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’’I do.’’

’’I\ll choose someone and he\ll contact you by the end of business day tomorrow.’’

’’Good enough.’’ Tim glanced at the council members. ’’Gentlemen.’’ He fled.

Brawn chuckled. ’’He doesn\ know us or he\d never use that term when referring to anyone at this table but Justice.’’

Justice\s thoughts drifted to Jessie again. After the party he planned to jump the back wall, talk her in to allowing him inside her home and they were going to talk. She would not share se* with anyone but him. That was just how it was going to be or he\d kill the male. He had a plan. They\d swear not to date others. It would keep him from committing murder and he\d never have to see that hurt look in her eyes that he\d seen when she\d realized he\d taken Kit out.

’’Speaking of not being gentlemen, I love human women.’’ Jaded chuckled. ’’There is something that makes me so hard when I see them. I don\ know if it is because they are so different from our females or if it is because they are just so different from us.’’

Cedar laughed. ’’I am hard right now watching the human I danced with before I came to the table. I\m still having fantasies about her small hands brushing over my body. I know they would feel so good touching me. Her skin was so creamy and while their faces are strange, hers made me think her beautiful.’’

’’I see the one,’’ Bestial said and nodded. ’’I would like to take that dress off her and see if she is creamy colored everywhere.’’ He growled. ’’Who is she?’’ Bestial pointedly stared at Justice. ’’Who is the human out there? I want her name so when I go after her I have an advantage. I think her thighs would fit perfectly over my shoulders.’’

The males laughed while Justice shook his head at Bestial, in amusement. ’’It is probably Ellie you are speaking of. They are here tonight since she\s not showing enough for strangers to notice yet. You should stop. She\s mated to Fury and he would put your own thighs around your shoulders before he stuffed you into a bag to send you home to Reservation for looking at his female. The only other human female who would be here is the new doctor I hired. She is attractive and single but I don\ think she\s prepared for you. She\s a bit timid.’’

Bestial pointed. ’’What is her name? She\s going to make me break the zipper of my pants if she keeps shaking that sweet ass much longer.’’

Justice grinned and turned in his seat enough to follow the direction of the council member\s finger. He\d met the new doctor, Allison Baker, a week before. She was sweet, a bit shy and soft spoken. Someone as gruff as Bestial trying to seduce her into sharing se* would be outright funny. He just hoped the poor thing didn\ quit her new job out of fear, not realizing she was in no danger.

The human was easy to spot with her shorter, smaller body and shock tore through him when he realized the source of Bestial\s erection. Her black dress only enhanced the brightness of her hair that fell to her ass. Her pale skin nearly glowed in comparison to the tanned Species next to her. Jessie was out there and it was her sweet ass Bestial was fantasizing about. Rage tore through him instantly and he couldn\ breathe.

She danced between two Species males, too close not to avoid brushing against them, and as he watched, she placed her hands on the chest of the one facing her. Justice drew in air to his starving lungs, a haze of red nearly blinded him and he remained frozen. Humans were present, the entire task team, some of the staff they\d kept on at Homeland and the medical personnel, including the new doctor.

He forced his body to relax. It took every ounce of his control not to lunge out of the chair but he tried to be rational. She was dancing with males, not sharing se* with them.

It was a party. She wasn\ in danger of going home with one and she sure wouldn\ be either. He needed to think of a way to get her home without causing a scene. His gaze darted around, searching for Breeze. He\d have a word with her in private, say Jessie was in danger and order her to escort her home.

’’See what I mean?’’ Cedar chuckled. ’’I danced with her. She has the smallest and most delicate hands. I\d like her to run them over me. Human hands are soft. They don\ have the roughness of calluses. I bet it feels better to be stroked with soft hands.’’

’’I like the way she moves.’’ Bestial growled again. ’’Imagine having that under you.’’

Justice didn\ have to imagine. He knew what it was like to have Jessie pinned under him. Rage flooded him again and he directed a glare at the four council members.

They ignored him to stare at Jessie as though she were a rabbit they wanted to hunt down and eat. He clenched his teeth.

’’She\s taken. Forget it.’’ Justice managed to keep his tone human.

Bestial glanced at him. ’’By one of ours?’’

Justice said nothing, too busy fighting his rage.

Bestial shrugged, staring toward Jessie again. ’’I will show her how much better I am than her human lover. He is stupid to allow her to go anywhere without him. I would be dancing with her in my arms, making sure no one else touched her. Her human lover is too dumb to keep her.’’

Cedar laughed. ’’What if she is married?’’

’’They have divorce. Human males are too weak to keep a female.’’ Bestial pointed.

’’That\s a female I would keep.’’

’’You\d mate her?’’ Cedar glanced at the woman. ’’Yeah. If I were to mate a human that would be the one. I could spend the rest of my life mounting her.’’

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