’I hope there\s no dancing.’’ Jessie looked down at her exposed cle**age. ’’This dress wouldn\ survive anything other than slow dancing without getting me arrested for indecent exposure. I\m afraid to take a deep breath in case my br**sts spill out. I think I have another bra that isn\ a push-up.’’

’’You\ e not changing a thing that Ellie picked for you to wear. She knows what she is doing and she went to a lot of trouble for us. There will be dancing but no one said you had to participate. You have a great body and you look wonderful. You don\ have our muscles and you\ e pale but you have nothing to hide away, Jessie. What is that saying? If you have it, flaunt it? You have it, wear it proudly.’’

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