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Trey stepped next her old boss, gripped him by his arm and hissed something in his ear. Her teammates drew in closer to the two men, shooting nervous glances around them and the tension was clear in their faces. They were expecting trouble and wanted an out from the building. It was standard operating procedure.

Jessie wanted to scream in frustration and anger. How could my night turn so bad, so fast? She and Breeze were going to have words. She was sure the woman had meant well but all she\d accomplished was to get Jessie into a ton of trouble. Her father would hear about this and he\d probably lecture her about disrespect, tell her she should have left the first time Justice had asked and she\d just have to silently take it without protesting unless she told her father the truth. That wouldn\ go over well. Her dad wouldn\ be happy that she\d slept with Justice. He always preferred to pretend she was a little girl instead of a woman with needs.

’’Get back here!’’ Justice roared.

Jessie\s heart raced, she halted again and wasn\ sure what to do. Everyone in the room had heard him. Hell, they probably heard him at the front entry gate. It stunned her that he\d make such a huge spectacle out of their argument. Everyone was going to be talking about it for weeks, if not months. Jessie turned slowly. Justice stood in the same spot as before, he hadn\ moved an inch and his finger still pointed at the floor where he wanted her to be.

She took a deep breath and clenched her teeth as she slowly put one foot in front of the other. His finger relaxed, fell to his side and his other hand unclenched from a fist.

She paused three feet in front of him to stare up into his exotic eyes.

’’What? You\ e causing a scene. You told me to leave and I am.’’ She kept her voice soft and hoped no one could hear her.

’’You never do what I tell you.’’ He didn\ lower his voice, spoke loud and clear, and the sound easily carried across the room.

Jessie dropped her gaze to his black tie, remembering to avoid eye contact now that she had calmed a little. She didn\ want to challenge him. She doubted it could get any worse but she wasn\ about to test that theory.

’’I\m doing what you want, leaving. I\m going home to pack.’’ She kept her voice low. ’’Everyone is staring at us. I wish a hole could open up under me to get me out of here and I refuse to allow you to humiliate me ever again.’’

Jessie turned and made it three feet before Justice grabbed her. He spun her around by her elbow and his other arm wrapped around her waist. She gasped when he yanked her up against his body. Jessie jerked her head up to stare at him with shocked, wide eyes. He jerked her tighter against his long frame, pinned her flush to him and released her elbow. That hand drove into her hair at the base of her neck, fisted a handful of it and gently pulled until her head tilted back.

’’What are you doing?’’ she hissed. ’’Have you lost your mind?’’

Justice leaned his face closer, peered deeply into her eyes and all the anger faded from his. ’’I almost lost something. I\m doing what I should have done from the beginning.’’

Jessie flattened her palms on his chest to gently push away but his arm didn\ loosen around her waist. ’’What are you talking about?’’

His voice came out a husky rumble. ’’I\m claiming you publicly, Jessie. I\m letting everyone know you are mine.’’

Jessie was glad he held her because her knees gave out under her. His strong arm kept her from collapsing to the floor as she reeled from his words, her mind fumbling with the meaning behind them.

’’But...’’ She couldn\ find words.

’’I nearly lost you.’’ His voice grew gruff, louder and he rumbled the words, ’’You\ e not walking out of my life. You\ e mine, Jessie. You belong with me.’’

He ran his tongue over his lips, his gaze dropped to her mouth and she realized he intended to kiss her as he slowly dipped his head closer. She couldn\ move, too astonished to do anything more than watch his mouth descend closer to hers.

His lips brushed hers and she closed her eyes, tense. Justice\s tongue swept inside, forced her mouth open wider and he growled. The passion he hit her with overwhelmed her in seconds. She melted against him, her fingers gripped the lapels of his jacket and fisted the expensive material just for something to cling to. It had been weeks since he\d touched her, her body remembered and missed his touch and everything faded except Justice.

She kissed him back, meeting his need with her own and moaned against his tongue. The hand gripping her hair loosened to cradle the back of her head and Jessie forgot about the room full of people witnessing them entangled in the middle of the room. She forgot she was mad at him. There was just them, they were together and he didn\ want her to leave him. Her hands released his shirt to slide up around his neck and her feet left the floor as Justice lifted her higher up his body.

Justice finally broke the kiss. Dazed, Jessie stared up at him, panting, her body turned-on and then she remembered where they were. A blush heated her cheeks and she didn\ dare look away from his se*y gaze as they stared at each other. She wasn\ prepared to deal with the reactions of the room. The only thing that mattered was right in front of her, holding her tightly.

Justice looked away from her and adjusted his hold until he swept her up into his arms to cradle her against his chest with her legs hooked over one of his strong arms.

She clung to his neck and realized he\d carefully captured her skirt when he\d lifted her legs to keep her from flashing anyone. She braved glancing around to see what he did.

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