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Every face, both human and Species, appeared utterly stunned.

’’This is Jessie.’’ Justice paused, turned his head and seemed to want to address everyone. ’’She\s human. I know some might have a problem with that. I\m sorry if you do but I won\ give her up regardless of your reactions. She\s mine and she\s going to be my mate.’’

Jessie was glad he held her. Her arms tightened around his neck and she darted a glance at her old boss. Tim\s mouth hung open, his face was red and his eyes were filled with disbelief. She quickly glanced away. Trey still gripped the older man\s arm, jerked hard on him to move him away from blocking the door and her old team leader smiled when he caught her eye. He dragged Tim toward the bar, waving the rest of the team back with a jerk of his head.

’’I know it\s going to cause problems with some humans because of my position.’’

Justice paused and Jessie stared into his eyes. He glanced away. ’’I\m more than willing to step down if that is what you think should happen. Just let me know tomorrow after you make a decision. Right now I\m taking my mate home to make wedding plans.

Have a great party and have fun.’’ He strode for the door.


Justice stopped walking, his hold on her tightened and he slowly turned to acknowledge the deep male voice that had called out his name. Jessie studied the room, searching all the faces for the speaker. A tall male stepped forward a big guy with a broad chest and massive arms. His catlike eyes locked on Justice as he lifted a hand to brush back straight black hair from his ear. Justice growled low, a threatening sound, and Jessie didn\ need to be told he was ready to fight.

’’You may have the job if you want it, Brawn. I won\ fight you and put my mate in danger.’’

’’We welcome your mate,’’ Brawn announced loudly. ’’No one could take your place so don\ expect a call tomorrow asking you to step down. She\ll make a welcome addition to our family.’’ His cat eyes focused on Jessie. ’’I don\ want to fight him but I do admit to being a little envious. Take care of him, Justice\s mate.’’

Jessie was too stunned to reply but Justice didn\ have that problem.

’’Thank you.’’

The man lowered his head and his gaze toward the floor. Justice turned away and strode quickly for the door. An officer rushed to it, smiled and held it open wide to allow him to carry her out into the night air.

’’I can\ believe you just did that,’’ Jessie whispered.

Justice grinned when he glanced at her. ’’Me neither, but I\m glad I did. I\m taking you home to pack your belongings. You\ e moving into my house tonight and you\ e never leaving.’’ He stopped walking and his gaze held hers. ’’We\ e getting married and that isn\ up for debate.’’

’’You could ask me.’’ Amusement filled her, and happiness.

He cocked his head. ’’I could.’’ He looked away, laughed and carried her to his Jeep to deposit her in the passenger seat.

Jessie heard the music start up again inside the bar as the man she loved jumped into the driver\s seat. He tore off his tie and turned in his seat to dangle it between them.

’’Before you answer, let me tell you a few things. I won\ take no for an answer. I will use this to bind you to my bed until you change your mind if you don\ answer the way I want you to.’’ He chuckled again. ’’Will you marry me?’’

She grinned. ’’I don\ know.’’ Her attention fixed on the tie for a few seconds before she met his gaze again. ’’I might be tempted to say no just to get you to tie me to your bed. It sounds fun and kinky.’’

’’Jessie,’’ he purred.


’’Yes to your name or yes you will marry me?’’

She bit her lip, giving him a teasing look. ’’I\m still thinking about what you\ll do to me when you have me na**d and bound on the bed. Give me a minute.’’

He dropped the tie into his lap and started the Jeep. ’’We\ll settle this at home.’’

She laughed. ’’So, if I\m your mate doesn\ that mean I get to keep my house? You had it built for whoever that would be. That would make it mine still to live in.’’

He shook his head. ’’I had it built for a Species mate. You will live with me and sleep in my bed every night or I\ll burn that house down.’’

’’But it\s such a beautiful house.’’

He turned his head to grin at her. ’’You should hate to see it destroyed. Remember that if you ever think about leaving my bed for your old one.’’

’’I\ll marry you.’’

’’I wasn\ worried. I was serious about tying you to my bed until you changed your mind. I told you it wasn\ up for debate.’’

* * *
Breeze approached the table slowly, glanced at the four males sitting there and put her hands behind her back. She waited until she had their full attention before she spoke.

’’Thank you,’’ she said softly, sincerely.

’’You said he cared for her,’’ Brawn grumbled. ’’You didn\ tell me he was obsessed to the point of going feral. He nearly took my head off when I told him I planned to claim her.’’

Cedar laughed. ’’He might not have overturned the table or wanted to tear your head off if you\d just said you were going to claim her. Breeze asked to make him jealous to get him to admit to his feelings for the human. You provoked him into wanting to kill you.’’

Bestial grinned. ’’I did like the part about taking her home, mounting her and f**king her until she screamed. Justice sure didn\ , but I was amused.’’

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