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Jaded spoke low. ’’Imagine her swollen with a child. Now I\m really hard.’’

Brawn, the last council member, rumbled, ’’I would love to possess a woman that fully. I would want to taste her breast milk. Now that you pointed her out, Bestial, thanks. I think I will go see if she finds cats se*y.’’ Brawn stood.

Justice had to keep a tight leash on his rage. ’’She works and lives here. Sit down.’’

’’Good.’’ Brawn grinned. ’’She won\ have far to move when I take her to my bed.

She\s a keeper.’’

’’You don\ know her. She could be annoying.’’ Justice felt his control slipping.

’’I wouldn\ care. Look at her.’’ Brawn met Justice\s glare. ’’I\m going to claim her by the end of the night.’’ He flashed his fangs. ’’I\ll take her home, mount her, f**k her until she screams my name and keep doing it until she swells with what\s mine.’’

Justice growled loudly and slowly rose to his feet. His eyes narrowed and every muscle in his body tensed. Brawn continued to smile, seemingly unaware of the danger, but the other three council members stood to put distance between them and the table.

’’Is there a problem, Justice?’’ Brawn arched an eyebrow. ’’You look upset.’’

’’Don\ go near her,’’ Justice snarled.

Brawn cocked his head, still smiling. ’’Is there a reason I can\ ?’’

’’She works here.’’

Brawn shrugged. ’’She doesn\ belong to any Species and that makes her fair game.

It\s not like I\m planning on playing with her. You know her father, right?’’

’’Yes and I swore I\d protect her.’’

’’I\m going to claim her so there\s nothing to protect her from. I\ll make her mine, fill her with my seed and it will plant there. She\ll make an excellent mate and mother to my young.’’

A roar tore from Justice\s throat and he flipped the table over so it wasn\ between him and Brawn anymore. The people around them started, stopped talking and quickly backed away from the two tense males. Justice\s hands fisted at his sides, his breathing increased to a pant and his fangs were revealed when he sneered at the council member who wanted his woman. Brawn took a cautious step back.

’’Brawn,’’ Cedar urged softly ’’you\ve gone far enough.’’

Brawn watched Justice, took another step backward to put more space between them and shifted his gaze to the overturned table. ’’If not tonight, perhaps another.’’ He lowered his chin to his chest, kept his gaze down and withdrew farther until he spun on his heel and disappeared into the group near the bar.

Justice studied his people after he fought back the urge to track Brawn and beat on him. The verbal claim he\d tried to make on Jessie was enough justification to pound his fists into that smug face. Species stared at him with nervous, confused glances as they watched him silently, refusing to make direct eye contact. It had been apparent he\d almost fought with a council member. No one approached him, his rage still evident and the remaining council members edged farther away.

His gaze turned to the dance floor. Jessie and the other people out there were oblivious to the tense situation, the music having covered the sounds of the altercation.

The sight of her body rubbing against a male shot his rage higher. He fought back another roar, panted and stood there until he leashed his inner beast. Otherwise someone would die. He knew how dangerous he was in that condition, not to only his female but his people.

Slow, deep breaths helped. His fingers unfurled and he sealed his lips over his fangs. Jessie needed to leave, to stop allowing other males so close to her or he\d cause a scene worse than the one he just had.

It\s going to be a miracle if I can get her out of here before blood is spilled . That possibility helped calm him more.

Chapter Eighteen

Jessie turned when the hand gripped her waist with force. The male was a little aggressive to hold her that tightly while dancing but she knew no one would hurt her.

She looked up and gasped. Justice glowered at her. He was at the party and he didn\ seem happy to see her, judging by the way rage glinted in his dark eyes. She glanced down when his other hand reached out and both of them locked around her hips. He wore a dark-navy suit, a black, silk tie and appeared civilized from the neck down.

’’You need to go home right now.’’

Jessie met his gaze again, taking in the extent of his anger as she studied his harsh features. He\s livid . His nose flared, he softly growled and his fingers tightened their hold, to confirm her assessment. She frantically turned her head to search over her shoulder, spotted Breeze and didn\ see surprise on her face. She had a sinking feeling that her friend had set her up and had known Justice would be at the party.

’’You are leaving,’’ Justice demanded harshly, his voice gravel rough.

Breeze stopped dancing, shook her head and gave her a fist sign. Her dark gaze flicked around the dance floor, and she winked when she glanced back at Jessie. She smiled, almost seeming to want to assure Jessie she was safe.

’’Jessie? Did you hear me? Look at me now.’’

She turned her head back, stared up at Justice and frowned. He wouldn\ dare create another scene similar to the last one. Other humans were there and he\d have to back off if she stood up to him. He was mad she\d been dancing. It didn\ take a genius to figure out he probably didn\ approve of how she was dressed and he wanted her out of the bar.

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